Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 468

“Why? Perhaps we should help them to hide this fact?” He Yun Xiao is unhappy.

They are doing something bad, how could they help them hide it.

“Since they have been concealing for some time without us noticing, how could now you notice it easily?” He Ji Fan asks.

He Yun Xiao asks: “You mean….”

“No one hopes that her son will be living in the darkness forever.” He JI Fan says. He seems to understand this matter very well.

“They are doing this in purpose?” He Yun Xiao is so surprised. Yes, they are hiding this watertight. How could they be discovered so easily?

“Perhaps not them, but she.” He Ji Fan says.

“Ta?” He Yun Xiao is confused.

“If Pa wants to show his son, he could say it directly to the family then bring him home. Nai Nai will definitely be softhearted. How could she be ruthless and let that kid live in difficult situation. She will not ignore him.” He Ji Fan analyzes: “But these years he had said nothing. This afternoon when he got the call, he even went out to answer it. He doesn’t want anyone to know about the kid.”

“It’s Mo Rui who wants her son to be exposed, but she doesn’t dare to go to He family directly because Pa doesn’t approve it, so she wants us to discover it by ourself?” He Yun Xiao follows He Ji Fan’s line of thinking. This is reasonable, but there’s a hole. “But how could she know that I will bump into Pa?”

That’s right it should be curious coincidence.

“Which hospital is it?” He Ji Fan asks.

He Yun Xiao: “Jing He.”

“Do you forget whose hospital is it? I’m afraid Xiao Yu will call us soon. Your appearance is an accident.” He Ji Fan just says it and his phone rings. He Yun Xiao looks at his phone. That’s right it’s a call from Cheng Ru YU.

After the call, He Ji Fan laughs coldly: “That woman indeed, she couldn’t bear it.” He says to He Yun Xiao: “For this matter, let’s not talk to Mam first. Ma’s temper, if she knows about it, it will create a big disturbance. It’ll make that woman win.”

He Yun Xiao is calm now: “So we will just be silent?”

He Ji Fan is thinking about it: “Let me think about it.”


At the Jing He Hospital.

Mo Rui is worried.

Yang Yang is asleep again.

“Yang Yang will be okay, don’t be worry.” He Zhang Ju holds her hand to comfort her.

Yang Yang has a cold.

“I know.”

“Then what are you worried about?”

“Yun Xiao knows about us, I”m afraid…”

“I will not let you guys be bullied.” He Zhang Ju cuts her off and hugs her. “I’ll protect you guys.”

These years he always protects both of them. In the future no matter what happens, he will also protect them.

Mo Rui lowers her head and says: “It’s my fault. I should wait for you and take Yang Yang to the hospital at the suburb. I shouldn’t call the ambulance. I shouldn’t agree to take Yang Yang to Jing He hospital. I know that this hospital is Cheng family’s hospital. I’m afraid that Cheng family will not keep the secret. I was so stupid…..”

“Zhang Ju, I’m afraid, what will happen if Old Madame He knows about this, will she oust us? I’m okay to go anywhere, I just don’t want to leave you. Also Yang Yang, he needs his Papa.”

Mo Rui cries.

He Zhang Ju holds her tighter and says: “Cheng and He families are friends, they will not be careless. If you are worried, I’ll go and talk to Xiao Yu.”

Mo Rui nods. Her eyes show her determination.

She has been mistress for more than ten years, she never wants to have any status. But Yang Yang is not the same, he is just nine years old. He has a future, she cannot let him live in hard situation forever.


05:30 p.m, He Ji Fan drives his car to Dou Weir’s place. He calls her to let her go down.

After a while, Dou Weir appears in front of him with her long sexy dress.

“If you are busy, I also could enjoy dinner by myself.”

“Not busy.” He Ji Fan opens the door for her. “Tonight is very important, I cannot be absent.”

“Em.” Dou Weir is confused.

He Ji Fan laughs but he doesn’t explain.

After half an hour, He Ji Fan takes Dou Weir goes to the outdoor restaurant. It’s a great scenery.

