Secretly, Secretly; But Unable to Hide it (偷偷藏不住) by Zhu Yi (竹已)~ Chapter 45

Why he suddenly implicate Qian Fei Ge?

They are chatting and suddenly he feels that Qian Fei is smart.

Sang Zhi completely finds this ridiculous, but she could only cooperate and nod. She turns silence and switches on her phone again. She opens up Qian Fei’s WeChat contact.

She wants to ask something to him, but she feels it’ll be weird to just look for him when she never looks for him. It’ll be felt strange. Moreover, he has a good relationship with Duan Jia Xu, supposedly he will not tell her so easily.

Sang Zhi decides to be self-reliant. She tries hard to consider Duan Jia Xu’s words.

She thinks about it for few moments.

But she couldn’t make a link.


Suddenly she realizes something.

Why should she obediently answer his questions?

Why should she act like a criminal and be obedient to be interrogated?

This matter should be unrelated to him. Why should she lie to answer him. If she keeps on being silent, he should have no way out too right?

She realizes that her actions are quite stupid. She releases her breath depressingly. She feels like she has buried herself inside the trap.

In a next moment, Duan Jia Xu asks again: “How could you like him?”

Sang Zhi just looks at the window and doesn’t look at him.

After quiet a while, he hasn’t gotten any answer.

Perhaps he notices that she is unhappy. Duan Jia Xu doesn’t continue to talk about it. He says calmly: “Later on you’ll meet people that you don’t know, would you feel awkward?”

Sang Zhi says stiffly: “No.”

Duan Jia Xu: “If you don’t want to stay, just tell me.”

Sang Zhi: “Oh.”

Duan Jia Xu glances at her and asks again: “Why are your words are so limited?”

“No.” Sang Zhi is still looking at the window, “Also, it’s not that I have complain toward you. I just want to remind you that it’s possible that you are not noticing it. But your words are so many.”


“I am not really complaining.” Sang Zhi straightens her face and repeats: “You can continue to speak, but I just want to remind you.”

“…….” Duan Jia Xu laughs: “My words are so many?”


Duan Jia Xu acts openly for advice: “how could you say my words are so many?”

On the way, Sang Zhi is asked a lot of questions by him. She feels somewhat impatient. She suddenly turns her head toward him and says: “Could you not keep on saying interrogative sentence.”

Duan Jia Xu raises his eyebrow and says: “Why–“

Sang Zhi looks at him and clearly she looks like she is flying into rage.

“– period.”



The dinner party is set on the hotpot store, which Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu queued for long time and the accident happened.

Everyone in Duan Jia Xu’s group has arrived.

Three squared table are arranged together. The group is sitting together and side by side. There are three hotpot bowl. Sang Zhi counts roughly there’re around ten people.

There’re two empty seats on the corner. It should be for them.

Sang Zhi also recognizes a woman, who she met last time in the airport.

A man with crew cut smiles and says: “Duan Ge, you are too late. We have started to eat.”

Duan Jia Xu smiles and explains: “I went to pick someone.”

The crew cut man: “Your girlfriend ah?”

Hearing this, Duan Jia Xu glances at Sang Zhi.

Then he says: “Friend.”

“……” Sang Zhi is startled, she greets all of them. Then she is taken by Duan Jia Xu to sit at the corner.

She tears off the wrapper of the chopsticks, she is still at loss.

He unexpectedly said that she is a friend.

Unexpectedly not Mei Mei.

Sang Zhi couldn’t believe her ear.

Very quickly, someone in front of Sang Zhi passes her a menu. He smiles: “Do you want to add something?”

Duan Jia Xu sits down beside Sang Zhi. “Take a look do you want to eat anything else?”

Sang Zhi nods and looks at the menu. She adds something casually then passes the menu to Duan Jia Xu. “Jia Xu Ge, I want to go to the restroom.”

“Go outside the restaurant and turn left. Could you find it by yourself?”


“Then go.”

There’s no restroom inside the restaurant but at the shopping mall, there’re restrooms in every floor. Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu have came here so she has a bit of impression.

Sang Zhi goes to the restroom.

The time she comes out, a woman, who Duan Jia Xu said to be his boss, is washing her hands.

Sang Zhi stops moving, she feels so awkward. She goes and washes her hands too. She greets the woman politely.

That woman takes a tissue to wipe her hands and says gently: “You are Sang Zhi right?”

“…….” Sang Zhi nods, “Em.”

“I am Jiang Si Yun, you could call me Jiang Jie.” Jiang Si Yun smiles, “In the past I came together with Jia Xu to pick you up. Do you still remember me?”

Sang Zhi says quickly: “Yes.”

Jiang Si Yun: “You go to Yi He university?”


They both go out of the restroom togther, Jiang Si Yun continues to speak: “I remember that time you were so little. Now you are much taller than me.”

“My development is quite slow.” Sang Zhi says lowly: “Moreover, I should not grow taller anymore.”

Jiang Si Yun: “It’s okay, a young girl doesn’t need to be so tall.”

Sang Zhi nods.

Jiang Si Yun says softly: “That time in the airport, I didn’t greet you well.”

“It’s okay, I was so troublesome too.”

“That time it wasn’t too right for me to come over to. I just wanted to help him. Because that day Jia Xu had a fever. At first I wanted to ask my husband to send him but he had a client to meet.” Jiang Si Yun smiles.

Sang Zhi looks at her and doesn’t know what to say.

“These years he has helped the office a lot. I and my husband also wants to help him a bit. That time I see that he was unwell so I just drove my car to help him find you. Then Jia Xu was worried that with a stranger, you would feel uncomfortable so he asked me to leave first.” Jiang Si Yun said: “I also didn’t have chance to say goodbye to you.”

Sang Zhi scratches her head and says: “It’s okay.”

