Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 446

Dou Jin Wen looks at the photo and his face changes: “You were following me?”

“Following you?” Hu Jing laughs angrily “Do Jin Wen, please use your brain. If I followed you, I would just come over and tear up that pr*st*t*te!”

Hu Jing asks again: “Who is she? You should explain it clearly to me. If not, let’s get a divorce!”

Dou Jin Wen sits down on the sofa and smokes, he doesn’t answer her. He is quite interested with He Yi Yi.

He Yi Yi’s status isn’t ordinary.

Looking at him, Hu Jing’s heart turns serious. “DOU JIN WEN! You are great! At first you were nothing. But I wanted to be with you without minding my parents’ rejection. I tried hard. How could you do this to me! I want a divorce!”

Hu Jing indeed got into huge fight with her family just to be with Dou Jin Wen. Thinking of this Dou Jin Wen’s heart softens, he wants to explain it but Hu Jing doesn’t give him any chance.

She continues: “My Pa isn’t wrong. You and your family are just living off a woman, you just depend on Dou Weir for your living. I don’t have a good life with you. I am very regretful to not listen to my Pa, You are a chicken-hearted person!”

Her words hurt Dou Jin Wen.

Dou Jin Wen’s face chances. His guilty and gentle heart just disappear: “Okay, if you want to have a divorce, then just let’s have a divorce!”

“you…..” Hearing how quickly Dou Jin Wen answers, Hu Jing is stupefied. She couldn’t deny that she actually just wants to threat him. At first she thought that he would pamper her, but now she seems to be unable to extricate herself from this difficult situation.

Hu Jing isn’t’ someone that could back down, she says: “Tomorrow let’s go to the administration office!”

Okay, she gets inside her bedroom and comes out again with a small suitcase.

Dou Jin Wen is full of rage. He really wants to show his skill and capability. Their wedding house is from Dou Weir. He accepts it. Everyone is envious of him but actually behind his back, they laugh at him.

Now Hu Jing also criticizes him for it, how could he bear it.

Hu Jing closes the door and stands in front of the door for a while. Dou Jin Wen doesn’t chase after her. She glares at the door and just leaves.


Today He Ji Fan sends He Chi Zhou over to Dou Weir’s place. Dou Weir is forced to accompany the little guy to the zoo and sea world. They are playing for a whole day. It’s a tiring day for her, she feels more tired than walking on the fashion show.

Tonight she doesn’t go to the hospital, she takes the little guy to sleep at her house. He Ji Fan is out for the business meeting. He says that he would back tomorrow. She is quite confused how does he persuade the He family to let He Chi Zhou live alone outside.

After she gets He Chi Zhou to sleep, Dou Weir takes a shower and dries up her hair. She wears her bathrobe and just sleeps.

At night she wakes up because her phone rings. She answers it. It’s a call from Old Madame Dou. She just turns awake. It’s a rare thing for Old Madame Dou to call her late at night.

“Weir, come over to the hospital. Your Ge and Sao Zi are fighting and wanting to have divorce. Come over to persuade them.” Old Madame Dou sounds worried.

Dou Weir is a bit angry. Are they dumb? Don’t they know that Old Madame Dou’s health is not really good? The doctor keeps on reminding to make sure that Old Madame Dou always be happy. It’s their own problem to fight. Why should they implicate Nai Nai?

Zhou Zhou is sleeping soundly. Dou Weir is hesitating then she just holds him and leaves with him.

He is still little, it’s not okay to leave him alone at home. What if there’s something bad happen. Let’s not mind He Ji Fan, she wouldn’t even forgive herself.

“Please be silent. This is hospital. If you want to fight, then go home and fight!” Dou Weir could hear how the nurse berates both of them.

Their voices are loud that it makes Zhou Zhou moves around in Dou Weir’s embrace.

“I’m sorry, nurse. We will not be noisy anymore.” Old Madame Dou apologizes.

Inside the sick room, Dou Jin Wen and Hu Jing are there. Both of them are looking so sour.

“What is it? Why are you guys fighting here!!” The nurse is gone, Dou Weir carries Zhou Zhou inside and closes the door. She says those words coldly.

“It’s your good brother, he has another woman outside!” Hu Jing yells.

Dou Weir places Zhou Zhou on the sofa, He Ji Fan gave her all He Zhi Chou’s necessities such as small blanket. He packed all of it on two suitcases. Dou Weir is suspicious that he wants to move He Chi Zhou to her place.

Dou Weir covers He Chi Zhou’s body and only let his head out. Then she takes off her coat to cover He Chi Zhou’s eyes from the light.

After a while, Dou Weir looks at Dou Jin Wen.

Dou Jin Wen is standing beside the bed, he takes out his cigarette box. Dou Weir frowns and says: “Da Ge, you cannot smoke here.”

