Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 333

At night around 11:30 p.m., in WeiBo, there’s an account that posts her own experience as an assistant of Ly brand. She recounts her experience as she was forced to sleep with other.

Ly has a great reputation. Their target market is eighteen to thirty eight years old. It’s a brand for younger people. The post receives a great attention and controversy.

Within two hours, there are around hundred thousand comments about it.

[For doing business you sacrifice beautiful women, Isn’t all big company do that kind of thing? If you don’t want to do it, just resign, okay? You are not resigning and just cry, you want to show everyone that you are prostitutes?]

[You want to be popular right now? This all well-known information, now you want to show the world? Xiao Jie Jie, you should remake the story, if not Ge Ge will help you to make even interested one?”]

There are two main streams, ones that believe it and the other ones don’t believe it.

The next day morning, Gu Qiao’s scandals have became the headlines of every news.

The media uses word that can lead. Gu Qiao turns to be the well-known high position that uses unfair means to gain benefit.

After the news, the trend in WeiBo has changed.

[Wow, so it’s true. I really sympathize with you. This boss is really cruel!]

[I also want to apply for job at Jing Yan. Dammit, who will to go and work over there? Ge Ge is handsome, will they force Ge Ge to accompany old rich woman?”]

[Jing Yan isn’t the tenth most powerful company? How can they earn money by forcing those women!]

[Gu should be punished severely. Does she think that it’s easy for us to find work? She simply doesn’t think about us!]

This time with just half a day time, all the newspapers are sold out.

In the afternoon around 01:00 p.m., a forum posts another revelation about Gu Qiao. It is written that Gu Qiao is woman that likes to be jealous with other girls. Except forcing women to sleep with others, she also planned to harm her own god-younger sister by let someone kidnap her god-younger brother.

It creates a great sensation.

At 03:30 p.m, there are two short video spread round. It’s about Song Yu Ning telling a story how Gu Qiao forced her to drug the eighty years old Old Madame Yan. Also about Ma Yi Ya telling story about how Gu Qiao planned to let him introduce Ye Qing Guo to a pervert rich old man that led Ye Qing Guo being kidnapped.

It aggravates the current situation.

Ye Qing Guo’s fans are so furious.

<<Sheng Sheng>> movie is well-received among the netizens. His Weibo account’s followers has raised. Huang Sheng studio uses his account and posts: “Xiao Ge Ge is very innocent, he is like a little kid. It’s really hard to imagine that in this world there’s a wicked woman that has heart to harm that kind of innocent boy. It’s lucky that Xiao Ge Ge just experienced a minor injury. All of the fans no need to be worry. Wait till the Xiao Ge Ge is better, he will definitely meet you.”

The fans are seething in anger. They all call her names.

[Sl*t! Sl*t! Sl*t! She unexpectedly harm my husband, I curse to be knocked down and killed with a car!]

[In this world, how can there is a malicious woman? It’s lucky that Xiao Ge Ge is okay, if not even the Gu is dead, I will also whip her off.]

[Get rid off her, get rid off her]





A lot of Ye Qing Guo’s fans call Ye Qing Guo as Xiao Ge Ge so Huan Sheng studio immediately uses that as Ye Qing Guo’s nickname.

The fans don’t know why Gu Qiao wants to harm Ye Qing Guo, they also don’t go to understand it. They just think who dares to harm their handsome and pure Lao Gong? The fans just immediately attack Gu Qiao’s WeiBo account. They post the bad comments to all Gu Qiao’s past posts.

‘Gu Qiao forced staff to trade s*x for favorable treatment’, ‘Gu Qiao harmed Xiao Ge Ge’, ‘Gu Qiao drugged Nai Nai’. Those become the hot topic.

Following Gu Qiao, ‘Jing Yan group’ and ‘ly’ become the hot topic of discussion too.

Ye Qing Xin reads the newspaper in August 21 08:00 a.m. That time she just finishes breastfeeding her kids. Then she sleeps again and wakes around eight o’clock. Jing Bo Yuan has left to go to Bo Wei.

She gets up and gets ready. She goes downstair and sees the nannies are holding each baby, they stroll around the living room. Old Madame Jing and Old Madame Sheng are reading the newspaper while sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Ye Qing Xin comes over and looks for Old Madame Yan. “Wai Po is still sleeping?”

Old Madame Jing looks at her and answers. “She…. she still feels heartbroken. I had Li Da to send the breakfast to her room. I don’t know whether she eats it or not. You should eat first then go to her room. You should comfort her.”

Luckily their Xin Xin is not crafty like Gu Qiao.

Ye Qing Xin glances at the newspaper on Old Madame Jing’s hold.

[ It’s making people’s hair stand up in anger: One of Jing Yan group’s Chief forced female workers to offer their body!]

Ye Qing Xin looks at the other newspaper on the coffee table, it shows the same news but different wording.

“Qiao Qiao this kid, ay…..” Yesterday Old Madame Jing still praised her, but now she sighs with disappointment.

Ye Qing Xin eats her breakfast and goes into Old Madame Yan’s room.

The old lady is laying down on the bed. Ye Qing Xin notices her pillow is wet of tear.

