Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 435

In the end, Dou Weir doesn’t talk anything about He Ji Fan. She just says to Old Madame Dou that after breaking up with “Xiao He”, temporarily she doesn’t want to date for a while.

The Old Madame doesn’t force her, she doesn’t mention that matter anymore. She decides to keep on getting touch with He Ji Fan.

This matter is exposed by Hu Jing.

It’s been days since Hu Jing met Nai Nai. This morning Dou Jin Wen ordered her to go visit Nai Nai before he went to the office. She is unwilling but she went over at night after getting off the work. She buys several food for Old Madame.

It’s the end of the year, He Ji Fan is busy of attending business dinners. He draws out a time to visit Old Madame Dou. Dou Weir is not at the hospital as she has works to do. Now He Ji Fan is calling Old Madame Dou as Nai Nai.

Old Madame Dou notices it and she is happy to accept it.

The time Hu Jing gets inside Old Madame Dou’s sick room, Old Madame Dou is laughing loudly because of He Ji Fan’s jokes. He Ji Fan is making Old Madame Dou happy.

Hu Jing sees the scene and she is stunned. She even forgets to get in.

“Xiao Jing, why aren’t you getting inside?” Old Madame Dou looks at her Sun Xi Fu (grandson’s wife) looks petrified. She feels that she is impolite, how could she act like that. “This is He Ji Fan, Weir’s friend.”

Hu Jing regains herself and thinks about He Ji Fan’s identity. She wants to call He Ji Fan “He Zong” (Chief He). He Ji Fan cuts her off, he says: “Just call me Ji Fan.”

“Ji, Ji Fan.” Hu Jing is overwhelmed by favor from superior. “Let me pour you a glass of water.”

“No need.” He Ji Fan says. He looks at Old Madame Dou and says: “I have a matter to handle, let me go back first Nai Nai, next time I would come over to visit you.”

Old Madame Dou feels unwilling to let him go, yet she doesn’t force him. She says to Hu Jing: “Send Ji Fan off.”

After they are out of the room, He Ji Fan withdraws his smile. “Just till here.”

“He Zong.” Hu JIng looks at He Ji Fan. This man is so great, he has a great appearance. Actually the first time she met him, she couldn’t help but to feel stunned by his appearance. He’s not only handsome but he also has a great profession. Hu Jing knows that she is married but she couldn’t help it.

“I heard from Dou Weir that you guys fight. Weir is young, she might be insensible, He Zong please don’t …..”

He Ji Fan frowns, he smiles and looks so cold. “I’m good with Weir, no need any outsider to mind our matter.”

Hu Jing’s face turns stiff. At first she wanted to worm her way into being his friend but she doesn’t expect him to be so cold.

At night when she arrives home, Dou Jin Wen is not home yet. Hu Jing feels angrier to think about it. She is Dou Weir’s Sao Zi (Sister-in-law), how could he say that she is an outsider?

Then she thinks of another matter, He Ji Fan said that he is okay with Weir? Dou Weir clearly said that they are not communicating anymore? Perhaps Dou Weir is lying to them? Thinking of this possibilities, she immediately calls Dou Jin Wen, she wants to tell him about this matter.

Since doing his own business, Dou Jin Wen keeps on going home late at night. A lot of time, he doesn’t even answer his phone. She calls him for a second time and it’s answered. His tone is rude: “Hello? What is it? I’m busy!’

“Busy busy busy! You just have a small lousy company, how could you be so busy? You even lose your project, I think you would simply close down soon.”

Hu JIng also doesn’t know why she is so angry bt the time she is thinking about how He Ji Fan acts rudely toward her because of Dou Weir. She feels very unhappy.

Dou Jin Wen just says: “Crazy woman!” and he hangs up.

Hu Jing throws away the phone.

After a long time, she picks it her phone and calls Dou Jin Wen’s number. She forgets about the real matter.

The call is answered. Without waiting for him to speak up, Hu Jing just says: “This night I met He Ji Fan, Dou Weir doesn’t break up with him. We are deceived by Dou Weir. I could see that she doesn’t want to help you in investment for that project.”

Dou Jin Wen is startled: “Are you sure?”

“Could it be a fake one?” Hu Jing retells what she saw. Dou Jin Wen is furious but happy at the same time.

He has been doing a lot of business in Jing City. Yet he has no connection. He did sanitary business but it failed and he even couldn’t sell it. Then at the bar, he met someone that worked in real estate development. He wants to work with him but he has no money. It’s hard for him to do business as he has no money and connection.

