Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 227

This bedroom is the bedroom that Jing Bo Yuan used to live when he was young. It’s simple with a bed, a cupboard, a table. It’s too simple. It’s many.

Ye Qing Xin sits down on the bedside and dries her hair with a hairdryer. She looks around the room.

Last night was her first time to sleep here. She doesn’t remember how can she get inside the room.

She looks at the books on the shelves. It’s filled with books for senior high schooler and university student. The books mostly are in English and very thick. He also has English, French, Italy, Japanese dictionaries.

That man is able to do lots of things. Ye Qing Xin is very proud of him. That kind of excellent man is her husband.

When she is done, she walks to the table and takes out a senior high school physics. It’s all clean without any wrinkles but the papers have turned yellow.

She opens the book and and notices notes around. She remembers Jing Suo Suo’s words that Jing Bo Yuan has gotten a full mark for all the subjects.

Suddenly the door is opened. Jing Bo Yuan gets inside with a tray. On top of the tray is a glass of milk and a tray of egg custard.

“What are you looking at?” He asks.

Ye Qing Xin turns her head and looks at him, she raises up his old books. She smiles: “I am just looking at our Jing Lao Shi’s young textbook. You only have few notes. You seemed to be not serious during the class.”

Jing Bo Yuan comes over and hugs her. He kisses her cheek. “Eat bit of things and sleep.”

Ye Qing Xin turns her body and hugs Jing Bo Yuan’s neck and kisses his back: “This is a reward.”

Jing Bo Yuan smiles and takes his pajamas. Then he gets inside the bathroom to take shower.

When he is done, Ye Qing Xin has curled up on the bed. She finishes one egg custard and half glass of milk.

Jing Bo Yuan comes over and puts her hands inside the blanket.

Jing Bo Yuan lays down on the bed. Ye Qing Xin comes closer to his side.

It’s two more days before their wedding.

The next day, Ye Qing Xin wakes up because of the fireworks sound.

Her whole body is laid down on Jing Bo Yuan’s body. She raises her head to look at his face. Ye Qing Xin kisses him. “Bo Yuan?”

Jing Bo Yuan: “…..”

Ye Qing Xin starts to touch his body. She kisses his neck and leaves kiss marks on him.

After a while, Ye Qing Xin climbs out from her blanket and says to his ear: “It’s your turn.”

Jing Bo Yuan opens his eyes. He starts to kiss her back

Jing Bo Yuan’s eyes turn dark. He flips his body and presses down Ye Qing Xin on the bed. Yet he doesn’t forget about her belly.

The temperature inside the room starts to rise up.

Ye Qing Xin lays on one of her side, Jing Bo Yuan hugs her from behind. Ye Qing Xin turns her body to kiss his lips. This is the second time of their intimate contact since knowing about Ye Qing Xin’s pregnancy.


Knock knock knock —

“Jie Jie, are you inside?”

Ye Qing Xin shivers, she turns her body and wants to push Jing Bo Yuan, “Xiao Guo is calling me outside…”

Jing Bo Yuan hugs her even tighter.

Ye Qing Xin bits her lips and pants.

Ye Qing Guo knocks for a long time. Old Madame Jing comes upstair and notices that Ye Qing Guo is outside the door. She understands that something must be going on inside the room. It seems those two are unwilling to go out. They even don’t make a noise. As an experienced person, she could guess what they are doing right now.

“Xiao Guo, come here. Jie Jie and Jie Fu are still sleeping. Let’s not disturb them okay. Let’s go. Follow Nai Nai down. Nai Nai let the chef makes something delicious foryou.”

“But the sun has risen. How can Jie Jie and Jie Fu still sleeping.” Ye Qing Guo is confused. “Jie Jie said that the sun is risen, the one that doesn’t get up by then is a bad kid.”

“This….” Old Madame Jing says again: “They are doing something now. Let’s ignore them. Let’s eat now. Let’s go.”

Old Madame Jing starts to hold Ye Qing Guo’s hand but he is unwilling to leave. He just sits down in front of the door. “I’ll wait here for Jie Jie.”

Old Madame Jing: “……..”

Inside the room.

Ye Qing Xin doesn’t know whether it is because someone is waiting or perhaps because she is too nervous, she get a different taste.

She doesn’t take a shower and just tidies up herself. She gets off the bed and puts on her clothes. She opens the door and notices that Ye Qing Guo, who is sitting down on the floor in front of the door, immediately hugs her leg.

“Xiao Guo, why are you sitting down here?”

Ye Qing Guo stands up and notices that he doesn’t wear his pajama shirt. She frowns and says: “Why aren’t you wearing your pajamas?”

Old Madame Jing notices Ye Qing Xin’s red face and messy hair. She then looks at her belly: “You guys should take it easy. Your three kids are inside your belly.”

Then Old Madame Jing just goes downstair.

Ye Qing Xin’s face immediately turns as red as the boiled lobster.

“Yi, Jie Jie. Your face is really red, are you feeling really hot?” Ye Qing Guo is surprised.

Ye Qing Xin glares at him: “This early morning, why are you knocking on my door?”

Ye Qing Guo turns timid and says grievingly: “I dreamt that Jie Jie didn’t want me, I’m scared so I looked for you…”

Ye Qing Xin is startled and looks at his innocent eyes.

She feels a bit guilty to scold him. She holds his hand and says: “As long as Jie JIe lives, Jie Jie will not leave you alone. Don’t be scared. Be good, go back to your room and change your clothes.”

She talks to him for a while, and she returns back to her room.

Jing Bo Yuan has finished his shower and wears his suit. Ye Qing Xin remembers about Old Madame Jing’s words and she couldn’t help to blush and glare at Jing Bo Yuan.

Jing Bo Yuan hears Old Madame Jing’s words before so he just smiles at her.

Ye Qing Xin freshens up and when she comes out, Jing Bo Yuan hugs her.

“Are you still angry?”

“I am hungry…”

Jing Bo Yuan holds her hand and they come out of the room.


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