Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 464

The next day.

Dou Weir wakes up and faces He Ji Fan’s face.

The sun is up. It’s clear that it’s not early anymore. Dou Weir asks: “What time is it?”

“No need t hurry.” He Ji Fan sits up: “It’s not even nine o’clock yet.”

“Aren’t we going to your house? They are not fond of me. If we are late, they will hate me even more. Hurry up wake up and get ready. We should go there on time.”

“You care so much about them. Does it mean that you care for me too?” He Ji Fan holds her and kisses her face

Looking at how happy he is, he should be happy last night.

Dou Weir could feel that her lower body part is a bit swollen and slightly burning. But it doesn’t affect her movement. Thinking about what they did last night make her blush. She pushes He Ji Fan away: “Go and clean up. Do you cook the breakfast? I’m hungry.”

He Ji Fan pecks her cheek: “Of course, I ordered from Yi Chu. I remember your favorite.”

Dou Weir finishes clean up and does a simple makeup. Today she dresses up in lovely way. She wears the ‘wise and virtuous’ dress so she looks very elegant.

He Ji Fan stands on the side and watches how busy she is. He says seriously: “No need to intentionally dress yourself like this. Just be yourself.”

Dou Weir loves to wear sexy and fashionable clothes, she loves to use bright and colorful makeup. Her style today shows she wants to adapt to his family’s style.

The elders prefer more reserved and conservative style, just like Ye Qing Xin.

Dou Weir isn’t that style.

He Ji Fan doesn’t want her to change herself just for pleasing his family. Indeed he wishes that Dou Weir will be welcomed to the family but he doesn’t want her to pretend to be someone else. You could pretend once or twice. But after they get married, he couldn’t let her pretend. It will make her feel very tired.

“They are your family, I’m willing to do it.” Dou Weir is styling her hair.

When she is done, she shows herself to He Ji Fan. She circles in front of him. “How is it?”

He Ji Fan holds her waist and kisses her face: “My Wei Weir is beautiful. No matter what she wears.”

“I’m asking you whether I look like a good woman.” Dou Weir pushes him away.

He Ji Fan laughs and leans forward. He says to her: “Looking at how flirty you were last night, I really couldn’t see how composed you are no matter what you are.”

“You……” Dou Weir is embarrassed, she pushes him away and goes downstair.


He Ji Fan is determined to be with Dou Weir. He Zhang Ju is ignorant. Old Madame He wants him to be with Ye Yu Shi. But she is helpless as her grandson is unwilling. He Yi Yi doesn’t have any objection. So Chen Meng finds it difficult to achieve what he wants.

Recently He Ji Fan stops her card, so she lives days under other’s control. Now she is holding grudge toward Dou Weir.

The maids start to prepare for the dishes. Except happy Zhou Zhou, everyone else is indifferent.

Chen Meng is getting even furious because He Ji Fan and Dou Weir will come soon.

After thinking about it, she goes to a corner and calls her old friend, Yun Xi Miao. She wants to ask her to come over for lunch. Last time she had Yun Xi Miao had a hostile moment. She has tried to smooth things over but Yun Xi Miao avoided her for some time. Now she is getting better.

Though they couldn’t be in-laws but at least she shouldn’t be in a bad relationship with Chen Meng as she is part of He family. Yun Xi Miao doesn’t refuse, she doesn’t even think too much about it. She brings her daughter over.

Dou Weir and He Ji Fan arrive at the house. Yun Xi Miao sees that He Ji Fan is bringing a woman home. She suddenly realizes what happen.

Yun Xi Miao smiles and her gaze turns cold.

Chen Meng has complained a lot to her about the fact He Ji Fan has a girlfriend that he doesn’t like. Now he is bringing his girlfriend home and she called her and Lu Lu over. Does she want to use them to make his girlfriend annoyed?

Lu Lu is also unhappy about this. She had met He Ji Fan several times. Though he has a reputation but he is handsome and tall. She doesn’t really have deep impression but she has favorable impression about him.

So last time she didn’t oppose the time Yun Xi Miao took her.

Now yet her mother wants her to witness how He Ji Fan brings his girlfriend home. She feels annoyed.

“I’m sorry. I just remember that today I have a very important meeting with my orchestra. I’ll leave first. He Nai Nai, He Bo Bo, He Bo Mu, next time I’ll come again.”

“Ay, Lu Lu…” Chen Meng wants to urge her to stay but Lu Lu gives her no chance. She just takes her bag and leave.

Yun Xi Miao tries to smooth thing: “Just let her be. She… She is focused with her orchestra. Next month she will go abroad for a performance.”

