Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 237

“They are here! They are here! Sisters, get ready. They will get in soon. Let them…” Dou Weir hasn’t finished her words, and suddenly there’s a scream.

She pauses.

“What is it? Why are they so excited?”

Song Jiu is also curious: “Open the door to see.”

“Open the door.” Cheng Ru Yu says.

“Wow! How can they let him inside so easy? They are useless!” Dou Weir says.

Dou Weir doesn’t recognize Cheng Ru Yu’s voice, she doesn’t know him too. She tries to be stubborn: “Who are you? How can we open the door. Where is the groom? Let him talk.”

Even if there’s a wood door in front of her, she could feel Jing Bo Yuan’s aura.

Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t say anything.

“What do you guys want to open the door?” Cheng Ru Yu speaks up again.

Dou Weir looks at Song Jiu. Song Jiu immediately understands. She asks the other three bridesmaids to prepare toothbrushes and mustard over. Then door is opened: “Don’t be impatient. You want to pick the bride, then you need to brush your teeth first.”

Outside the door, there are lots of people. Most of them are familiar ones.

Jing Bo Yuan is wearing a red Chinese Style gown. He just stands there and watches them. He also watches his bride inside from the gap.

Ye Qing Xin never sees him wear that kind of color. She notices him.

The time their gazes meet each other, her heart beats so fast.

Jing Bo Yuan’s best men are Cheng Ru Yu, Xiao Yan, He Ji Fan, and two others.

Xiao Yan is cold. He just stands beside Jing Bo Yuan without expression.

In front of them are Cheng Ru Yu and He Ji Fan, who are negotiating with the bridesmaid.

The best men are wearing a white shirt and blue suit. Besides Dou Weir and Song Jiu, all of the bridesmaids are admiring them.

Dou Weir notices He Ji Fan, her face changes but she calms herself down quickly. She takes one of the toothbrushes and says to the Cheng Ru Yu. She smiles: “Please.”

Cheng Ru Yu looks at it. He knows that something is wrong with the toothbrush. He smiles and says: “If not, let’s talk about the red envelope? ”

He takes the red envelopes and sways those in front of them. “Beautiful women, let us pick the bride and these will be yours.”

Song Jiu’s eyes turn bright.

She takes the red envelope. “Okay okay.”

Dou Weir slaps her lightly and says: “Control yourself! How can you betray your friend with a red envelope?”

The other three bridesmaids also look at the red envelope and want to take it, but Dou Weir glares at them.

Song Jiu feels the pain and forces herself to calm down. “Don’t think with a thick red envelope, you can bribe us!”

She swallows.

But she really wants it……

Dou Weir still holds the toothbrushes that have “toothpaste” on it. She looks at Xiao Yan: “What are you looking at? Come here and take it…”

Xiao Yan looks at her coldly. Even Song Jiu that notices it, her hand start to tremble and one of the toothbrush on her hold falls down.

This man’s gaze are too cold.

“Why are you so careless?” Dou Weir says to her and asks another bridesmaid to take another toothbrush.

Cheng Ru Yu’s plan fails. He looks at He Ji Fan like he says to him. “Your woman, you go handle her.”

Cheng Ru Yu knows about Dou Weir and He Ji Fan’s matter. He Ji Fan looks Cheng Ru Yu and Dou Weir, who is regarding him as a strange. He wants to take out his cigarette box but his gaze falls on the beautiful pregnant Ye Qing Xin so he doesn’t do it.

“Hurry up, why are you stalling like a little girls? Or you have lost your masculinity? Don’t waste any more time. Hurry up.”

Song Jiu adds: “Right stop talking. Our Xin Xin is so beautiful, how can we let the groom takes her so easily. You guys should suffer a bit.”

Cheng Ru Yu takes the toothbrush. He really cannot do it. He turns his head to look at Jing Bo Yuan and Xiao Yan. Suddenly he thinks of an idea.

He smiles and says to Dou Weir. “We should be fair and square so you cannot be partial. We have the groom, shouldn’t you guys ask the groom to brush his teeth. If not it’s not fair, we will not do it too.”

Because of Jing Bo Yuan’s powerful aura and Xiao Yan’s cold stare, supposedly the bridesmaids will not dare to ask them to do anything.

Dou Weir notices that this has wasted a lot of time: “Okay, we may let this go. Then give us red envelope. Here we have around….. ” around twenty one people. Everyone needs two envelopes, do you have it? If you have it, then we can talk, if not just brush your teeth with it.”

Everyone is so happy when they har about it.

Cheng Ru Yu raises his eyebrows: “Really?”

Dou Weir says: “Now we are representing the bride. We will not lie.”

Cheng Ru Yu brings a youngster with him, who is holding all the red envelopes. “Why are you daydreaming, go inside and give the red envelope.”

The youngster immediately distributes the red envelops to everyone.

Someone is impatient and starts to count the money inside. Each one has ten thousand Yuan inside. They get twenty thousand yuan so easily.

Dou Weir pouts. A rich people is not easy to be tricked.

Ye Qing Xin looks at this and feels sorry.

Connie jokes: “This is the most expensive wedding.”

Ye Qing Xin lowers her head and smiles.

She notices that Jing Bo Yuan’s gaze never leaves her. She looks at his eyes and be immersed in him.

She blushes.

Jing Bo Yuan looks at how beautiful and attractive she is.


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