Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 433

He Ji Fan doesn’t say anything else to Old Madame He. He takes He Chi Zhou back to the bedroom.

He stands on his bedside and watches his son’s face. He Ji Fan’s gaze is deep and quite. Looking at Old Madame He’s attitude, if she knows that He Chi Zhou is not her great grandson, she would be not be able to stand that fact.

DNA investigation result is out much quicker than expectation.

After answering the call from Cheng Ru Yu, He Ji Fan smokes his cigarette for a while. He smokes several cigarettes. He calls his assistant from the intercom.

“He Zong (Boss He).”

“Instruct everyone that starting now, severe all resources for Shi Ying.” He continues: “Investigate for a while, what did Shi Ying do when she was in vacuum, especially the days she was going back to her hometown.”

The assistant is confused, yet he doesn’t dare to say anything. He Ji Fan shows an aura “I’m so unhappy”. It makes his assistant doesn’t dare to question him.


He Ji Fan waves his hand and lets the assistant leaves.

— — —

Recently Shi Ying gets a chance to join IP ancient drama. The director of the drama is the famous director. The actress that plays in his drama could be popular.

It’s not hard for her to get the female lead role to join the drama but the director is very serious. For getting the director’s approval, she uses a lot of energies.

But a day before she starts filming, her manager gets an information that the female lead role would be changed. Shi Ying’s role is changing. She just be a figurine.

These two years, Shi Ying seems to get leading role so easily. She is so furious when she gets this news. She calls the director to ask for the reason. The director just says that the female leading role is recommended by the investor.

How could Shi Ying believe it? She is supported by He enterprise. Which company dares to to do it?

She ask further and the director just hangs her call up.

Shi Ying just throws her phone down!

After there are several cosmetic, jewelry, fashion brands cancel her brand ambassador contract in the same day.

Though Shi Ying doesn’t lose anything as those brands need to pay her for contract termination. But it might harms her image.

Her manager calls the brands’ person-in-charge to ask about the reason. But no one says it.

After a while, some reality shows, which Shi Ying is permanently stationed, photoshoots, and movies are throughly be shelved.

At first she didn’t know or ind it, but finally she is sure that it is related with He Ji Fan! This should be related to He Ji Fan!

He wants to her to go through the dead end.

Why is he doing this? Is it because she schemed Dou Weir?

Shi Ying has gone mad, she calls He Ji Fan. At first it’s not answered. She calls again, and it’s not connected anymore. She is so disappointed.

The manager notices that something is wrong too as every time he calls someone, they would not give him any chance to talk.

“Ying Jie, did you offend Boss He?” Her manager is an experienced one.

These two years Shi Ying’s career always runs smoothly. These two years she also gets the laurel as queen of the film and TV circles. It’s all because of Boss He’s support. So everyone in entertainment circle treats her politely and respects her.

So except Boss He, only few people would attack Shi Ying.

Now in this condition, this should be related to Boss He.

Shi Ying’s face is so pale, she sits down at loss on her sofa.

“Ying Jie, hurry up call Boss He and apologize. He would forgive you, moreover… you also have a son with him?…. He might….”

Shi Ying’s eyes turn bright, she feels that there’s hope to undo all of these.

Yes, she is the biological mother of He Ji Fan’s son. He Ji Fan is just angry because she played Dou Weir. He should just want to help Dou Weir’s venting her anger. She should apologize and he would forgive her.

Right! He would definitely forgive her.

The next day afternoon, Shi Ying tends herself to be pretty and directly goes to the He company.

She doesn’t go to He Ji Fan’s private mansion, she knows that no one would let her in. She also doesn’t go to He family’s mansion, as she knows that He Ji Fan would be even furious.

She tells the receptionist about her purpose to come, Shi Ying is a famous celebrity so the receptionist recognizes her, she is Shi Ying’s fans. She helps Shi Ying to call upstair. He Ji Fan has expected that Shi Ying would come over to find him.

He comes down to the meeting room and meet Shi Ying.

“He Shao…..” Her voice is so soft and gentle.

“What is it? Tell me directly.” He Ji Fan says impatiently.

“I know that I’m wrong. Please forgive me. I promise that I wouldn’t do it again.”

He Ji Fan ponders: “Oh? Do you know it’s wrong, what is your mistake?”

“I, I shouldn’t attack Dou Xiao Jie. I shouldn’t show the recording to Old Madame He and Madame He. I shouldn’t have a wishful thinking of getting married into He family…….”

