Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 380

At night.

Dou Weir and Jing Suo Suo stays for the night to accompany Ye Qing Xin at Yan family residence. As Old Madame Yan’s only adult descendants, she should keep vigil beside the coffin for her. But Jing Bo Yuan feels distressed for her so he only lets her to watch over the coffin till twelve o’clock, then he just persuades her to go back to the room and have a rest.

Just like previous time, Jing Bo Yuan replaces Ye Qing Xin to keep vigil beside the coffin.

After six days, a lot of people come to offer their condolences to the family. Old Mister Yan and Ye Qing Xin are standing on the side and hears a lot of “take care” words and comforting words.

Wreath, basket of flowers, large elegiac scroll as well the gift money made for the funeral are filling the hall.

The seventh day, the procession of the funeral is held.

Ye Qing Xin watches Old Madame Yan’s coffin is pushed inside the cremator machine. She suddenly realizes clearly that she loses another relative. She is in Jing Bo Yuan’s embrace. He gives her warmth and safety feeling.

Afterwards, friends and relatives start to bow down and leave.

After everything is done, they return to Yan family residence. Everything looks the same, the maids are cleaning up and tidying up.

Except that person is gone.

For the administration process, Jing Bo Yuan needs to handle it so he asks Dou Weir and Jing Suo Suo to accompany Ye Qing Xin.

Dou Weir, who always wears make up, these days she styles herself in simple manner and wears simple dress.

These days she keeps on getting a call.

Now her phone rings again, she answers and waits for the caller to finish his words. She is impatient. “These days I’ve something important. Just postpone all the activities. Okay, it’s useless to persuade me. I’m busy.”

She hangs up.

Ye Qing Xin says to her. “If you have matters to do, just do it. I have nothing to do to.”

“I don’t care. Those people are good at exploiting. If I am to easy to be persuaded than they will take everything. We cannot let him bully me.”

“It’s been a while since I have a rest so just think of it as I give myself a time to rest. I will stay and accompany you.”

JIng Suo Suo is dozing off on the sofa. These days she hasn’t slept well. In the morning, she accompanies Ye Qing Xin, at night she is busy with her thesis.

“Go back to the bedroom and have a rest.” Ye Qing Xin pats Jing Suo Suo’s knee.

Jing Suo Suo wakes up and is surprised. “No, My Ge asked me to accompany me. My Ge believes that I will do what he asked so I cannot let him be disappointed.”

Then she yawns again.

Ye Qing Xin doesn’t have energy to persuade her so she lets her be.

It’s almost 05:00 p.m., Jing Bo Yuan is done with everything and arrives back at Yan family residence. Dou Weir and JIng Suo Suo leave the room and let both of them chat.

Old Mister Yan also returns to his own bedroom and sleeps. These days he has a hard time.

Ye Qing Xin just stays inside Jing Bo Yuan’s embrace and says nothing else.

At the dinner time, Ye Qing Xin just eats few bites. She has a shower and lays down on the bed. She cannot sleep.

The kids are at Nan Shan mansion. Three nannies, Old Madame Jing and He Shu E are taking care of them. Ye Qing Xin is not worried about the triplet. She and Jing Bo Yuan stay here because they don’t want the house be so empty and they don’t want to let Old Mister Yan be alone in his hard time.

“Bo Yuan, in the future the time we reach this day, our sons will be so sad too right?”

“Though I am also sad, but I hope that in the future our sons will not be sad. Everyone will die….”

Jing Bo Yuan says nothing and just holds her.

These days he is so busy. Ye Qing Xin knows that he should be tired. She hugs his waist and buries her face on his chest. She listens to his heartbeat and closes her eyes to sleep.

Dou Weir stays with Ye Qing Xin at Yan family residence for three days. The fourth day she leaves. Jing Suo Suo has left on the third day.

After half a month, Ye Qing Xin suggests Old Mister Yan to move to Nan Shan mansion to stay with her family. He is alone here at Yan family residence. Ye Qing Xin is worried about him, she doesn’t want to live here alone and be lonely.

Old Mister Yan refuses, he says that he wants to stay. He feels that Old Madame Yan is still here.

Ye Qing Xin tries to persuade him few times but Old Mister Yan doesn’t yield. Ye Qing Xin is helpless so she asks those who take care of Old Mister Yan to call her if anything happens.

On the way back to Nan Shan Mansion, she feels the time has passed without her realizing.

It’s the beginning of June, the triplet has grown a lot. They are ten months old now. In the garden, Old Madame Jing and He Shu E are holding Nian Nian and Zhao Zhao’s hand. They let the little guys to exercise their steps. Mu Mu is holding part of rattan chair, he is watching at the little guys.

Nian Nian and Zhao Zhao looks at Ye Qing Xin. They are striving to be the first and fearing to be last. They start to step quickly to walk toward her. Their steps are impatient like they are afraid to be left behind.

This period of separation doesn’t make them feel estranged toward Ye Qing Xin.

Ye Qing Xin kneels down and extends her hands wide to welcome them.

The soft bodies of her sons enter her embrace. Ye Qing Xin hugs them and her tears just fall down.

Her relatives leave her one by one but at the same time, the new one also comes.

“The past has passed, you should look forward.” Old Madame Jing knows that Ye Qing Xin should be thinking of Old Madame Yan. She sighs.

Zhao Zhao looks at Ye Qing Xin’s tears, he takes his chubby hand and wipes it out. Nian Nian watches Zhao Zhao’s action and follows him.

Mu Mu is standing near the rattan chair and watches that moment. He is silent. He Shu notices that he also wants to join them. She comes over and asks him. “Mu Mu, do you want to go to Mama’s side?”

Mu Mu looks at He Shu E and says with his baby voice: “ah”.

Mu Mu really looks like little Jing Bo Yuan, his eyes and nose are exact copies from Jing Bo Yuan. His temper is similar to Jing Bo Yuan, he is quite. He Shu E holds Mu Mu’s small hand and takes him to Ye Qing Xin.

The time he has reached Ye Qing Xin’s side, Mu Mu hugs Ye Qing Xin and says a word like “Mama”. Then he also wipes Ye Qing Xin’s tears.

Three little guys’ caring action warms up Ye Qing Xin’s heart. She holds three of them.

Jing Bo Yuan is standing beside his car and watches his wife and sons.

He Shu E walks to his side. Jing Bo Yuan looks at her. Though they are in more good term right now but there is a gap between them.

“Is there any problem?” Jing Bo Yuan asks with disaffection.

He Shu E doesn’t look at him. She looks at the wild flower in the garden.

“Your father wants to reconcile with me. I never agree to it. The matter that happened sixteen years ago makes your father, you, me, and he, a great pain….”

He Shu E stops, she feels something is blocking her throat.

Su Mu Cheng is dead. She doesn’t know the reason of her self-suicide. But she knows it should be related to her.

Jing Bo Yuan just plays with his car key.

It’s a silence and says: “People’s life is brief.”

His sentence has no beginning or the end, He Shu E is startled for a while and just understands his meaning.

People’s life is brief so don’t waste too much or mind too much thing. For what you want to do, do it as soon as possible.

He Shu E’s eyes turn teary. “You don’t mind?”

Jing Bo Yuan watches his sons’ learning how to walk and says: “Even if he doesn’t mind, what is my position to mind it.”


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