Secretly, Secretly; But Unable to Hide it (偷偷藏不住) by Zhu Yi (竹已)~ Chapter 7

Sang Yan tries to calm down, he suddenly turns off the faucet and turns his body. He sprays his wet water to Sang Zhi’s face. “I’ll give you two choices. Go and watch your stupid cartoon, or you stay here and let me beat you.”

“Why are you angry?” Sang Zhi wipes the water from her face and frowns: “he condemned me not you.”

Sang Zhi puts the rice into the rice cooker and doesn’t even look at her. “The door is there.”

Sang Zhi doesn’t move and says seriously: “Anyway don’t say to anyone that I look like you.”

He sneers at her: “Who will want to do it.”

He says it and then Sang Yan pinches her face. Then he takes the bowl of strawberries from her and goes out of the kitchen.

Sang Zhi strokes her face and notices the bowl has gone from her hold. She opens her eyes big and doesn’t dare to believe. She asks: “Why are you snatching my thing?”

“Is this yours?” Sang Yan takes one strawberry and bites it. “Do you use your money to buy it?”

Sang Zhi wants to take it back: “I took it from the fridge.”

Sang Yan holds the bowl high: “Then it’s the fridge’s.

Sang Zhi tries hard to reach it by raising her hand high. “But I was the one that took it out so it’s mine.”

“According to your reason, then now I get it, it’s mine.”


They are refusing to budge for a while.

The time Sang Yan eats his fifth strawberry, his phone on the pocket rings. He glances at her and lowers down the bowl of strawberries. He uses one of his hand to take out his phone.

Sang Zhi takes this opportunity to jump and takes the bowl back.

Sang Yan snorts lowly and answers the phone. “What?”

Sang Zhi cannot hear what the caller said.

“I am home. Today in our dorm, there’s a check up for electrical equipment right? I come home to avoid it.” He pauses for a while and says: “Don’t mention it, I’m quite regretting to come home.”

Sang Zhi goes back to watch her cartoon and ignores him.

Sang Yan says lazily: “Nothing, I’m just out of luck.”

Sang Zhi takes the remote control and raises the volume of the TV.

Sang Yan is unaffected and just says calmly: “Qian Fei is going home today. Ask Duan Jia Xu whether he will go home or not. But he might not be at school.”

Hearing the unheard name for a long time, Sang Zhi looks at Sang Yan and picks on the remote. She is worried to be notice by Sang Yan so she quickly lowers her head.

She lowers the volume.

An indescribable feeling is clouded her heart. She feels her mind is going blank, she has trouble breathing. Her attention is on Sang Yan.

“How many times have you forget about your key?” Sang Yan says. “A Yi definitely will not give it to you, but you can go to her and get scold.”

Afterwards he then speaks of Duan Jia Xu again.

Sang Zhi is thinking of Sang Yan’s words.

— Dragon Festival Holiday, he doesn’t go back home, but he also doesn’t be at school.

If it’s the case, supposedly he has a girlfriend then.

Someone in his age should have one.

He should have one.

Anyway it’s all unrelated to her.

So what if he has one.

What is so great about that?

She thinks about it and her mind starts to be even confused. Suddenly the bowl on her hold falls down and creates a great noise.

Sang Yan just hangs up his phone and notices his Mei Mei’s carelessness. He looks at her an says: “How could you be so indignant by watching a cartoon?”

Sang Zhi turns off the television.

Sang Yan sighs: “Is the happy sheep caught by the big bad wolf?”

Sang Zhi finally refutes: “I am not watching that thing.”

Sang Yan also feels uninterested, he finishes his bottle of water and reminds her. “If you still want to watch, lower down the volume. I’m going to sleep.”

“Ge Ge.” San Zhi suddenly calls after her.


Sang Zhi scratches her scalp and hesitates. She then speaks up: “in the dorm, is it only you that have no girlfriend?”

“….” Sang Yan looks at her for two seconds and suddenly laughs: “Xiao Gui (Little ghost), recently how you seem to be so worried about me?”

Sang Zhi is a bit diffident. “I am just asking.”

“Pa Ma asked you to ask me about it?”

“I am just worried about you okay?” Sang Zhi whispers. “I heard from Mama, recently Chen Nai Nai wants to take her youngest daughter for a blind date. If you have no girlfriend then you can go there.”

“…..” Sang Yan pauses. “Chen Nai Nai’s youngest daughter?”

“Yes ah.”

“Isn’t she forty years old?”

Sang Zhi blinks. “So what, with your situation, you shouldn’t be that picky right?”

“…..” Sang Yan really wants to swear bad words

But he is worried this young girl will learn it and fight him with it.

“I don’t need your concern.” Sang Yan is so angry and approaches her. He uses the empty bottle to beat her head. “You know why my roommates also have no girlfriend?”

Sang Zhi is silent.

“Because they are lining up to get me.” Sang Yan says. “So because of it, I go home to avoid it. Understand?”

Sang Zhi looks at him, this time she doesn’t refute. She just nods silently.

She watches the unhappy Sang Yan throws away the bottle to the bin and goes to his own room. He turns his head and adds. “Because I am straight.”

Sang Zhi nods.

She doesn’t listen to his other words.

But she hears clearly.

— No girlfriend.

During the dinner, Sang Yan is eating and suddenly remembers about something. “Oh right, Pa, the time I finished my exam I’ll move out of the campus to the main campus, could you borrow me your car?”

Sang Rong nods. “Do you have a lots of things? Do you need to call the moving company?”