Both of them order their food. He Ji Fan orders a bottle of wine. He pours a glass for Dou Weir.


Both of them click glasses in a toast, He Ji Fan says: “Congratulations to us, we are together again now. Thank you for willing to give me a chance.”

Dou Weir isn’t used to his romantic words. “Why are you act so cheesy, it’s unlike you.”

“You don’t like me acting this way?”

Dou Weir laughs: “I am not used to it.”

The waiter comes over to the their table again with dining car to send their food. They eat. When they are done, He Ji Fan stands up and suddenly stops beside Dou Weir. He kneels on his one leg. At the same time, he also takes out a ring box.

Suddenly there’s a violinist coming over and playing music.

Everyone in the restaurant looks over.

Dou Weir is so surprised to see He Ji Fan’s action. She just realizes what he wants to do. Her heart is beating so fast.

He Ji Fan opens the ring box and shows the ring. It’s the ring that from the diamond that last time Dou Weir chose when they were in the jewelry store.

“Weir, you know my past. Before meeting you, I thought that the most important thing is enjoying the world. After meeting you, I just know that there’s something more important than enjoying the world. It is to be together with you.”

“For you, I am willing to finish my absurd life. I also want to thank you for terminate my past. Now I just want to be with you together.”

“Please marry me, I will try my best to let you be happy.”

The wind brushes over, the music is everywhere. But Dou Weir is focused on He Ji Fan’s words. His words for her is sincere and moving.

“Accept it!” Someone yells. “Accept him! Accept him!”

Dou Weir smiles so happily. She extends her right hand and jokes: “Okay looking at the ring.”

He Ji Fan smiles softly and takes the ring. He puts it on her ring finger and kisses her hand. Dou Weir feels very happy. Everyone is clapping for them. He Ji Fan stands up and says: “Thank you, everyone for witnessing my proposal. Tonight I’ll treat everyone a meal. Please be free.”

“Okay!” Everyone cheers for him.

He Ji Fan’s proposal isn’t grand, there’s no creativity on it. But it’s unforgettable for Dou Weir.

Looking at her ring finger, Dou Weir’s heart feels so sweet, she couldn’t help but to smile.

“I already asked someone to go to your Shu Shu’s house, I also handle the process for moving your household registration. In the future, your name will be on my household registration certificate.” He Ji Fan drives his car and tells Dou Weir about it.

He Ji Fan knows Dou Weir’s family. He doesn’t hope that Dou Weir to have bad relationship with them.

He doesn’t say that Dou Weir’s Shu Shu and his family know that He Ji Fan wanted that household registration. They tried to make things hard for him. At last they ask for 1,000,000.

He Ji Fan just gives it to them. He thinks of it just a payment for raising up Dou Weir.

“Tonight just stay at my place. Tomorrow move your things over.” He Ji Fan says.

Dou Weir feels okay to it, since they will get married soon, it’s appropriate for them to stay together.

Moreover, since Nai Nai passed away, she always feels lonely at night. It should be good to have someone beside her.

“Xin Xin, tonight he proposed to me.” Dou Weir took a shower first, she waited till He Ji Fan is inside the bathroom and she calls Ye Qing Xin.

It’s 08:00 p.m, Ye Qing Xin is accompanying her kids to play.

Hearing Dou Weir’s sweet and happy voice, she laughs: “Now you are willing?”

Dou Weir says: “Yes, it’s right, why do you think so?”

“Every woman wishes to have a romantic proposal, they would want a ring. No matter worhty is that. You ah, you were expecting it and He Ji Fan didn’t give it to you that time. Yet he mentioned marriage with you. So you should feel sorry for that.”

“Xin Xin, you sound like a very old person that could see through people’s heart.” Dou Weir couldn’t help but to admit that Ye Qing Xin knows herself well.

“Since you feel at ease now, then when will you guys hold the wedding?”

“We haven’t decided it.” Dou Weir thinks Chen Meng and sighs: “HIs Mama doesn’t like me. Every time she meets me, she always ignores me. I am afraid that I will fight with her.”