These two days he is thinking hard to get some money from his Tang Mei (Female cousin). Last time he found her to get some money by promising to not tell Old Madame Dou about her profession as a model. This time if he uses the same kind of threat, Dou Weir might become hostile with him.

For doing a real estate, he needs a lot of money. Dou Weir also has no that kind of money. So it’s best for him to let her get it from He Ji Fan.

Dou Weir tells him that she has no relation with He Ji Fan anymore. Now his wife tells him that He Ji Fan and Old Madame Dou are close. Dou Jin Wen gets an idea but he is unhappy with Dou Weir.

It’s clear that Dou Weri is impervious to his misfortunes. It’s a pity that he used to be kind toward her in the past.

Dou Jin Wen is furious, he just gulps a bottle of beer.

“Jin Wen, what happened? You are unhappy?” A man asks her. “You, Wen Ge (Bro Wen) is unhappy, how could you guys stay silent? Make him happy.”

The young woman beside Dou Jin Wen laughs, “Li Ge (Bro Li), you are too mean.” She says those words but she holds Dou Jin Wen’s arm.

Dou Jin Wen is thinking of what he should do make Dou Weir agrees to help him with He company. He doesn’t pay attention to other people’s conversation.

Li Ge (Bro Li) or Li Xing is the someone that urges Dou Jin Wen to invest on housing project. Looking at how indifferent Dou Jin Wen is, he pats his shoulder. “What are you thinking about? How could you act so cold to this beautiful woman?”

Hu Jing said that He Ji Fan and Old Madame Dou are having a great relationship. He frequently comes over to visit. Old Madame Dou keeps on praising He Ji Fan. It seems something is wrong. Dou Jin Wen frowns.

If He Ji Fan has wife an son, then Dou Weir is his mistress. How could a big boss comes over to curry a favor to a mistress’ Nai Nai? His action it’s clear that he sees Dou Weir as her girlfriend….

Perhaps he is thinking wrongly about all of it? Maybe he is not married?

“Li Ge, do you know the He company’s chief, He Ji Fan?” Though Dou Jin Wen is greedy but he has no real skill, but he knows that for some matter he shouldn’t say. He hasn’t told Li Ge about his plan to implicate He company.

“How could I not know about it? He company is a great and famous company.” LI Xing drinks his beer: “Why are you asking this?”

“Is he married?”

“I’m not sure. He never exposes himself. But he should be over thirty years old. According to this, he should be married.” Li Xing says. He is not that high level man, he couldn’t reach He Ji Fan’s social circle. He just hears it from people about He Ji Fan.

Dou Jin Wen says nothing, he feels he needs to investigate this.

Dou Jin Wen gets the through information about it two days later.

He Ji Fan has a son but he is unmarried. Dou Jin Wen makes a dare guess that He Ji Fan is doing in real earnest for Dou Weir. He had met He Ji Fan once at Nai Nai’s sickroom. He is a man, a man should understand a man. If he just wants to play around, he shouldn’t make an effort, he shouldn’t be that patient.

Thinking of this possibilities, Dou Jin Wen is happy. Though He Ji Fan doesn’t like him but it’s okay. As long as Dou Weir can marry into He family, he would be He family’s relative. He would have connection. The people in business world would give him a respect. He wouldn’t beed He company’s investment. Those banks would want to give him loan, his project would work, his company would progress…..

Dou Weir gets a call from Dou Jin Wen after she finishes her shoot.

“What is it?” She sounds tire.d

“Weir, I have known everything.” Dou Jin Wen sounds excited. Dou Weir holds her head and asks lazily: “What do you know?”

“Your relationship with He Ji Fan. He Ji Fan is unmarried so you are his girlfriend, you are not his mistress. This period of time, He Ji Fan frequently comes over to visit Nai Nai. He is serious toward you.”

Dou Weir says: “So?”

“Don’t be so busy with your work, accompany your boyfriend more. He Ji Fan is not young anymore. I heard that his family is worried about him. Weir, buy a present . Tomorrow take day off, go to his house, he make our Nai Nai happy, you also could go and make his Nai Nai happy.”

Dou Weir could know easily what Dou Jin Wen’s plan. She is tired physically but now she is mentally tired too. “Da Ge, what a woman I am? Other might not know, but how could you not know? He family is a great and rich family, how could they accept me? Don’t dream. Since you understand well about He family, then you should know that He Ji Fan has a son right?”

“That woman gave a birth to son, even she couldn’t enter He family, how could I get it. Just like that, I’m very tired. I want to have a rest.”