“It’s too troublesome!” Dou Jin Wen puts back the cigarette box and says: “I’ve said already that she is just my friend. We just met for few times.”

“You are lying? How could you hug your friend? How could you want to divorce me if she is just a friend?” Hu Jing’s eyes turn red. She used to like and love sincerely. Now they just married for few years and he is looking for another woman.

“Hu Jing, stop your nonsense. I already explained to you. She was drunk, I sent her home. On the way, she wanted to throw up, should I let her throw up inside the car?” Dou Jin Wen is losing his patience.

An hour after Hu Jing left home, he got a call from his grandma asking him to come.

He thought something bad happened. But the time he came, he noticed that Hu Jing is here. ‘’

“You just met for few times, and you just went to have a drink together? That woman was drunk, you should have something between you guys. I don’t believe you!” Hu Jing is getting emotional, she raises her voice.

“Lower down your voice, do you want to be kicked out?”

Dou Weir could see that Hu Jing doesn’t really want to have a divorce. Yet for Dou Jin Wen, she couldn’t be sure that he has no other woman.

Looking at how Old Madame Dou looks sad, Dou Weir forms her words and says: “Da Ge, I know that you want to do your business well, every day you go to the business dinner to get connection. But you also couldn’t ignore Sao Zi. You should be able to balance between work and family. Don’t forget about Miao Miao. He is not even a year old, you guys should think of him.”

Miao Miao is Dou Jin Wen and Hu Jing’s son.

“Sao Zi, for this matter Da Ge is wrong. Though I don’t know who is the woman, but you should understand what kind of man Da Ge is. He wouldn’t act recklessly. In the future, Da Ge, you also make some distance with other women. Alright?” Dou Weir looks at Dou Jin Wen.

Dou Jin Wen is stubborn to admit his mistake: “I don’t do anything wrong, why should I promise?”

“Jin Wen!” Old Madame Dou coughs: “Weir is right. you have a wife. You should maintain your distance with other women. You should make promise to Hu Jing.”

Old Madame Dou has already said so Dou Jin Wen couldn’t say anything more. He knows that Old Madame Dou’s health condition isn’t very good, Dou Weir will not let him go if something bad happens to Old Madame Dou.

Dou Jin Wen feels that he should obey as Old Madame Dou is Dou Weir’s bottom line. She will not help him if he harms Old Madame Dou.

After getting Dou Jin Wen’s promise, Hu Jing’s face turns better. Then she requests: “In the future if you want to have business dinner, you should tell me where would you go and who are you going with.”

“Mind your attitude! You just want to control me!” Dou Jin Wen doesn’t like it.

“Then how could I believe that your promise is true?” Hu Jing doesn’t let him go.

Dou Weir looks at both of them. She suddenly remembers that Ye Qing Xin used to tell her that Jing Bo Yuan always tells her where he is. He takes initiative to tell her. This is the difference between best and ordinary husband.

“Jin Wen, listen to Xiao Jing. She is caring about you.” Old Madame Dou says it.

Dou Jin Wen is unwilling, he glares at her. Then he says: “I got it.” Then he just leaves.

“Nai Nai, look at him!” Hu Jing stamps her foot.

“Okay, I think there’s nothing going on between Jin Wen and that woman. If not, he would not act this way. If a man makes mistake, he will be diffident and guilty. Jin Wen doesn’t look guilty, so there’s nothing. You just need to mind him and not giving him any chance to make mistake.”

Old Madame Dou’s face looks tired.

Dou Weir says: “Sao Zi, go home and have a rest.”

“I will not go home.” Hu Jing sits down on the sofa. “Today I’ll stay here.”

Dou Weir picks up her coat and looks at Zhou Zhou. She finds out that he is still sleeping soundly. She says to Old Madame Dou. “Then I’ll take Zhou Zhou home. Sao Zi will stay over for the night. Tomorrow wait till Da Ge regains herself, I’ll ask him to apologize.”

“Heng, who wants him to apologize.” Hu Jing snorts.

Dou Weir and Old Madame Dou are lazy to talk with her. Old Madame Dou asks Dou Weir to be careful. Dou Weir holds Zhou Zhou and goes to the parking area.

At the parking area, she meets Dou Jin Wen.

Dou Weir knows that he is waiting for her. “What is it? Let’s talk tomorrow. It’s too late now.”

Dou Jin Wen says: “Let me say a sentence. I need money, could you borrow me? Wait till I have some, I’ll return in double amount.”

“Aren’t you gaining profit your project? Where is the money?” Dou Weir asks.

Tonight he was treating a rich woman, he has spent all of his saving.

Of course he couldn’t say it to Dou Weir. “I invested it all to another project. I want to expand my business. Weir, I also don’t hope that you could help me to come into contact with He group. But looking at how we grow up together, help me once. You are capable. I also don’t want to keep on depending on you. Everyone says that I live off a woman. I should prove myself.”


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