“Please control yourself well. Jiu Ma is a senior, she is your future mother in-law. You should try your best. If she makes things hard for you, you should control your self. Everyone will think you as sensible, and say her as ungenerous. If you fight with her, everyone will think about of you. It’ll be your mistake. Moreover, you’ll make things hard for Biao Ge (He Ji Fan). “The gains do not make up for the losses.”

“I get it, I just want to complain a bit to you.”

“Okay. I want to tell the stories for little guys. I’ll hang up first.”


He Ji Fan is a man that handles everything well and fast. Two days later, Dou Weir has moved to Jing City’s household registration. He should use his connection, if not, it’ll not be so easy.

They both don’t choose a day, and just go to Bureau of Civil Affairs to register their marriage.

Chen Meng knows about it, she just realizes that her household registration was stolen by her daughter.

He Yi Yi is scolded.

“What is it?” That night He Zhang Ju comes home and notices the furious Chen Meng is sitting on the bed.

Chen Meng is really furious: “It’s your son, he unexpectedly asked Yi Yi to steal the household registration certificate. They have registered their marriage. It’s too annoying!”

“Lower your voice. It’s his business with whom he wants to marry. Don’t worry about it.

“For whom do I take a lot of troubles and expend a great deal of effort? Our company now is at the peak of one’s power. But good times do not last long, right? Who knows what will happen in the future? I don’t hope that A Fan could marry someone that can bring benefit, but I hope that he will marry someone that will help him pass difficulties. What could that Dou Weir do? She is just a poor woman? What could she do!”

It’s normal for Chen Meng to have that kind of thought.

He Zhang Ju cannot say that Chen Meng says wrong things.

“But since it happens, it’s useless for you to get angry. You should accept the fact sooner.”

Chen Meng is still furious: “I couldn’t!”

He Zhang Ju says nothing else, he goes to the bathroom. Chen Meng looks at the clock, it’s almost early morning.

She suddenly realizes that these days He Zhang Ju always come back home late. She feels unhappy about it.

“Why these days do you go home late? These days, what are you doing?”

“I go drinking with my friends.”

“With who? Why you always be so late?”

“Why are you asking so many questions? I also don’t mind you if you go to play Mahjong with your friends.” He Zhang Ju feels a bit diffident.

Chen Meng pouts, she lays down to sleep.

“In two days, I’ll go to Shang Hai. Our company invests on a project and it has a problem with it.”

Chen Meng: “You have a lot of people at your company, why you as a director personally go over?”

“Wu Zu Cheng from Shang Hai is also holding entrepreneur evening party, it’ll be days. So it’s a great time for me to go too.” He Zhang Ju explains.

Wu Zu Cheng is the godfather in Shang Hai business world. Of course everyone wants to go to his party.

Chen Meng nods and doesn’t doubt him. ‘Then tomorrow I’ll help you pack up. How long will you be gone?”

“A week.”

“Em, okay.”


It’s closer to the due date, these days He Su E keeps on coming to Nan Shan mansion. She keeps on buying things for the twins inside Ye Qing Xin’s belly.

She has bought all things for the twins to use till they are five months. It’s a lot.

Ye Qing Xin has told her for fifty three times: “Ma, Miao Miao and Xiao Xiao already have enough clothes.”

Miao Miao and Xiao Xiao are the nicknames given by Ye Qing Xin for the twins inside her belly.

On April, she had a checkup and knew that the twins will be girls. Ye Qing Xin racks her brain for days and decides to give the twins name from a famous sentence of “Wei Miao Wei Xiao (To be remarkably true to life).

Jing Bo Yuan hears these names and be silent for so long. At last he nods.

“This time I buy bigger size so they could wear it when they grow up. Tomorrow I’ll go and take a look at hairpieces for them. I suddenly remember that I haven’t bought any hairpiece for them. They are girls, we should dress them up well since they are young.”

Ye Qing Xin: “……..”


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