Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 368

Wen Ren Xi could feel his breath on her neck, she feels uncomfortable. “No!” She just denies it.

“Really?” Jing Yi’s lips get close to hers, he seems to want kiss her but he purposely want to torment her. “Since you still love me, don’t cover it up. Don’t worry, there wouldn’t be next time.”

Jing Yi kisses Wen Ren Xi’s lips. “I’ll not disappoint you again.”

He kisses him deeply, Wen Ren Xi doesn’t refuse him. She even hugs his neck.

This is the last time.

She says to herself. He said that he will forget Su Mei and will only love her. Giving him another chance also means giving herself another chance.

She still loves him.

She remembers a sentence from a book. “Love will make a person be humble, it also will change person’s principle.”

Loving someone will make you from time to time to lower down your baseline.

Till you change to have no limit.

A lot of people are unable to preserve their cool-hearted and rational when facing love, especially women.

Wen Ren Xi has prepared her own mentality, she wants to let go the past. She is immersed in the kissing.

She believes his words.

So Jing Yi, you need to forget Su Mei soon. Only love me. I’ll wait for you. Just for a while.

That time Wen Ren Xi, never expects that he will disappoint her big time. It’s too disappointing that it might costs her and her son’s life.

If she can choose again, she rather not wait for him.

On the other bedroom.

Old Madame Wen Ren is examined her new phoenix blood stone bracelet. The white jade with red mark is really beautiful and exquisite.

“This jade is a great jade.” Old Madame Wen Ren loves it so much. She has known about the beauty of phoenix blood stone but she never sees the real one.

She knows that this should be a real one based on her knowledge of jade.

“I think Xiao Jing is great. Really great…” Old Mister Wen Ren is holding his ink.

Old Madame Wen Ren turns to look at Old Mister Wen Ren. She is furious: “A mere ink can bribe you, you are too weak.”

“Weren’t you the same? That time your eyes also turned big? You are so shameless to talk about me.” Old Mister Wen Ren is unhappy, he snorts like a little kid.

Old Madame Wen Ren chokes, she takes off the bracelet and puts it inside her cupboard. She sighs and says: “It seems that this lifetime our Xiao Xi’s heart will be on Jing Lao Er. Today I saw how he took care of Xiao Xi, he was quite careful and attentive. I hope that he will keep on acting that way.”

“Anyhow he can be faithful for a woman for twenty years, now he also can sincerely act toward Xiao Xi, I think it’s great.” Old Mister Wen Ren doesn’t have any grudge toward Jing Yi. His cold attitude previously was forced by Old Madame Wen Ren.

Old Madame Wen Ren just sighs for a short moment and sleeps again.

The next day.

The time Old Madame Wen Ren sees how Wen Ren Xi’s face turns positive, she knows that she cannot change Wen Ren Xi’s decision to be with Jing Yi anymore.

Jing Yi does his role as son-in-law well. He knows his position and status clearly. He pours a cup of tea for Old Madame Wen Ren and acts humbly and full of respect.

He is a government official. In daily life, he is someone with a high position, but now he is willing to let his position down and serves the elders.

In the afternoon, when Old Madame Wen Ren sends both of them out. She stays still and watches the car leaves. She sighs. Just let it be, younger generations will do all right on their own. She will not mind and she doesn’t want to mind it anymore.

Jing Yi is a Zong Chang. Every time he goes anywhere, there’re people that following him to guard him. They usually hides well so common people will not notice.

“Xi Fan….” Wen Ren Xi thinks of the cat, who she has abandoned for three months. That time she acted ruthless to break her heart. She wanted to draw a clear line between her and Jing Yi.

Since the beginning she knows that Xi Fan is the cat Su Mei left. She cares and raises him just for having chance to get close to Jing Yi.

Every time Jing Yi took a leave, he would come over to her store to visit Xi Fan. That she just wanted to have a chat him. Though it might be just random chats.

She raised Xi Fan for twenty years, she used to her companion. She has become her family.

“Could I take her to the mansion?”

“Yes.” Jing Yi drives to their original wedding house. He thinks that now they are reconciled, they can move back in. Wen Ren Xi mentioned this last night, but Jing Yi refuses.

These days, the situation isn’t very calm. According to a reliable information, there’s an instigation of rebellion within the enemy camp. Those people seems to want to attack someone. Jing Yi hasn’t get the clear information and he hasn’t investigated it throughly but he might be also a possible target.

So as Jing Yi’s pregnant wife, Wen Ren Xi might also turns to be a possible target.

Sometimes they might not aim to kill the person directly, but they might kill the one that is closely-related to get greater strike.

Jing Yi has employed a person that can raise cat to take care of Xi Fan.

Wen Ren Xi just gets into the house and Xi Fan walks leisurely toward her. She stops and just stands a meter away from Wen Ren Xi. She calls after her.

Her fur isn’t as smooth as before, her body is not as fat as before too.

“How can she change a lot?” Wen Ren Xi comes over to stroke her head, but who knows Xi Fan takes a step back and doesn’t let her to touch her head.

“Xi Fan?” Wen Ren Xi is confused for a while and she quickly guesses: “Are you blaming me to abandon you alone?”

“Miao–” Xi Fan says.

“I’m sorry. It’s my fault.” Wen Ren Xi comes forward again.

“Miao–” Xi Fan retreats again.

The maid notices Wen Ren Xi’s pregnant belly. She smiles and reminds her: “Fu Ren (Madame) is pregnant, it’s better for you to not getting close to a cat. A cat can have a parasite, it’s bad if it’s infect the baby. Perhaps Xi Fan does this for you, she is thinking of you. A cat is smart, moreover a twenty years old cat, she should be even smarter.”

“Really?” Wen Ren Xi just remembers that Xi Fan doesn’t let her to touch her starting the time she noticed that she is pregnant. It’s been a long time since Xi Fan let her holds her. Perhaps Xi Fan had realized that she is pregnant earlier than her. She is afraid to influence the baby, so she refuses to be touched?

Can a cat be this smart?


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