Shi Ying feels so embarrassed.

He Ji Fan sits down on the sofa, his secretary gets inside to serve the tea for them. She feels that the atmosphere is a bit strange. She just leaves quickly.

No one talks for a while.

After a while, He Ji Fan throws a blue folder in front of Shi Ying.

“Look at this, what is wrong for this?”

Shi Ying lifts up her head and looks confusedly at He Ji Fan. He Ji Fan just drinks the tea and doesn’t explain anything.

She takes the folder and opens it up. She reads it and her face is even redder. She doesn’t dare to believe what she sees.

“He, He Shao…… I……” Her legs turn weak. She falls on the ground.

There are two words in her mind.

It’s over.

He Ji Fan looks at her coldly, he doesn’t feel any sympathy toward her.

Dou Weir seems to be right about him. A man like He Ji Fan looks a man of mercy and full of tenderness, but actually he is too merciless.

“He Shao….. I………I…….” Shi Ying couldn’t say anything.

He Ji Fan stands up and tidies up his suit. “I just take everything of you. This is already my greatest kindness. I hope that starting today, you would throughly disappear in front of me.”

Looking at his figure, her tears fall down. Kindness? Huh, he raises her to be in high position, but now he just throws her down. She feels like she is nor living or dying.

Inside the folder, it’s not only the DNA investigation result, but also the record of Shi Ying’s life in her hometown. There’s even a record where did she pick up He Chi Zhou.

Dou Weir just knows about that news a week later from her assistant.

She is surprised. It’s not a secret for anyone in entertainment industry that Shi Ying is supported by He Ji Fan. Now she is being ‘freeze’, this should be related to He company. But why?

Dou Weir couldn’t find a reason.

Actually it’s been sometime since she met He Ji Fan. After that recording incident, there’s no even a phone call.

Today in the afternoon 03:50 p.m., the flight from Sydney lands at Jing City’s International airport.

She passes her suitcase to her manager, Dou Weir then takes all the gifts she bought in Sydney to Nan Shan mansion.

For the New Year’s Day’s three days holiday, Ye Qing Xin doesn’t have any class. She stays at home and accompanies the triplets. This period of time, every morning He Ji Fan keeps on sending He Chi Zhou to Nan Shan mansion. Today is no exception. After a while, He Chi Zhou is used to this. He isn’t as reserved as before. The time he comes, he would immediately play with the triplets.

Ye Qing Xin is reading her book while sitting on her hanging chair. She is reading books while watching the kids.

The time Dou Weir comes, it’s the time He Zhi Chou is playing with the triplets. He Chi Zhou is a bit older, but Jing family’s triplets are playing together so it’s quite balanced.

Ye Qing Xin is laughing and watching them.

Old Mister Yan is disapproving, he glares at her. “They seem to be fighting soon, but you are so happy.”

Ye Qing Xin says calmly: “But they don’t fight right. It’s okay if they are fighting, they are boys, it’s okay to fight.”

“False reasoning!” Old Mister Yan is fuming with anger, yet he is not really angry. He respects Ye Qing Xin’s value in educating children.

Recently Old Madame Sheng and Old Mister Sheng are staying at Yu Geng Xin. After all Yu Geng Xin grows up beside them, they are more familiar with him. Ye Qing Xin understands it and just agrees to let them live with Yu Geng Xin for a while. At the end of the year, she would pick both of the elders as she still wants to be filial with them.

The time Dou Weir comes, the fight between boys are not done yet.

The time He Chi Zhou sees Dou Weir, he doesn’t care about anything else. He lets his toys go and just runs toward Dou Weir. He calls her: “Mama.”

It’s the first time for Ye Qing Xin to see how He Chi Zhou likes Dou Weir, she is so surprised.

Dou Weir greets Old Mister Yan first, Old Mister Yan just nods and returns to his bedroom to give some space for the junior.

“Why is Zhou Zhou here?”

“Recently everyday he would be here.” Ye Qing Xin explains: “Zhou Zhou is a bit scared of strangers. His Papa sends him over here to learn to interact with the boys. It’s quite effective. Now he starts to be able to snatch toys.”

“Aren’t you abroad? When are you coming back?”

“This afternoon.” Dou Weir passes the gifts to Ye Qing Xin: “Today is your birthday, happy birthday.”

Ye Qing Xin is happy: “You are still remember, thank you.”