Wang Li Da is holding a bowl and comforting her on the bedside. Old Madame Yan doesn’t move, she just blinks. She looks so heartbroken and sad.

Ye Qing Xin comes over and Wang Li Da stands up. “Tai Tai, look….”

Ye Qing Xin takes the bowl and chopsticks from Wang LI Da. She smiles to her and says: “Let me do it, you can go and have a rest for a while.”

Wang Li Da goes up, Ye Qing Xin puts down the bowl and chopsticks. She takes tissue and sits down on the bedside. She wipes Old Madame Yan’s tears lovingly.

Ye Qing Xin also holds Old Madame Yan’s hand.

“Wai Po, I know that you are so sad. You are so heartbroken that the kid that you raised alone want to harm you though she used to be the closest one to you. But Wai Po, you still have me. You act like this, you don’t want to eat or drink. I feel sorry for you. Could it be you want to let me worry and sad just because an outsider that harbors evil intentions?”

“Do you know? Before I was ten years old, I had a complete family. I had Mama that loves me. Though Papa wasn’t very good to me but he never hit or scold me. I also had Wai Gong Wai Po that love me. That time Wai Gong and Wai Po were very poor, there’s a long time for us to be unable to eat meat. Every time they could buy meat, they would cook it and sent it over to our house.”

‘Xiao Guo loves to eat meat. Every time he knew Wai Po was coming over, he would rush over to take the meat. Wai Po would find various excuse to let him go to the garden. She would give me the first bite first.”

“The time I turned ten years old, Papa abandoned us. Wai Gong knew about this, he was so furious and just passed away. Wai Po was so heartbroken that she fainted on the snowy ground. She just passed away that time. My Mama fell ill and never got better. No matter how I call after her, she ignored me. That time I was still young, I just stood by her side and cried and cried. I was so afraid, really terrified.”

“Afterwards Xiao Guo pulled my sleeve and said to me, Jie Jie I am hungry…”

“I couldn’t do anything. I just cooked as the time I saw my mama cooked. I cooked for him. We just grew up that way without any relatives’ love and protection. Though it’s difficult, but we grow up well.”

Ye Qing Xin never tells this to anyone beside Jing Bo Yuan. It’s the first time she tells anyone else.

Old Madame Yan’s eyes start to move and look at Ye Qing Xin.

Ye Qing Xin smiles at her. “Since that time everyday I long to return to that time, I had Mama ‘s love and protection, I had Wai Gong and Wai Po’s love. A lot of times I dream of the time Wai Po comes over and give me meat.”

“Wai Po, since the day my mother passed away, I thought I have no other relatives in this world. No matter how far I go, no one will think of me. No one will ask me when will I go home. I never dare to dream that I still have someone that is related to me by blood.”

“I am very happy, I feel joy that you are my Wai Po. I am also grateful that you love me so much just like my Wai Po used to love me.”

Old Madame Yan cries again.

Ye Qing Xin holds Old Madame Yan’s hand tighter. “Wai Po, being reconnected with you makes me feel afraid again. I am terrified that you, Wai Gong, Ye Ye, Nai Nai. You guys will leave me like those people. I want to live forever with you guys but I know that you guys will leave me one day.”

Old Madame Yan holds her hand back. “Stupid kid.”

“So I really wan to cherish everyday and every moment we have now.” Ye Qing Xin smiles . “So you also need to treasure the every day we will be together. Why should we waste the day we can be together for that outsider?”

“We have limited days indeed, we should be happy to live our lives. We should live well. Look you have lay down here for one morning. You’ve wasted your time to see Nian Nian, Zhao Zhao, Mu Mu. Both Nai Nai are strolling around in the garden with three babies. I heard Nai Nai said that these three babies were laughing and happy to do it.”

Old Madame Yan wipes her tears and wants to sit up. Ye Qing Xin helps her.

“Xin Xin is right. Wai Po has limited days. I should cherish my time with you. I shouldn’t waste my time. Hurry up bring the food here. I want to eat it. When I’m done, I will go and play with the three babies.”

Ye Qing Xin touches the bowl, it’s a bit cold: “Wai Po, wait for a while, I’ll reheat it first.”

After that day, Old Madame Yan’s mood starts getting better.

During one month confinement after giving birth, Ye Qing Xin isn’t allowed to browse in the internet. She just knows what happened online a bit late. The kids are awake, Ye Qing Xin breastfeeds them milk and play with them on her bed.

The kids cannot crawl and flip their body yet so they will just stay in place, they will not fall down.

Song Jiu calls her. She is kissing Mu Mu’s little foot.

“That Gu Qiao is too cruel. How can she want to hurt Xiao Guo, is Xiao Guo okay now? He should be very scared right?” Song Jiu asks.

Ye Qing Xin is startled. “How do you know about this matter?”

“Ahyoo, this thing has spread like crazy online. Those fans of Xiao Guo are attacking that Gu!”

“……” Ye Qing Xin has no idea about it.

“Today I also a bit busy. I just have time to browse online. I didn’t expect to find news about Xiao Guo. How can she do that to Xiao Guo? She forced female workers to do something that lowly, she embezzled money, she is jealous with her own relative. How can there is that kind of woman. She is really something else.”

