Secretly, Secretly; But Unable to Hide it (偷偷藏不住) by Zhu Yi (竹已)~ Chapter 11

Sang Yan closes his eyes and takes off his shoes again. He walks quickly toward Sang Zhi and takes her phone. He wants to hang it up.

But it’s not what he expected.

There’s no call.

He just responds. He is so furious but he laughs. “Xiao Gui, are you playing with me?”

Sang Zhi blinks and says innocently: “I also didn’t say that I call him.”

Sang Yan says coldly: “Who did you call before?”

Sang Zhi moves to another side of the sofa. “I am acting it.”


“You said before to let me wait till I die. I am not talking nonsense.” Sang Zhi suddenly remembers that her phone is on his hold. She wants to take it back. “Now I’m done acting, I’ll call him now.”

Sang Yan watches her for a while. He doesn’t stop her and just returns the phone to her.

“Okay, call then.”

This is beyond Sang Zhi’s expectation. She looks at him and feels something is wrong. But she doesn’t want to show that she is losing. She opens up her contact lists.

Sang Yan says calmly: “When you are done, then it’s my turn for me to beat you.” (In the words 打 can be used as 打电话 (give a call) or 打 (beat someone)

“I don’t do anything wrong. What will you say to them?”

“I’ll not say about you.” Sang Yan puts on a fake smile and says: “I say that I’ll beat you.”


“It’s okay, just report me.” Sang Yan stands up and closes the window. He even pulls the curtain closely. “Just say what do you want to say, just say anything as you wish. Then it’s my turn.”

The room turns a bit dark. Sang Zhi starts to become nervous: “…… if you hit me, then Papa will beat you to death.”

“Okay ah.” Sang Yan doesn’t care: “I’ll wait till he is back to beat me to death.”


Sang Yan doesn’t look at her, he goes to the living room and takes a feather duster near the television. He pretends to try it out then he says: “Little ghost, do you want Ge Ge to come over or you come over by yourself?”

Sang Zhi looks at the feather duster on his hold. She doesn’t answer.

Sang Yan seems to not demand her answer: “Then Ge Ge comes over?”

Sang Zhi notices that the situation has reversed, she suddenly calls after him: “Ge Ge.”

Sang Yan replies lazily: “Okay, Ge Ge will go over.”

Sang Zhi is silent for two seconds when she watches him take two steps forward. She adapts to the circumstance and says: “I’m wrong.”


“I’m sorry, Ge Ge. I’ll not do it anymore.”


She is flexible and can take advantage of the situation.

“Why don’t you do it earlier.” Sang Yan always someone that is soft-hearted. He throws away the feather duster, “Every day you should be obedient. Don’t fight with me every time. Everyday Ge Ge will bring you a good delicious food home. Okay?”

Sang Zhi just “oh” unhappily.

Sang Yan: “Then I’ll go out now?”

Sang Zhi looks at him and suddenly asks: “Ge Ge, who is asking you to go out and play?”

Sang Yan wears his shoes again for the third time, he answers: “My roommates.”

Sang Zhi: “oh.”

“Is there anything else? Stay home and do your homework. Don’t go to the kitchen, don’t cook by yourself. There’re lots of things to eat in the house. Don’t starve yourself. If you want to go outside to eat, you can do it. Call me if there’s any problem.”


“Also…” He adds, “Don’t open the door for strangers.”

Sang Zhi nods.

After a while, Sang Yan leaves.

The cartoon on the television has ended. Sang Zhi feels bored. She throws away her potato chips and switches off the television. She goes to the restroom and washes her hands.

Sang Zhi thinks of the words “roommates”. Sang Zhi’s heart feels like it’s poked lightly.

She takes out a cold water out of the fridge and drinks it.

Sang Zhi returns to her bedroom.

This time Yan Zhen Ru calls her: “Sang Zhi!”

Sang Zhi: “What is it?”

“Next week is Fu Zheng Chu’s birthday.” Yan Zhen Ru says. “They said they will go to karaoke together, he asked whether you will go.”

“What day will it be?”


“Oh.” Sang Zhi says: “Let’s see by that time.”

“You don’t plan to prepare any present for Fu Zheng Chu?”

“I need to prepare present?” Sang Zhi thinks about it. “Then I have no time.”

“……..” Yan Zhen Ru is speechless. “But it might not necessary. But it’s someone birthday. We should prepare one. If not it’ll be too awkward.”

“I also think so.” Sang Zhi says it seriously: “So I’ll not go.”

“But you cannot mind this, I can prepare it and later on we say that it is from both of us.”

Sang Zhi pulls out one of her comic out of the bookshelves. “Let’s talk later, don’t you go to your tutorial?”

“Ah!” Yan Zhen Ru turns panic, “I forget about it! Ok I’ll leave now!”

She then hangs up.

Sang Zhi lays down on her stomach on her bed. She opens up her contact lists and looks at “Duan XX” phone number. She is hesitating to message him.

What should her message be?

Happy holiday?

But recently it seems only one festival day has passed. The Army Day (August 1).

Then should I write —- Belated happy Army Day!


It’s too weird.

Perhaps I should pretend to send it by mistake.

But it looks too fake.

If not should she call Sang Yan and say that she wants to go look for him? Maybe she can meet him.

Sang Zhi throws away her phone. She starts to read her comic while thinking about it. After a while, she throws away her comic and hides inside her blanket. She starts to make preparation to have an afternoon nap.