“Your Lu Lu is very great. She has a great background, she is beautiful too. She is good with cello. She is really an adorable one. I don’t know who would be lucky to marry her….”

Chen Meng seems to be disrespecting Dou Weir. Dou Weir’s face changes but she isn’t angry.

She just takes out the gift she bought yesterday and put it on the table.

Old Madame He, He Yi Yi, He Zhang Ju are respecting her, they take it and thank her.

Old Madame He didn’t have a good first impression toward Dou Weir because Dou Weir was gorgeously dressed. She seems not to be an innocent woman.

But today after meeting her once again, she feels different. She likes her better now.

“I heard A Fan said that your Nai Nai just passed away?” Old Madame He takes initiative to talk with Dou Weir. Dou Weir is surprised. Hearing about her Nai Nai makes her quite sad.

She nods: “Yes it’s too sudden.”

Old Madame He notices that Dou Weir is heartbroken for it, her impression about Dou Weir changes. “Then what about your other family members?”

Dou Weir answers: “I just have a Shu Shu (Uncle).”

‘Your parents….”

“They passed away when I was very young.” Dou Weir lifts up her head and looks at Old Madame He. Dou Weir’s eyes are red. Her smile is forced. “I almost forget how they look.”

A kid without parents are especially making people sad.

Old Madame Dou suddenly feels tenderness toward this young woman.

“Don’t be sad, Kid. In the future, come over frequently, think of here as your home.”

Chen Meng notices that Old Madame He is changing her attitude, she quickly intervenes. “Ma, you should do your physiotherapy now. You need to be persistence with it. Mei Yi (Auntie Mei), take Old Madame back to her room. Be careful, don’t make her hurt.”

“Recently her waist is in pain. Zhang Ju listened that the doctor has advised her to buy physiotherapy device. Everyday she needs to do it on time.” Chen Meng waits for Old Madame He to go then she explains.

“It’s not a small matter, have you guys taken her to a doctor?” Yun Xi Miao says.

Chen Meng says: “Yes, the doctor said that her waist is a bit protruded. Physiotherapy will help.”

This time He Zhang Ju stands up and calls He Ji Fan to the study room to talk. He Ji Fan is worried about Dou Weir. Dou Weir looks at him and signals “I’ll be okay”. Chen Meng laughs and says: “You are afraid that I’ll eat her?”

He Ji Fan looks at Chen Meng and jokes: “If Dou Weir is eaten by you that I’ll not live too.”

Chen Meng’s face changes.

He Yi Yi raises up her phone and says: “Da Ge, since when you be so cheesy, you are too disgusting. Just go.”

Dou Weir feels embarrassed because of his words. She lowers her head and talks to Zhou Zhou.

Yun Xi Miao says: “A Fan and his girlfriend are having a very good relationship. Meng Meng, I believe that you will have the second grandson soon.”

Chen Meng looks at how Dou Weir could conquer her eldest grandson so easily, she feels unhappy. “I’m good wiht Zhou Zhou, I don’t need more.” She doesn’t want any kid from Dou Weir.

Yun Xi Miao says: “Zhou Zhou will be lonely then, it’s better to add a Di Di or Mei Mei.”

Zhou Zhou listens to this and claps his hands: “Zhou Zhou wants Di Di.”

“Why do you want Di Di, Di Di will snatch your toys, he will snatch your ice cream too…” Chen Meng doesn’t like Dou Weir, she doesn’t want any grandsons from Dou Weir.

Zhou Zhou is startled: “Di Di will have his own toys, he will not snatch from Zhou Zhou.”

“If there’s a Di Di, Papa Mama, Ye Ye Nai Nai, and also Tai Nai Nai (Great grandma) will not like Zhou Zhou anymore. They will like Di Di…..”

“Mama, Zhou Zhou is still little, why should you say those things to her? He Yi Yi knows that it’s not good to say these things to little kid. “Zhou Zhou is your biological grandson, don’t teach him bad things.”

Because of He Yi Yi’s word, Dou Weir is feeling cordial toward her.

She also wants to say those words to Chen Meng but it will be disrespecting Chen Meng. Chen Meng’s friend is here. It might makes Chen Meng hates her even more.

But if He Yi Yi says it, Chen Meng will not be angry.

Yun Xi Miao looks at He Yi Yi: “You seem to have a good relationship with your Sao Zi.”

He Yi Yi shifts her body and sits down beside Dou Weir. She holds her arm. “Of course ah, we are from B university. We have known each other for a long time. Weir was a top student. She isn’t someone like us who just enjoys the privilege of having residence permit.

