Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 238

“The next activity is guessing the bride….” Dou Weir speaks up. Each of four bridesmaids are holding a red cord. Song Jiu’s cord is the one that connects to Ye Qing Xin’s wrist.

The other three is connecting with the photographers’ wrist.

Dou Weir takes four chords from bridesmaid and grips it. She says to Jing BO Yuan. “Guess which one that connects to the bride. If you are right, then we let you go. If you are wrong, then you need to accept the punishment of brushing your teeth with this.”

She adds: “You also can ask one of your best man to replace you.”

Ye Qing Xin looks at her wrist. She feels that Dou Weir is really good at thsi.

Ye Qing Xin is worried for Jing Bo Yuan.

Cheng Ru Yu: “Wow, you should leave the mustard so much? How can you twist the cords like this, who can guess it?”

She smiles: “if you guess wrongly, just accept the punishment. Are you afraid, big man?”

Cheng Ru Yu is mocked by her but he smiles: “Girl, you are so bold.”

Dou Weir smiles: “let me add, this time you cannot use your red envelope….”

Cheng Ru Yu: ‘……..”

Dou Weir glances He Ji Fan for a while, He Ji Fan notices it and looks back.

Dou Weir’s heart beats so fast but she tries to make herself stronger. She turns cold and continues to make this game works.

Dou Weir has feeling toward He Ji Fan is not only because of his handsome face but also because of his money. He can easily attract any woman.

Moreover, their intimate moment on the bed.

Dou Weir clutches the cords tightly and forces herself to smile. She says to Jing Bo Yuan: “Please guess. Which one?”

Jing Bo Yuan is calm and takes one.

Cheng Ru Yu is so nervous.

“Are you sure?”

“Are you sure?”

Cheng Ru Yu and Dou Weir say that at the same time.

They both look at each other and smiles. Dou Weir looks at Jing Bo Yuan and asks again: “Groom, are you sure? Promise me, if you are wrong, you will accept the punishment. You cannot act shamelessly and not be fair. You cannot use your red envelope trick again.”

Jing Bo Yuan is calm and doesn’t be nervous about it.

Dou Weir looks that he is sure and says nothing. She says: “Then I’ll let go… one…..”

Everyone around them starts to watch.

Dou Weir: “Second…..”

Xiao Yan and He Ji Fan are indifferent. They don’t feel threatened to use the “toothbrush”.

Cheng Ru Yu watches Dou Weir’s hand seriously.

His friends know that he really hates mustard. He can cry if he needs to do it.

Dou Weir: “Three!”

She lets go.

Jing Bo Yuan is right.

“Good! Good!”

Cheng Ru Yu is relieved. He sighs. “Move away.” He says to Dou Weir.

Ye Qing Xin watches him. She thinks of a proverb “Two people destined to marry each other, though a thousand li apart, are tied together as if by a thread.”

Dou Weir doesn’t feel disappointed, she is happy: “Great, it’s too great. It shows that groom and bride are destined by heaven. Groom, hurry up get inside and gives the bouquet of flowers for the bride. Then find our bride’s wedding dress. After the bride wears it, then you can take the bride away.”

At first she wanted to use tricks to stop the groom but looking at He Ji Fan, she has lost her interest. She just wants to do the last game.

Song Jiu and other bridesmaids are so immersed in their red envelopes. Dou Weir is quiet and watches.

“Are you jealous?” A familiar man says to her.

It’s very close to her ear that she could feel his hot breath.

Dou Weir shits and avoids He Ji Fan’s hot breath. She acts like she doesn’t hear his words.

He Ji Fan looks at how she starts to make a distance with him. His eyes turn dark.

Till today he is still confused. How can this little woman suddenly end their relationship.

The photographers stand around the room to record this thing.

Jing Bo Yuan comes closer to Ye Qing Xin and undoes the cord on her wrist. He notices her wrist is a bit red so he strokes it for a while.

Ye Qing Xin smiles at him: “I’m okay.”

The cord was tied by Song Jiu. Looking at Jing Bo Yuan’s expression, Song Jiu starts to wonder, was it too tight?

She comes closer to look at and that time she wants to roll her eyes. But she just does it behind his back. He acts like she tied Ye Qing Xin’s wrist with a strap.

“Groom, gives the bouquet to the bride. Kneel down on one of your knee.” Dou Weir reminds.

With Jing Bo Yuan’s identity, Jing family members, who are coming with him, and his friends know clearly, let him kneel on one of his knee?

It’s difficult.

Si Ming Jing and Zhang Han Han are watching that moment too. They are excited.

Bo Wei’s boss kneels down, it’s interesting. People start to secretly take out their phone to record it.

“It’s late. We need to be quick….” One of Jing family members says.

Who knows that Jing Bo Yuan holds the bouquet of flowers and kneels down on one of his knee.

Everyone is excited and feels the joy.

“Love really can change a person. I believe it now. The groom is high-class man. Today for marrying a woman, he is willing to do it…. haha…”

“Sao Zi, the groom has knelt down, why aren’t you letting him rise now.”

The ones that joke are those who are close to Jing Bo Yuan. The others don’t dear to comment.

Ye Qing Xin watches his handsome face. Then she recalls the moment when he proposed to her.

Her eyes start to turn red. She clutches his hands.

Jing Bo Yuan looks at her and stands up.

“Kiss!” Someone yells.

Then everyone starts to chant: “Kiss! Kiss!”

The atmosphere turns lively.

Ye Qing Xin blushes. Though she uses to kiss him but with a lot of people, she feels shy about it.

She lowers her head down.

In the next moment, Jing Bo Yuan raises her head and kisses her lips. Since the time he saw her, he really wants to kiss her. Her lips are rosy more than the rose itself.

“Wah!” Everyone sighs.


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