Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 32

Ge Ge.

Hearing that from Chen Xing Ruo’s mouth, Lu Xing Yan feels that his whole body is getting an electric shock. He is numb for a while

Her voice is cold and flat. But when he hears it, he feels her word are sweet.

It’s very absurd.

Inside his heart, he really wants to be humiliated once again by her.

But except him, no one seems to feel that way. Chen Xing Ruo just sounds like she is mocking him.

Xu Cheng Zhou slaps the table and laughs crazily. “Cha Du… haha… it’s too hilarious!”

“That’s right, Yan Ge (Bro Yan) you are teaching me? Hahaha…. it’s too much.. It’s to funny.”

Li Cheng Fan laughs loudly too.

Chen Zhu rolls her eyes at them and shows her disdain. “You guys are so embarrassing. You guys should just shut your mouth.”

Those who are close with Lu Xing Yan could laugh freely, but the girls from 403 dorm and Ruan Wen don’t dare to laugh even though they want too. They just try to cover it and hold their laughter. They hold it till their faces are red,

The time Lu Xing Yan regains himself, he just looks at them. Then he picks up his chopsticks and knocks on the bowl with it.

“What is so funny about it? You guys are like stupid c*nt, do you want me to let you stay on the roadside and beg for food with a bowl? Till you could laugh?”

Xu Cheng Zhou laughs again.

Lu Xing Yan is confused because today he seems to be good at controlling his emotion. He just looks at them coldly and does nothing much.

After a while, He Si Yue comes over with a plastic of drinks.

Looking at their laughter, he also laughs. “All of you are here, what are you guys laughing about, you are so happy.”

“Ban Zhang (Class leader) let me tell you, Before Lu Xing Yan….”

Li Cheng Fan is just about to speak up, Lu Xing Yan starts to kick his stool. His attitude changes 180 degree——

“How could you not go and perform a comic dialogue, anyway our grade is not great, it’s better for you to perform in entertainment business.”

Li Cheng Fan loses his balance and bumps Zhao Lang Ming.

“No, if now I learn craftsmanship, then wouldn’t I lose chance to to Cha Du you guys?”

Everyone is laughing so hard.

He Si Yue is back with a plastic full of drinks like “Ning Meng Cha (lemon tea), Hong Cha (black tea), and Mo Li Hua Cha (Jasmine tea).

Xu Cheng Zhou just sits down beside He Si Yue and just shakes his head. He moves the tea far away and says seriously: “I cannot, I cannot drink it, Cha Du, Cha you Du (the tea has poison).”



“It’s too much, it’s too funny!”

Lu Xing Yan cannot accept this kind of humiliation. But he cannot be angry.

After a while, the dishes are coming out, Lu Xing Yan takes off his coat.

There’s only Li Cheng Fan who says, “Ahyoo Yan Ge you are too coquettish, how could you wear pink?” No one really cares or connects how his clothes look like Chen Xing Ruo’s one.

It’s no one fault as today a lot of people are wearing the same color.

Chen Zhu and Xu Cheng Zhou also wears the same green color.

This is a Si Chuan restaurant.

They order a double tier shiso frog and crab pot, and a barbecue one.

Chen Xing Ruo tries a slice of fish fillet, it’s quite good.

But the rolling table keeps on spinning. Every time she hasn’t gotten the one that she wants, the table is rolled again.

Actually she is not that reserved, but she isn’t used to this one.

Lu Xing Yan sits down on her opposite side. He watches for her, he notices that she is looking at the that pepper fish fillet.

Lu Xing Yan drinks his water and suddenly yells: “Xu Cheng Zhou, d*mm*t, stop spinning it around. Are you playing spinning top? Spin the table till I get the KungPao Chicken.”

KungPao Chicken is on the opposite of the fish fillet.

Chen Xing Ruo is about to take it.

But He Si Yue helps her to take a fillet for her. “I see that you like this a lot, eat more.’

“…. Ao, thank you.”

He Si Yue smiles: “Do you like to eat fish since you were young. I hear from my parents, that those who love to eat fish since they were little, he/she will be a smart person.”

Chen Xing Ruo: “ I don’t really like it. But because I lived in Hui Ze previously, the fishing industry there is developed so we could eat fish anywhere.”

“I also had come to Hui Ze once, Hui Ze….”


Lu Xing Yan doesn’t expect that before he gets his Kung Pao Chicken, those two can chat very well.

He Si Yue picks another fillet of fish for Chen Xing Ruo when she is done with one.

Chen Xing Ruo makes an excuse, she says that she can do it by herself.

Both of them are still talking and suddenly Lu Xing Yan just turns the rolling table without any expression. He makes the plate of fish fillets to be in front of her.

He Si Yue: “…….”

Chen Xing Ruo: “……”

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t look at them, he just looks at the fish.

This time he is not interested in eating the fish, he turns the fish to Chen Zhu. “You like to fish right? Eat it.”

Chen Zhu is eating her crab happily. She is confused about hte fish.

Since when she has shown her affection to fish?

“Are you crazy, my favorite one is salmon sushi.”

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t even look at her. “Isn’t this one a fish too?”

Chen Zhu?

Chen Xing Ruo pauses for a while and then continues to takwith He Si Yue.

The meal ends at 09:00 a.m.