Why should they meet?

What is so good about meeting him, he always plays with his phone. Moreover he is older quite a lot than her. There is a generation gap between them when they are talking.

It’s better to have a sleep at home.


He is older.

Sang Zhi gets up and drinks several gulps of water. She tries to calm herself down. Then she lays down back on the bed with satisfaction. She watches the ceiling and suddenly starts to lull herself to sleep. “This is nothing.”

“He just looks handsome. When there’s a handsome man on the street, everyone will take a look. When there is a handsome dog on the street too, a lot of people will want to stroke it.”

The atmosphere turns serious.

Sang Zhi releases her breath and continues to lull herself to sleep. “It’s nothing, I will meet someone more handsome that meet me feel this way too.”

“Like now I never meet him again, but also don’t long so much too meet him.” Sang Zhi nods, she continues to brainwash herself. “This shows that this kind of feeling is very sham.”

Her mood starts to calm down, she continues to read her comic.

Without her knowing, she just dozes off.

After a while, her phone rings again.

It rings for several ten seconds and Sang Zhi just wakes up. She opens up her sleepy eyes and looks at the ceiling at loss. She then takes her phone and presses “reject”.

Then the phone rings again.

Sang Zhi just stays staring at the ceiling for a while. The time it rings for the third time, finally she answers the phone. “Hello?”

Sang Yan sounds impatient. “What are you doing? Why it takes you so long to answer my call?”

“I was sleeping.” Sang Zhi is also unhappy. “I hung up once, you shouldn’t call me again.”

Sang Yan snorts: “If I don’t call you, and let you report me? Hurry up get up. I will go have a dinner with my friends. Do you want to join us or do you want me to bring home takeaway for you?”

Before Sang Zhi answers.

Another person says on the background. “Ay, Duan Jia Xu seems to be a private tutor nearby here. Should I call him to join us?”

Sang Yan: “Up to you.”

“Then I’ll call him.”

Sang Zhi pursues her lips and says lowly: “I’ll go with you.”

Sang Yan: “Are you sure?”

“Em.” Sang Zhi gets up and tries to think of a reasonable reason;. “I’m so hungry. If you bring takeaways home for me, then it’ll be too late.”

“Okay, change your clothes.” Sang Zhi says: “Come down when I give you a call again.”

The call ends. Sang Zhi goes to her wardrobe and looks at the clothes. She changes into a dress. She then goes to the bathroom to wash her face. Just in time, Sang Yan calls her again. She quickly wears her shoes and comes out.

She gets into the elevator.

She doesn’t know what happened to her, she feels her whole body is unwell.

Especially her belly.

Sang Zhi feels that might be she has a stomachache. She is a bit regretting that she doesn’t go to the toilet.

She goes out of the building and recognizes Sang Yan’s car immediately. Sang Yan is sitting on the driver seat and beside him, there’s a chubby man.

Sang Yan comes over and gets on the backseat.

The man, who is sitting on the front passenger seat, greets her. “Xiao Mei Mei (Little sister), do you still remember me?”

He is Sang Yan’s friend, Qian Fei.

Sang Zhi nods.

Sang Yan turns her head once to look at Sang Zhi: “Buckle up.”

After Sang Zhi buckles up, Sang Yan starts to drive.

Because she goes with Sang Yan, Sang Zhi doesn’t bring anything besides her phone. She looks at her phone and looks the window. She asks: “Where are we going now?”

Qian Fei: “We will pick up another Ge Ge.”

Sang Zhi nods and says nothing.

Sang Yan looks at Qian Fei. “Give him a call and ask where he is now.”

“He said that just at the east of the Dong Guang Chang–” Qian Fei points at the faraway place. “Ay, I think there he is.”

The car stops. Sang Zhi watches Duan Jia Xu approaches the car and opens the car. He sits down beside her. She consciously lowers her head and looks at other place.

Qian Fei murmurs in a low voice. “Are you working as private tutor for high school student?”

Duan Jia Xu replies lazily and says nothing.

Sang Zhi observes him secretly.

He looks tired. He leans back on his seat and closes his eyes.

After a while, Duan Jia Xu suddenly raises up his head and looks at her.

He seems to notice that she is watching him.

She is taken by surprise.

Sang Zhi clutches her skirt. She feels if she dodges his gaze, it will make her look guilty. So she looks at him on the eyes for several seconds. Then she lowers her head and pretends to look at her phone calmly. She pretends like nothing is happened.

Looking at this makes Duan Jia Xu feels interested. He doesn’t know what provokes this little girl. He sits up straight and laughs lightly. He asks: “Xiao Hai, why aren’t you greeting me?”

Sang Zhi looks at him and says obediently. “Ge Ge.”

Qian Fei also looks back and looks unhappy too. “Ay, why weren’t you calling me before?”

Sang Zhi pauses and says again: “Ge Ge, hao (Hi).”

Duan Jia Xu seems to not hear what Qian Fei said. He suddenly asks: “Ge Ge, hao shen me (What is good about Ge GE?)?”

Sang Zhi is is confused. “Just Ge Ge, hao ah.”

Hearing this makes Duan Jia Xu laughs loudly. This time he repeats it again: Ge Ge, hao shuai ah?” (Ge Ge is handsome?)


“No wonder —” Duan Jia Xu suddenly moves closer to Sang Zhi, he raises his eyebrows and says: “the time you meet me, you blush.”


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