“…” Ye Qing Xin says honestly. “Her relative is me.”

“Your Wai Po?” Song Jiu is shocked. “Your Wai Po had passed away for ten years.”

“I never told you before Jiu Jiu. Now I have a family. That year my Ma picked me home.” You cannot say all of these. Ye Qing Xin doesn’t say anything else, she says: “now I have Wai Gong and Wai Po, Ye Ye and Nai Nai, and Gu Gu and a whole lot others…..”

Though Sheng Wen Qiong and Ye Qing Xin don’t know about it, but they are still related.

“Then what about your Papa Mama?”

“They are not here anymore. The time I was picked, they’ve gone away.”

“Then Gu Qiao…. she should be your god-sister than. It’s awesome. Your family is so great.”

“Jing Yan is theirs.”

Song Jiu: ‘…………”

“Do you know about Sheng group? One of the strongest company in Jing City, it’s my Ye Ye Nai Nai’s.”

Song Jiu: “…..!”

After a long silence, Song Jiu sighs. “Xin Xin, for your experience, you should write a novel about it. It should since you are young, your experience of dating Bo Wei’s boss since you were twenty years old, twenty one years become the wife of Bo Wei’s boss, now you are rich daughter of two great families. Oh my God. Please slap me now, so I know whether it’s a dream or not.”

Ye Qing Xin lets Mu Mu holds her finger. She could feel his strength. She smiles: “Jiu Jiu, you always posses something that I have always long. I was jealous of you, now I feel the same way too.”

“You mean because I have Papa Mama? I also think that they are very great…. but to have Ye Ye, Nai Nai, Wai Gong, Wai Po that great, is even better. Haha…..”

They both chat for a while and the call ends.

Song Jiu puts down her phone.

Song Mu comes inside to give her a glass of milk. She notices her daughter is smiling. She asks: “What are you doing?”

“Nothing.” Song Jiu says, she asks her mother: “Ma, Xin Xin is not Zhou Yi’s biological daughter, do you know about it? Where did Zhou Yi find Xin Xin?”

Song Mu: “What nonsense are you talking about? There’s nothing like that.”

Song Jiu: “How come it’s nothing. Xin Xin told me before on the phone. She has found her own biological Ye Ye, Nan Nai, Wai Gong, and Wai Po. They are rich ones. Now Xin Xin is part of great family of Yan and Sheng. She has a great status now.”

Song Mu is startled.

Song Jiu: “How can I never hear this from you that Xin Xin is not Zhou Yi’s daughter?”

Song Mu smiles and says: “It’s all in perfect condition, why should I mention about it? OK, it’s late. Rest early. You should get up early tomorrow to stock the shop with goods.”

“Ma, in several days I will go to Jing City.” Song Jiu drinks the milk. “Xin Xin’s kids will celebrate their one month soon. I should go. Just in time I also register myself to join a singing competition. They ask me to come for next month competition.

On the other side.

Ye Qing Xin hangs up and starts to browse. She reads about Gu Qiao’s news and those comments that attack Gu Qiao.

This matter should not be that simple, someone is adding fuel to the flames.

Ye Qing Xin thinks about Jing Bo Yuan.

The issues revolve around how Gu Qiao treated Old Madame Yan and Ye Qing Guo. Moreover yesterday Jing Bo Yuan told everything to Old Madame Yan. It’s clear that she did intentionally.

Ye Qing Xin guesses that he did that to prevent Old Madame Yan comes out and protects Gu Qiao. He should feel that it doesn’t need to be hidden as sooner or later Old Madame Yan will know about it.

Yesterday Jing Bo Yuan also asked Wang Li Da to prepare the medicine before hand….

This man is always a considerate one…

If Jing Bo Yuan didn’t say it and Old Madame Yan heard it from other people, there might be something bad happened to her as she has a heart disease.

The three babies fall asleep.

Jing Bo Yuan opens the door and notices his wife and kids.

Ye Qing Xin looks over.

“You are home.” She gets off the bed and runs over. She hugs him and tries to smell him. There’s no alcohol smell. She smiles and says: “Have you eaten your dinner? Tonight Chef Lu cooked eight-treasure rice pudding. It’s very good. I will let Auntie Chi to reheat it again.”

“I just ate.” Jing Bo Yuan hugs her and glances over the bed. “They will sleep here tonight?”

Ye Qing Xin looks at their spacious bed and nods: “Okay.”

Jing Bo Yuan smiles and pinches her cheek lightly: “Tonight be careful, don’t let yourself fall down.”

“Go and have shower. You have a cigarette smoke.”

Wang Yi, one of the nannies, knocks the door. “Xian Sheng, Tai Tai, should we take the three Xiao Shao Ye (Young master) back to the babies’ room?”

“Tonight we will take care of them. You guys can rest.” Jing Bo Yuan answers.

“Okay, Xian Sheng.”

Jing Bo Yuan goes to the bathroom to have a shower. Ye Qing Xin places the kids in a row and and in the middle and covers each one of them with blanket.


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