The atmosphere is very good but it’s not very enthusiastic. After all, they are not very familiar because they just come for either Chen Xing Ruo or Lu Xing Yan.

Just like Ruan Wen, she usually never talks with Lu Xing Yan or Li Cheng Fan. She doesn’t dare to talk about them.

After eating, Chen Xing Ruo settles the bill.

She has planned about how would her future be without any money for her living expense. But the time she is about to settle the bill, the waiter tells her: “Someone pays for your bill.”

Chen Xing Ruo looks back and feels so surprised.

The waiter also says: “Just the one that wear pink sweatshirt, he is so handsome. Is he your boyfriend. His clothes and you are in the same color.”

Chen Xing Ruo: “….”

Lu Xing Yan seems to feel her gaze, so he lifts up his head and looks at her.

Chen Xing Ruo looks at the waiter again and asks: “When did he pay?”

She didn’t see Lu Xing Yan stand up before.

“The time you just got in, he just applied for stored-value card and asked us just to deduct the bill from the card. Why? Is there any problem?”

Chen Xing Ruo just thnaks her and says nothing else.

After the dinner, Xu Cheng Zhou and friends suggest that they go to KTV, but Ruan Wen and friends feel a bit uncomfortable so they excuse themselves to go home.

Chen Xing Ruo also says that she is tired, she wants to go home.

Li Ting isn’t rushing to go home, but listening at how her roommates want to go home, she has no ground to stay.

Though she usually plays around with Chen Zhu but she plays with her with other female students from Grade 11.3. It seems that Chen Zhu doesn’t really think of her as her close friend.

As a lot of people want to go home, so this suggestion is not working.

Di Jia Jing, Li Ting and Rui Wen live at the same direction so they go together to take the train.

He Si Yue asks Shi Qin and notices that they are not in the same direction, then asks Chen Xing Ruo: “Chen Xing Ruo, where is your house?”

“Luo Xing Hu.”

Xu Cheng Zhou says directly: “Lu Shao Ye also lives there, you should live near with each other.”

Li Cheng Fan: “Then Yan Ge you can take Ruo Jie back. You are close with each other.”

Lu Xing Yan looks at them and nods.

On the train way back home, Wen Rui is relieved, she releases her deep breath.

Di Jia Jing sits down beside her and passes her a bottle of water: “Wen Rui, are you okay?”

Wen Rui waves her hand and says: “Thank you. I’m okay. It’s just eating together with them, makes a me a bit nervous.”

Li Ting glances at her for a while and continues to play with her phone. It’s clear that he make little of Wen Rui.

Di Jia Jing comforts her: “I am also not close to her, I feel a bit uncomfortable with it. I didn’t think that Xing Ruo will ask them out for dinner too.”

Wen Rui explains: “I know about it. Actually they are kind and good, but I’m too timid. I even cannot talk about the games with them.”

Mentioning Chen Xing Ruo, Li Ting recalls how Chen Zhu acted at the table, she was eagerly attentive. Chen Zhu always acts cold toward her, it makes Li Ting feels unhappy.

Moreover she likes Xu Cheng Zhou. Today Xu Cheng Zhou didn’t even talk a word to her, it makes her even unhappy.

This time she puts down her phone and complains: “Chen XIng Ruo wanted to treated us, she just said that she wanted to treat us. Why should she gather us all together. We are not close and familiar with each other. It’s too awkward.”

“Don’t talk that way. What is the problem with Chen Xing Ruo. If you feel awkward, then you can refuse to go. Moreover I think it was quite good time, it’s not too awkward.”

Wen Rui refutes seriously.

Li Ting is startled.

Di Jia Jing immediately tries to smooth the situation.

On the other side, Chen Xing Ruo and Lu XIng Yan are waiting on the side for taxi. After waiting for a while, they don’t even see any vacant taxi. Lu Xing Yan tries to get taxi from the app.

It’s almost summer so the night wind is not very cold anymore.

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t wear his coat again.

Chen Xing Ruo seems to be bored, so she suddenly asks: “Why didn’t you send Chen Zhu home?”

“Why should I send her home? We are not in the same direction.”

Lu Xing Yan says it without taking time to think about it.

“Don’t you like her?”


“Who told you about it? I’m not.”

Chen Xing Ruo looks at him and says nothing else.

Then Lu Xing Yan suddenly thinks about other possibilities.

He knows that there’s a lot of gossips circulating about him.

He adds: “Did you listen to someone’s gossips? It’s just a blind guess. Chen Zhu and I were classmates since we were in the junior high school. We used to play around. In the past I…. Not really, I feel that she is very good. But it’s not mean that I like her… I…..”

“……. I’m just asking, no need to explain too much about it.”

Lu Xing Yan: “…….”

“Don’t talk about me, don’t you like He Si Yue? I think you guys have a lot of things to talk about too. If not, you can ask Wang You Fu to sit down together with him.”

“He Si Yue?”

“He is quite good person too.”

Lu Xing Yan: “…..”

“He is smart, he is caring and responsible, he is polite too.”

Lu Xing Yan: “…….”

“Later on transfer the bill today to me.”

“But he is not as handsome as you.”


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  1. Definitely some flirting undercurrents going on😉 He’s been interested in her for a while and she’s starting to have some feels (like being a little uncomfortable thinking about LCY+Chen Zhu😁)

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