Yun Xi Miao smiles.

Chen Meng glares at He Yi Yi, this girl unexpectedly dares to fight her.

“Yi Yi, go and take a look at your Nai Nai. Let Auntie Mei be more careful.”

“Let Sao Zi go with me, I also want to take her around. In the future, she will come over here frequently. She might lost herself here, it’s better to let her be familiar with the environment.”

“She is holding Zhou Zhou, it’ll be tiresome for her to move around.” Chen Meng wants to let Dou Weir stay to beat her.

He Yi Yi says: “Zhou Zhou just around 15 kg, it’s not too heavy. Let me hold him. I promise I’ll not let your future daughter in-law be tired, okay?”

She says it and then she holds Zhou Zhou and puts him on her shoulder. Then she holds Dou Weir’s arm and says: “Let’s go. Let Ma and Auntie Yun talk. We are young, there’s generation gap between us and them. Let’s go don’t bore yourself.”

“You little brat, how could you talk bad about your Ma.!” Chen Meng slaps He Yi Yi’s bottom. She acts like she is criticizing her but actually she loves He Yi Yi dearly.

He Yi Yi just goes away with Dou Weir.

“Little brat!” Chen Meng mocks her.

“Your daughter in-law seems to be a good one.” Yun Xi Miao comments.

She could act calmly when Chen Meng treated her that way, it’s interesting.

Most women will not tolerate it.

Chen Meng says: “What do you mean that she is good. How could you compare her with your Lu Lu. A Fan is too much, how could he choose a man like that!”

Chen Meng is close with Yun Xi Miao, she says her worry to her.

“Our Lu Lu and your A Fan have no fate. Let’s not talk about it anymore.” Yun Xi Miao says: “Oh right, I’ve been here twice, but I never meet A Xiao. Isn’t he at the country?”

Mentioning He Yun Xiao, Chen Meng starts to have a headache: “He ah, he is sent by her Papa to the branch office to have experience. Let’s not talk about him. I’m having a headache every time I talk him. I remember that next month will be your birthday. Let’s have a party. Let’s call Zhen Zhen and Shui Shui too..”


“Thank you ah.” Dou Weir thanks He Yi Yi after they leave Chen Meng and He Yun Xiao’s line of sight. She is not close with He Yi Yi but she understands He Yi Yi’s actions are for helping her.

He Yi Yi withdraws her arm and be indifferent. She isn’t friendly. “I’m not only helping you. If you marry with my Da Ge. Yan Xi Ge Ge will not have a chance anymore. I’m also helping myself.”

Dou Weir says: “No matter what, thank you.”

“Okay, if you really want to thank me, in the future stay away from Yan Xi Ge Ge. Let’s go, I’ll take you to go around.”

“Xiao Gu Gu (little auntie), I want mama to hold me.” He Zhou Zhou moves around uncomfortably. He wants to go down.

“What? What is the difference between you and your Mama? If you are not my Ge’s son, I’ll not hold you. It’s your honor to be held by me, understand?” He Yi Yi says.

Zhou Zhou frowns: “But… Zhou Zhou wants Mama….”

“Ay, little guy, don’t act you like you are unable to tell good from bad!” He Yi Yi says. “Be careful Xiao Gu Gu will beat your bottom!”

He Yi Yi strikes a posture that she wants to take off his pants.

Indeed Zhou Zhou is terrified that he doesn’t dare to say anything.

Dou Weir looks at He Yi Yi and feels that she never knows her.

Previously she thought that He Yi Yi was a spoiled kid. She always loved to act like a cute kid. Her voice is too childish.

“Ahyoo, you make me so tired. You are so heavy.” He Yi Yi holds He Zhou Zhou to go upstair and puts her down. She pants and then pinches his face.

“Zhou Zhou, walks by yourself. Zhou Zhou is almost three years old. You are a man too. You need to walk by yourself.” Dou Weir holds Zhou Zhou’s little hand. “Let’s go.”

Zhou Zhou yet doesn’t want to walk by himself. He blocks Dou Weir and opens his arm wide. He wants to be held.

Dou Weir shows Zhou Zhou her small wound on her finger. She says: “Mama’s finger is hurt. It’s very painful. I’m unable to hold you. Zhou Zhou, walk by yourself okay?”

Zhou Zhou understands that word “painful”, he holds her finger and moves his little mouth closer to blow it. He blows it and says: “Zhou Zhou blows it, I’ll blow it so it won’t hurt anymore. “


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