She then just hangs up.

“What your Ge Ge wants know?” Her manager knows Dou Weir’s situation well. She knows her family always make things hard for her.

“Tell me, could a womanizer man changes into someone sincere?” Dou Weir asks.

The manager asks her back: “Could a cat not eat fish?”

Dou Weir: “…… No.”

“That’s it.” The manager says. The manager looks at Dou Weir: “You have a relationship problem? This period of time you have worked so hard.”

Previously the time he just worked for Dou Wei, Dou Weir was working hard. Several time she got into the hospital because she was so tired. Once Dou Weir was having a fever, she kept on calling a name of a man. That man’s name is He Ji Fan.

She also remembers that Dou Weir was scolding her to be a womanizer, perhaps this time it’s the same name?

It’s been two years, is there still be possibility?

Dou Weir is startled but she doesn’t deny.

As for Dou Jin Wen after Dou Weir hangs up on him, he is not annoyed. He is happy. He drinks a lot of beer till his stomach is unwell. Then he goes to the bathroom.

The time he goes out of the private room, he could hear the loud voice around. He could see a lot of people dancing crazily. He laughs happily. The time he thinks that he would be related to He family, he couldn’t help but to be very happy.

In the corner of the bar, Ji Yan Xi and He Yi Yi are sitting there. Ji Yan Xi says nothing, he just drinks his beer.

“Yan Xi Ge Ge, don’t drink anymore. Dou Weir doesn’t like you, it’s okay. Yo have me, I, I have been liking you for five years. Why couldn’t you consider me?”

He Yi Yi feels sad.

“Two years ago Dou Weir dated my Ge, now my Ge plans to marry her, they would marry. Yan Xi Ge Ge, just forget about her.”

This afternoon, Ji Yan Xi went to Dou Weir’s shooting site. He asked her why she acted coldly toward him. Dou Weir was startled but then she told him. At first she also liked him, but the time she prepared to be his girlfriend, he got a call that He Yi Yi was injured and he just left her to go to the hospital.

Ji Yan Xi remembers that moment, Ji Yan Xi didn’t expect that day Dou Weir asked him, she had that kind of thought.

Ji Yan Xi asked her whether they have another possibility.

Dou Weir answers him, if you still like me, then there might be possibility but now I don’t like you anymore.

“Yan Xi Ge Ge, don’t drink anymore!” He Yi Yi snatches Ji Yan Xi’s glass. She is heartbroken and angry. Why?

She has been liking him for a long time, yet he isn’t moved. Dou Weir has left him two years but he keeps longing for her.

Ji Yan Xi is drunk. He looks at He Yi Yi and he just remembers that this all happens because of He Yi Yi.

“Go away!” Ji Yan Xi pushes He Yi Yi, it’s the first time he acts so rudely toward her.

He Yi Yi is unprepared, she falls down. Her tears fall down: “Yan Xi Ge Ge, you…… you never acted meanly toward me, you….”

“Go away!” Ji Yan Xi points at her. “Don’t let me see you anymore! Go away!”

He Yi Yi’s tears fall down, she wipes her tears and leaves the bar.

Ji Yan Xi is drunk, he has no remorse.

He asks for more beers.

“Weir….. I’m sorry….”

He likes Dou Weir, it’s love at first sight.

“Shuai Ge (Handsome guy), are you alone? There’s a woman coming over.

Ji Yan Xi sees that woman to be Dou Weir as that woman has a curled hair. “It’s boring to drink alone. Let me accompany you.”

Ji Yan Xi suddenly holds her hand. “Weir, it’s you Weir. I’m sorry, I’m wrong. Please forgive me okay. Give me one chance. I will treat you well……”

He Yi Yi runs out, the weather outside is cold. Ji Yan Xi is drunk, though he is a man but it’s still dangerous.

She hesitates for a while, she stomps her feet then go back inside. She notices that he is gone. She asks the waiter about Ji Yan Xi. The waiter tells her that Ji Yan Xi is gone. He Yi Yi is worried so she looks around.

Finally she finds that woman. Ji Yan Xi is kissing that woman

He Yi Yi is shocked.

Dou Jin Wen and friends are out of the bar too. They bump into He Yi YI.

He Yi Yi falls into an embrace of one of Dou Jin Wen’s friend. As He Ji Fan’s sister, He Yi Yi is a beautiful woman too. Those men ask her: “Xiao Mei Mei how could you be alone right here? You are crying? Are you fighting with your boyfriend?”


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