Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 457

Dou Weir has no appetite so she doesn’t eat anything.

At night, she couldn’t have a goodnight sleep. She dreams about her Nai Nai. She dreams that her Nai Nai holds her hands and says for her to have a great life.

He Ji Fan sits down on the bed side and holds her hand. He wipes her tears. He couldn’t help her with this, he could only wipe her tears.

“Nai Nai, I beg you to not leave me alone. You are leaving, I’m alone now…”

Dou Weir’s voice is too weak.

She feels that in the future, when she is tired, there’s no one will care for her anymore. There’s no one will care for her.

“Wei Weir, don’t worry.” He Ji Fan says gently. “You are not alone. You still have me. In the future, you will have me. In the future, I will treat you well. I will not let you down.”

Dou Weir doesn’t listen to his words.

At the middle of night, He Ji Fan notices that her face are so red. She is having a fever. He presses the bell. The nurse comes over and measures her temperature. It’s too hot.

The nurse injects the medicine for her. He Ji Fan takes care of her. She is better when it’s in the morning.

He Ji Fan doesn’t sleep for the whole night.

Though Dou Weir didn’t wake up last night, but she knew that someone was taking care of her. Looking at the tired He Ji Fan, she knows that it should be him.

The time He Ji Fan asks her ot eat again, she doesn’t refuse, she forces herself to finish half of it.

“My Nai Nai….” Dou Weir chokes with sobs.

“Nai Nai has no relatives at Jing City. I think it’s better to hold the funeral process back at your hometown. I heard that your Nai Nai doesn’t like here. I think she would want to be back so I have taken care the process. This afternoon, we will go back to your hometown.”


He Ji Fan holds her both hands: “I’ll accompany to go back. In the future, I’ll stay by your side too. I will not let you be alone.”

Dou Weir looks at He Ji Fan’s sad face. She suddenly feels that she has someone to depend one.

When she sees her Nai Nai again, Old Madame Dou’s body is inside the coffin.

They take the plane back to the hometown. Because of He family, the process is easier.

Ye Qing Xin sends Dou Weir to the airport. She couldn’t go with her because of her condition. She comforts her and then leaves.

Ye Qing Xin has experienced this too so she knows Dou Weir’s feeling right now.

The time Ye Qing Xin is back home, she looks at her grandparents. She feels happy that they are still healthy.

At the first-class cabin.

Dou Weir and He Ji Fan sit close. Dou Jin Wen sits behind them.

“Why doesn’t Da Sao come with us?” Dou Weir holds bag with cinerary casket. She just realizes that she hasn’t seen Hu Jing these days.

Dou Jin Wen looks away. He already knows that Hu Jing came over to meet Old Madame Dou before Old Madame Dou fell ill again. He could guess what Hu Jing said to Old Madame Dou. Hu Jing is nowhere to be the seen. She doesn’t even answer her call. This morning he got a call from Father Hu asking whether he mistreats Hu Jing again. He just knows that Hu Jing is her parents’ house. This seems to prove his guess.

“She….. Her Pa called me yesterday, he said that she is unwell. Yesterday she was back at home.”

“Does she know that Nai Nai passed away?”

“She should know. I’m so busy so I have no time to call her. But my Pa Ma know about it. Her Pa Ma should know about it.”

Dou Weir is unhappy. Since she knows, why doesn’t she call them?

She doesn’t say anything much about it.

When they arrive, the funeral ceremony has been arranged well. The relatives have arrived there.

Dou JIn Wen’s parents are crying so much when they see Old Madame Dou’s cinerary casket.

A lot of people are crying too.

The cinerary casket is taken to the mourning hall.

Dou family doesn’t know He Ji Fan, they watch him with curious gaze.

He Ji Fan looks so charismatic and gentleman, a lot of people ask about his status. He doesn’t avoid that question and just say that he is her boyfriend.

It’s just he is a bit old..

At night for the ritual of keep vigil beside the coffin, Dou JIn Wen’s mother seize the opportunity when He Ji Fan is resting to asks Dou Weir: “Is your boyfriend a boss of a big company? He is rich?”

Previously, they heard from Dou Jin Wen that Dou Weir has been connecting to a rich man.

Dou Weir looks at the her grandma cinerary casket and says coldly: “Shen Shen (Auntie), do you think it’s suitable to talk about this now?”

Mother Dou says: “Ahyooo, what is unsuitable about it? We are family, you had lived with us since you are young. You are our daughter too. If you want to marry, shouldn’t we care about you too?”

Dou Weir’s face turns sour. Father Dou pokes Mother Dou’s waist with his elbow. Dou Jin Wen also glances at Mother Dou for her to stop talking.

Mother Dou just wants to ask Father Dou, why should she shut up. But the time she sees her son’s glance, she stops.

She could not listen to Father Dou, but for her son’s words, most of the time, she will listen to him.

This time.

Hu family house.

Hu Jing is covered herself with the blanket. Both mother and father Hu have persuaded her to tell them what happened. But she couldn’t say it. When she hears a police siren, she is so scared. She feels that the police will come to catch her.

Father Hu looks at his daughter and feels worried.

Yesterday morning, Hu Jing suddenly came back from Jing City. She said nothing and just locked herself inside the room. That time he noticed a red mark on her clothes though she was wearing dark colored clothes.

Yesterday afternoon, he heard from Dou family that Old Madame Dou vomited blood and she passed away.

At first he didn’t think too much about it. This morning he called Dou Jin Wen to get even with him. At first he didn’t approve that his daughter’s marriage with this man. They have married for few years, how could he want to mistreat his daughter.

But now Old Madame Dou’s funeral process has started. The relatives are coming over to offer their condolences. His daughter is Old Madame Dou’s granddaughter-in-law. If she doesn’t show up, everyone will blame Hu family to be so impolite.

The time he asks Hu Jing for them to over to help for the funeral process, Hu Jing’s response is too weird. She refuses and looks very terrified.

Father Hu just realizes that something is wrong. At 04:00 p.m., he goes over to offer his condolences and also ask around about Old Madame’s death. Mother Dou said that at first Old Madame Dou was okay but she suddenly vomited blood. Father Hu feels surprised silently.

“Xiao Jing, tell me honestly. Why don’t you want to go and help for the funeral process? What happened? Why did you run home yesterday?”

“Pa, don’t ask me again about me. I beg you.” Hu Jing says dispiritedly from her blanket.

Father Hu turns serious: “Is it because you are related to Old Madame Dou’s death?”

Mother Hu hears that and holds Father Hu’s arm. She is so shock: “What nonsense you are talking about? How could Old Madame Dou’s death is related to Hu Jing!”

Hu Jing suddenly cries out loud.

Father Hu and Mother Hu are surprised.

“Don’t cry anymore!” Father Hu pulls the blanket and pulls Hu Jing to face him. People’s life is great thing, he should know what happened.

Looking at Hu Jing’s red eyes, he says softly: “Tell Papa what happened. Don’t worry. Papa will make sure everything is okay.”

Hu Jing holds her father: “Pa….. I, I got into trouble… I didn’t do it in purpose. It’s Dou Jin Wen. He has a woman and they acted intimately. I saw it. He didn’t regret it and just wanted to divorce me. I, I was, so furious. I went to the hospital and told Nai Nai about it. Who knows that Nai Nai heard it and vomited blood….”

Hu Jing doesn’t tell that she also talked about Dou Weir’s matter. Anyway there’re only two of them. Old Madame Dou is dead. As long as she doesn’t say anything, no one will know what they were talking about.


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