“Why are you so polite.” Dou Weir carries He Chi Zhou up. It’s been days since they met. The little guy feels heavier.

He Chi Zhou holds Dou Weir’s neck. If someone doesn’t know their history, they would think that they are mother and son.

Ye Qing Xin thinks about He Ji Fan and asks Dou Weir: “What’s the situation between you and Zhou Zhou’s Papa?

Dou Weir pouts: “Don’t mention it. Since he heard the recording, he doesn’t even call me. But I am not regretting anything.”

“Then has he said anything to you about Zhou Zhou and Shi Ying?”

Dou Weir is confused, “What’s the matter between them?”

“Nothing.” Ye Qing Xin doesn’t mean to hide anything but she feels it’s better for He Ji Fan to tell her by himself.

Dou Weir has dinner at Nan Shan mansion and Ye Qing Xin asks Driver Lu to send her home. He Zhi Chou is unwilling to part with her, he wants to go with her. But Dou Weir knows that she shouldn’t take her. She coos him for a while till the blue car 911 stops in front the mansion’s gate.

Looking at the person, who is getting off the car, Dou Weir’s eyes go big. She looks at another side.

Ye Qing Xin looks at Dou Weir’s expression. The time He Ji Fan holds Zhou Zhou and takes him away. Ye Qing Xin smiles and says: “Biao Ge, it happens that Dou Weir is going home too. Please trouble you to help me send her home.”

He Ji Fan glances at Dou Weir and says: “Let’s go.”

Dou Weir notices the change of attitude on him, she feels furious and just wants to refute. But Ye Qing Xin just cuts him off. She says: “Weir go hurry up. Now I couldn’t get cold. I’ll go back inside first.”

Dou Weir: “…….”

He Ji Fan puts Zhou Zhou on his baby carseat, then he goes to the car side and waits for Dou Weir.

Dou Weir bites her lips and comes over.

Ye Qing Xin peeks from the window. She knows that Dou Weir still has feeling for He Ji Fan so she just wants to help her out.

Ye Qing Xin has already known that Zhou Zhou’s DNA investigation result is out. She feels that it seems to be unfair for Zhou Zhou. But on the other side, it shows that there’s nothing hindering Dou Weir and He Ji Fan be together. As long He Ji Fan could be loyal, Dou Weir would be happy with him.

The car moves away.

Dou Weir sits on the back, Zhou Zhou keeps on talking with her. They chat like there are only two of them on the car.

“Mama, why it has been a long time since I met you?”

“Because Mama needs to work.”

“Mama, what is work?”

“It’s a way to earn money. Without money, Mama would have no food to eat.”

“Then in the future Mama just needs to come to my house, I have food to eat.”

“Stupid, Mama couldn’t go to Zhou Zhou’s house.”

“Why? Mama?”

“Mama has her own house.”

The car enters the Zhong Hua Yuan, Dou Weir realizes it quickly.

“Aren’t you wrong? This isn’t the way back to my house.”

He Ji Fan says nothing.

Dou Weir frowns: “He Ji Fan, do you hear me?”

He Ji Fan: “……”

Dou Weir doesn’t say anything else, yet she has no desire to talk anymore with Zhou Zhou.

At last the car stops in front of He family’s residence. Dou Weir is surprised: “Why are you taking me here?”

She sounds nervous. He Ji Fan turns his head to look at her. He gets off the car and holds He Chi Zhou. He is sleeping so soundly as he should be very tired to play for a whole day.

Dou Weir doesn’t dare to act rashly, she just waits on the car. She feels that He Ji Fan has something to say to her.

He Ji Fan enters the house and passes He Chi Zhou to Old Madame He. Then Old Madame He looks at him turning around and yells after him: “It’s late, where are you going?”

“I have something to do.” He Ji Fan says without looking back.

“Tomorrow Yu Shi would come over, don’t forget to come back to have dinner with Yu Shi.”


The door is closed.

She isn’t sure whether He Ji Fan hears her or not. Old Madame He glares at the door for a while. Luckily, now she has a great grandson, if not she would be so worried.

He Ji Fan is almost thirty seven years old man. He passes a normal age to get marry. Old Madame He couldn’t help but to be shaken whether she should insist to let him be with Yu Shi or not. As delaying this matter, he would be forty years old soon. He would be too old.

“Do you have anything to talk about?” The car starts to move, but Dou Weir notices that the car isn’t moving to a familiar place. She feels worried and anxious.


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