They are back at the hotpot store.

Jiang Si Yun pats her arm and they just return to their own seat. Sang Zhi looks at him and notices a man beside her. They look intimate.

Sang Zhi withdraws her gaze.

She feels like her words sound like an explanation…..

But it seems unnecessary for Jiang Si Yun to explain herself so much. Does she know her feeling…..

Is she really showing so clearly…..

In a next moment, Duan Jia Xu’s voice cuts off her thought. “Why are you daydreaming? Start eating.”

Sang Zhi: “Oh.”


After the dinner, the group decides to go to another place.

This time Duan Jia Xu doesn’t join them, he says goodbye with the group and takes Sang Zhi to stroll around nearby. Sang Zhi takes out her phone and asks: “Jia Xu Ge, if not let’s go and watch movie?”

Duan Jia Xu: “What do you want to watch?”

“Watch Baymax ah.”


“<<Big Hero>>” Hearing his tone, it seems that he never hears of it. She looks at him. “It’s a cartoon.”

Duan Jia Xu: “Ahhh… that one.”

Sang Zhi also doesn’t expose him, she lowers her head and looks at the nearest showtime. “I don’t know whether if it’s still playing, I also have no time to watch.

“Have you found it?’

“Em.” Sang Zhi shows him the schedule. “This cinema is at the fifth floor. There’s a show at 08:30 p.m. should we book this one?”

Duan Jia Xu: “Okay.”

The time they pass a bubble tea store, Sang Zhi points at it and says: “Jia Xu Ge, I want to buy a glass of Oolong tea to drink, do you have anything you want to drink?”

Duan Jia Xu: “I don’t drink, you could buy one for yourself.”

“Then wouldn’t you be thirsty later on?”

“I will buy a bottle of water later on.”


He is a bumpkin old man that cares for his health.

He doesn’t understand anything, he doesn’t drink anything.

This bubble tea store has a good business, there’s a queue in the store.

They both stand side by side in the queue. Sang Zhi orders and takes number then wait. She looks at the time and blinks: “If not you go to the next store and buy water first. I’m afraid we will have no time.”

Duan Jia Xu thinks about it: “Wait here, don’t run anywhere.”

Sang Zhi: “Oh.” She looks for a seat to sit down while waiting.

The time Duan Jia Xu is back, her number is called.

The glass is not transparent. The time she holds it, she could feel the warmness from it.

Sang Zhi pokes it with the straw and drinks it. When she just tastes it, she feels something is wrong. The time she hasn’t responded, she swallows the drink.

She stops walking.

Duan Jia Xu looks at her: “What happened?”

Sang Zhi licks her lips and says: “This is not Oolong tea, it seems to be……”

Without waiting her words, Duan Jia Xu takes the glass from her and opens it to take a look. His expression changes and frowns: “This is milk tea.”

Sang Zhi: “Ah.” She looks at him and suddenly she feels her face turns itchy. “But I ordered Oolong tea….”

Duan Jia Xu looks at her: “You have red rashes on your face.”


Sang Zhi touches her face and feels that her throat turns swollen. It’s hard for her to speak. “I just drank a gulp.”

Duan Jia Xu’s face looks worried and immediately takes her to go to his car.

“Let’s go to the hospital first.”


Luckily, she just drank a bit. She goes to the hospital to get injection. Her symptoms gradually subsides. She still thinks about the refund of the movie tickets, she says: “Jia Xu Ge.”

Duan Jia Xu takes the medicine for her: “What?”

Sang Zhi blinks and couldn’t help but to say: “The milk tea is tasty.”

“…..” Duan Jia Xu feels that is too absurd, “Perhaps you want to drink again?”

“I don’t dare to drink it. I just never drank it okay? So I announce my thought of it.” Sang Zhi shakes her head and mumbles: “Last time I drank milk, I vomited through the night. How could I dare to drink more?”

Duan Jia Xu remembers about something suddenly, he asks: “I had bought you milk right?”

Sang Zhi: “Em” vaguely.

Duan Jia Xu turns silent for several seconds: “You drank it?”

“No.” Sang Zhi says quickly: “I gave it to another person to drink it.”

Duan Jia Xu knows that Sang Zhi couldn’t drink milk when he was staying at Sang Zhi’s house. He heard from Li Ping. He stands in front of her and feels something is not right: “Why didn’t you tell me that you cannot drink it?”

Sang Zhi says lowly: “….. I also didn’t drink it.”

Duan Jia Xu looks at her and wants to say something. But after quite some time, he speaks up: “In the future when you are outside and want to drink something, you should open up the cover to check it first.”

Sang Zhi still has red rashes on her face, she doesn’t want to him see it. She lowers her head and says: “Em.”

Both of them go out of the hospital and walk to the parking area.

Sang Zhi still feels her face is so itchy, she is unaware that she scratches her face. So Duan Jia Xu just immediately holds her both hand and leads her to walk in front.

She stands beside him and looks at him.

She feels like a dog that is strolled by him.

Halfway, Sang Zhi suddenly remembers the way he introduced her to his friend. He introduced her as his “friend” too. She straightens her lips and has internal struggle for a while. The she speaks up: “Jia Xu Ge, today why did you tell them that I am your friend?”

She adds: “Don’t you always say that I am your Mei?”

Hearing this, Duan Jia Xu turns his head.

The night is peaceful, the parking are is spacious.

Sang Zhi uses her scarf to cover half of her face. She looks up and notices that he is smiling and looks affectionate toward her.

Her heart beats faster.

After a short silence.

Duan Jia Xu finally speaks up.

“You really think of me as your Ge?”


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  1. SZ please say no! You don’t think of him as your brother. I hope she’s honest with him but I don’t think she’ll be honest. Fingers crossed.

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