Sang Yan: “No need, I am to lazy to get on the school bus?”

Li Ping asks: “Main campus? Isn’t it near Zhi Zhi’s school?”

Sang Yan : “Em.”

Sang Rong: “Then if you have time you could pick up your Mei after her classes over.”

“…… I need to go to the class and need to take care of the little kid.”

Sang Zhi says: “I don’t need him to pick me up.”

“It’s better that way.” Sang Yan snorts and looks at Sang Rong. “It should be by the end of the month. Let me borrow your Toyota one. It’s much bigger. I also can help my roommates to move out.”

Sang Rong: “You can have anything but don’t mistreat and bully your sister.”

Sang Zhi also follows her father: “You can do anything but don’t bully me.”

“…..” Sang Yan calms himself: “Okay.”

She then realizes that he is saying “roommates”, Sang Zhi is expecting it. She hesitates for a while and asks. “Ge Ge, which one of your roommates will you help?”

Sang Yan: “Why are you asking?”

Sang Zhi just acts calm: “I just want to help you to move out.”

“………..” Sang Yan stops eating and thinks that he should hear it wrongly. He starts to doubt her. “You want to help me move out?”

Sang Zhi: “Right.”

Sang Zhi doesn’t know what her intention, he just reminds her. “You need to go to school.”

“Isn’t it in the weekend? I also finish school around 04:20 p.m. ” Sang Zhi says. “After the school ends, I can come over and helps you ah. Anyway you will not finish early too.”

Sang Yan: “But what a coincidence, before 04:20 p.m, I’ll be done.”

He clearly refuses her help.

Sang Zhi looks at him and pursues her lips. She says nothing else.

Sang Rong suddenly speaks up. “Your Mei just wants to help you, why are you acting that way? She doesn’t mean anything bad.”

Sang Yan is helpless. “I don’t mean it. But the things will be heavy, how could she move it? I just want to avoid her to be hurt. I also will busy, how can I have time to care for her.”

Sang Rong: “Then just let your Mei watches you move it.”

Sang Yan: “…….”

He sighs and looks at Sang Zhi, he says: “Okay, up to you.”

Sang Zhi immediately turns happy when she gets a firm answer. She smiles happily: “Okay, then that time I’ll come over and watch Ge Ge moves out.”



Actually even Sang Zhi herself, doesn’t understand why she does it.

She doesn’t know why should she probe out whether Duan Jia Xu has a girlfriend or not. She doesn’t know too why she suggest that she wants to help Sang Yan to move out.

It’s a lot of signs and clues but maybe Sang Zhi is unwilling to admit it.

She just misses that person.

Or perhaps it’s a first awakening of love for a young girl her age, she cannot control her feeling.

She wants to let it free.

But she doesn’t dare so she just secretly presses it down at the bottom of her heart.

She hides it in unknown place so no one will know.

Sang Yan moves out on the Wednesday.

The bell rings, Sang Zhi immediately puts on her backpack and runs out. She even doesn’t greet anyone and it confuses Yan Zhen Ru.

Perhaps because it is the main campus, a lot of people are there.

Sang Zhi knows about Nan Wu University main campus as she passes it everyday she comes home. Moreover, Xu Ri school area is small so the sport department of the school borrowed their sport ground. For the art or performance, they usually will also borrow the place of Nan Wu University.

This makes a lot of people said Xu Ri middle school as “the attached middle school of Nan Wu University”.

Sang Zhi walks toward the front gate of Nan Wu university and stops. She gives a call to Sang Yan.

But Sang Yan completely forgets about her coming to help. The time Sang Yan answers the call, he is startled for a while. “Oh no, you are really coming?”

Sang Zhi says innocently: “I am at the front gate.”

“……” Sang Yan says, “In the front gate.”


“Now I have no time to pick you up, you can get in and turn right. Then walk straight. You will see a staircase, then go up. You just go to the building 9 fifth floor 525.” Sang Yan says: “If you are not sure, you can someone around for direction. Ask them about the male dorm building 9. Understand?”

Sang Zhi just says obediently: “Okay.”

Sang Zhi hangs up and follows the direction from Sang Yan.

Nan Wu University has a lot of departments.

Today a lot of family members of the students also come over to help. So on the way, Sang Zhi notices a lot of older people or younger people around age walk around

She walks around ten minutes.

Sang Zhi notices a wide staircase, she gets on the stairs and notices a spacious empty area. There are several buses around. There’re lots of cars too.

She looks around and the time she is about to call Sang Yan, she suddenly notices Sang Rong’s car stops near by.

Sang Zhi puts down her phone and comes over.

There’s no one in the car. She notices the trunk is open. There’s a pile of books and a very ugly doll.

She thinks that she will go up too, she thinks of helping to take these two things too. Sang Zhi hesitates and takes the doll and books. She plans to take the books too.

She hasn’t finished to pack up suddenly she notices a silhouette like someone is standing behind her, it blocks the sunlight from her.

She looks down and notices that person is wearing a black short-sleeve shirt.

She looks up. She watches his adam apple, chin, lips then his eyes.

Duan Jia Xu looks at the doll on her hold. Then he bends down his body and looks at her eyes. He smiles. “Where is the little thief come from?”

He moves closer to her.

Sang Zhi’s expression turns stiff and doesn’t know what should she say.

Then Duan Jia Xu points at her hands, he raises his eyebrows. “Why are you only stealing Ge Ge’s things?”

Then he pauses for several seconds.

He says causally:”Do you like me?”


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