Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 254

Being separated for eighteen years make the elders feel that they had wasted eighteen years old. So the remaining days are even more precious.

Old Mister Sheng and Old Mister Yan also move to Nan Shan mansion. The time Ye Qing Xin doesn’t go out, she will accompany them.

Old Mister Sheng invites a Great Master (courtesy title used to address a Buddhist monk) to choose a good date to let Ye Qing Xin has a ceremony to pay respect to the ancestor. It will be on 18 April.

Yan family are not so conventional, they just sends an invitation for next week. It is written:

Yan Xiao (Old Mister Yan) and Liu Shu Zhen (Old Madame Yan) invite you to attend the happy occasion of the return of Ye Qing Xin (Wai Sun Nu).

It’s Ye Qing Xin not Sheng Yan Xin. The families are discussing about Ye Qing Xin’s name and decide to not change it.

Every invitation are inlaid with platinum and Ye Qing Xin’s name are inlays with little blue diamond. It looks expensive and elegant.

It shows Ye Qing Xin’s position as part of Yan family.

Everyone, that is famous and has position in Jing City, gets the invitation.

Including Lou Liang Chen.

Yu Qing You looks at the invitation. If she can, she rather not to see it in a life time.

The night the invitation is sent.

Lou Liang Chen just returns home. The time he gets inside the house, Yu Qing You turns mad and wants to attack him.

“Give it to me.” She grabs Lou Liang Chen’s sleeve. “Give me, I beg you.”

Lou Liang Chen pushes her till she falls down.

Yu Qing You doesn’t feel the pain. She walks to the sofa and asks him: “Give it to me.”

She is in pain.

Lou Liang Chen just sits down on the sofa and acts like he is a king. He just watches her silently.

“What should I give you?”

“Number four…” Yu Qing You pulls her hair and says: “I beg you, I beg you. Give me number four. I will obey you. I will obey you for everything. I will not look for Ye Qing Xin, I beg you…”

Heroin number four. It’s hard to stop taking it. It feels like death.

“I beg you. I feel like I’m dying. I beg you to help me.” Yu Qing You kneels down. “Please, I’m in pain, ah—!”

“I’m wrong, I’m wrong, please forgive me. I know that I’m wrong. You can punish me any way you want. Please give me, I’m in pain….”

Lou Liang Chen takes something out from his pocket in slow motion and throws the packet to the ground.

Yu Qing You crawls and picks it up. She takes the lighter on the coffee table to light it and starts to suck it.

Then she shows her satisfied expression.

Lou Liang Chen watches her and starts to smoke.

After a while, Yu Qing You starts to regain herself. She tidies up her hair and looks at Lou Liang Chen.

“You actually…. when did you start to drug me?”

She didn’t know that she is an addict until a day before Ye Qing Xin’s wedding. She brought a knife and wanted to attack her. She didn’t expect that her plan to harm Ye Qing Xin will be fail and she was sent to the detention center. She didn’t harm anyone so she didn’t confess. With the help from her family, she can come out from there.

She thought that she will be okay, but turns out her nightmare started from that day.

She didn’t know why she feels ill. She had no power. She felt like her whole body was bitten by ants.

She was in pain and wanted to die.

Then Lou Liang Chen, like a gentle husband, used the most considerate way to teach her to take drugs. Then she understands that she is an addict now.

“When did it happen? Why did you do this? Why?”

She is ruined. Her whole life is ruined now. She is ruined by this sadistic monster.

“You asked me why?” Lou Liang Chen sayds: “I’ve reminded you for several times, don’t go near Jing Tai Tai, did you listen to me?”

Yu Qing You trembles.

“You are…… why don’t you just kill me?”

“Kill you? It’s too easy for you.” Lou Liang Chen takes out the invitation. He reads it for her: “Yan family’s Wai Sun Nu, em……. it’s also your Sheng family’s member. Your Biao Mei (Younger cousin), she had been missing for eighteen years. Now she is back. I’m happy for you.”

Yu Qing You is angry.

Lou Liang Chen passes the invitation to her: “You don’t want to see it? Don’t you want to know who is it?”

Yu Qing You laughs miserably: “It’s unrelated to me.”

“He. It’s really related to you. Em….. someone that you don’t expect. No, it is someone that you dream to kill.”

Yu Qing You is startled.

There’s only one person that she wants to kill.

She takes it and looks it.

“He he…” She laughs.

“How can this be? Ye Qing Xin, is my Jiu Jiu’s daughter? You are lying, right? It’s your trick to torture me right?”

Lou Liang Chen smiles, he is happy to see her anger.

“Whether it’s fake or not. I will let you witness it next week. Your love rival, the one that you really hate, have a higher status then you. You are nothing than her.”

“In the future, she will get all the love from Sheng and Yan family. And you, you can only stay in this room and endure this. No one will know your suffering. No one will sympathize with your suffering. Don’t you feel so low right now?”

“Nonsense!” Yu Qing You tears apart the invitation and throws it away. She growls: “Ye Qing Xin is just a lowly bitch, how can she be my Jiu Jiu’s daughter? Sheng family’s member? She is not worthy enough?”

“My Wai Gong Wai Po love me so much, they will not admit her as part of Sheng family. Stop lying to me. Right right. Wai Gong Wai Pong love me the most. For saving me, Wai Gong is willing to give his shares. He loves me the most. I want to give a call to them. I want to warn them to not let Ye Qing Xin deceive them. Ye Qing Xin is a liar, right, she is a liar……”

Yu Qing You looks for her phone inside the pocket of her clothes: “Yi? Where is my phone? It’s here before….”

Lou Liang Chen looks at her then he turns to look at the maid. The maid is smart, she immediately gives Yu Qing You’s phone back to her.

Yu Qing You looks at the phone. Her eyes turn bright. She snatches it and dials the Sheng family’s house number.

It’s answered.

“Hi, it’s Sheng family. Who are you looking for?” The maid answers the phone.

Yu Qing You immediately replies: “Is Nai Nai at home? I want to talk with Nai Nai.”

The maid: “Xiao Jie? Old Madame is not staying at home. Can I help you call Tai Tai?”

“She is not staying at home? Where does she stay? Why isn’t Nai Nai staying at home? Is it because you are not serving her well?”

The maid turns somewhat a bit unhappy but she still speaks politely: “No, Xiao Jie. Old Madame and Old Mister move to Nan Shan mansion for several days. They want to stay with Xin Xin Xiao Jie together..”

“What is Xin Xin Xiao Jie? Sheng family only has one Xiao Jie. Who is Xin Xin XIao Jie? I think you want to stop working right?’

The maid: “…….” today Xiao Jie’s temper seems to be bad.

Sheng Wen Qiong comes downstair in her nightgown, she looks that the maid is on the phone. She asks: “Who is calling?”

The maid covers the microphone of the phone and answers: “It’s Xiao Jie. Tai Tai, do you want to answer this?”

Sheng Wen Qiong takes the phone.

Then she hears Yu Qing You’s screaming voice: “Let me tell you. Sheng family only has one Xiao Jie. I am the only Xiao Jie of Sheng family. Do you hear me? In the future, you are not allowed to let Ye Qing Xin, that little b*tch to get in the house. Who dare to let her come in, I’ll cut off her hand!”


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