Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 196

Ye Qing Xin raises up her head and looks at the tall man beside her.

She isn’t sure that Jing Bo Yuan can speak that way. Does he notice that she needs his assurance? But she cannot deny that she feels safe the time he said that “I come to accompany my wife to take things from her office”.

She could notice that Jing Bo Yuan is warning Xiao Lian.

Ye Qing Xin turns her head and looks at Xiao Lian, she smiles politely: “Xiao Jie Jie.”

She doesn’t act proudly that she has Jing Bo Yuan. Jing Bo Yuan’s action already shows Xiao Lian that Ye Qing Xin is in advantageous point. Ye Qing Xin just needs to stand smiling beside him.

Xiao Lian looks at the man and woman in front of her.

Xiao Lian just smiles.

“I heard that you guys will hold your wedding soon. Congrats.”

Ye Qing Xin smiles: “Thank you.”

The elevator door opens and several people come out.

Jing Bo Yuan hugs Ye Qing Xin moves aside and let Xiao Lian to go inside first. He then let go of Ye Qing Xin. He picks the case and holds Ye Qing Xin to get inside the elevator. His action shows how he cares about Ye Qing Xin so much.

The elevator goes down. Jing Bo Yuan just keeps Ye Qing Xin from other people inside the elevator.

Xiao Lian stands behind them. Someone besides her careless bumps into her. She is shifted to another side and bumps into another person. Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t even turn his head even once.

The elevator arrives at the lobby.

Three of them walk toward the entrance door.

Xiao Lian looks at Jing Bo Yuan and feels he is like an assistant, who is helping Ye Qing Xin with her case. Ye Qing Xin is like a kid that keeps on holding Jing Bo Yuan’s sleeve.

At the parking area, Jing Bo Yuan just stuffs in the case to the trunk and helps Ye Qing Xin to open the door. Ye Qing Xin enjoys his caring action.

Or perhaps she already uses to his meticulousness.

“Bo Yuan, I have something to talk to you, can we talk alone for a while?” Xiao Lian feels uncomfortable. She comes forward and looks at Ye Qing Xin. Her eyes are full of provokation, she asks: “Xin Xin, do you mind?”

Ye Qing Xin understands Xiao Lian’s gaze.

If she doesn’t agree, then it’ll show that she is insensible. If she agrees, then her heart will be unease.

She thinks about it and smiles. She says to Xiao Lian: ” Bo Yuan and Xiao Jie Jie grew up together. Your friendship is thick. If you guys want to talk, why you should ask my permission, could it be because Xiao Jie Jie is afraid that I’ll be jealous? I’m not that petty. If I could be jealous for my own husband’s ordinary friend, wouldn’t I be drowned in jealousy tub? Around Bo Yuan, there are lots of beautiful and young women……”

Her words already state clearly Xiao Lian’s position and shows how reasonable and magnanimous Ye Qing Xin is. At the same time, she is mocking Xiao Lian.

Xiao Lian is beautiful and elegant, but after all she is not young anymore.

Xiao Lian looks at Ye Qing Xin and purses her lips tightly.

She knows that she is not young anymore. Sometimes she look at the mirror and feels scared of her wrinkled face. The expensive make-up cannot cover it all.

She examines Ye Qing Xin’s smooth face.

Xiao Lian was young once and she had a smooth face like Ye Qing Xin. But Jing Bo Yuan never has any feeling toward her.

She has doubted him for so long, she is tired with it. So she wants to know the answer.

Xiao Lian turns her body and walks toward not faraway fountain. Jing Bo Yuan let Ye Qing Xin stays in the car. Xiao Lian watches him helping Ye Qing Xin to buckle up; he lowers the window of the car for her. He strokes her head intimately and smiles.

Xiao Lian never sees that side of Jing Bo Yuan.

“If you have something to say, just say it directly.” Jing Bo Yuan stands one meter faraway from her.

Xiao Lian looks at him. He is expressionless. He acts like he is in business talk.

“Bo Yuan, these years I keep unable to get over it. You don’t like it, then why when we were in college and everyone said that we are boyfriend and girlfriend, you never refuted it? Did you know that because you didn’t refute it, I thought that yo like me, you gave me hope.”

“Then you just broke my hope into pieces, you made me fall down. If it’s not that hurt, I would not be so heartbroken that I will agree to Mo Nai’s pursuing act, I would not….”

She would not that night sleep together with Mo Nai, she would not be pregnant and need to marry with him.

Xiao Lian doesn’t continue.

Jing Bo Yuan plays with his car key and says calmly: “Are you done?”

Xiao Lian is silent.

Jing Bo Yuan looks at her calmly and answers her question: “It’s not important at all.”

Xiao Lian is startled.

She is confused for ten years and he just says: “It’s not important ta all.”

Because it’s not important so he feels that he doesn’t need to explain.

“I heard from Xiao Yan, that Mo Nai chased after you, he came to China. You have been with him for more than ten years, you know him well. You need to see him. You shouldn’t forget that you have two kids with him. You should think that you were acting wildly for previous ten years, will you still act willfully and not think of other in the next ten years?

Jing Bo Yuan is advising and caring for her. They have been friends for almost thirty years. They are not stranger for each other. Moreover, they are connected with Xiao Yan.

Jing Bo Yuan finishes his advice and says: “Look out for yourself.” Then he walks back to his white car.

Xiao Lian is startled and watches the car leaves.

After quite some time, her phone rings.

Her tears fall down and sits down on the edge of the fountain. She takes out her phone and looks at the caller ID. “Chérie (Darling in French).

She suddenly realizes. They have been divorced for almost a year. But unexpectedly she hasn’t changed Mo Nai’s caller ID.

She hesitates and just let it unanswered. She turns off her phone.

She never forgets the reason behind their divorce. Mo Nai inherits his father’s company. That time Mo Nai was in business gathering, he encountered a twenty years old Chinese student studying abroad. That woman is so beautiful that Mo Nai starts to feel attracted to her. Xiao Lian bumped to them when they came out from a restaurant.

That time she remembered Jing Bo Yuan.

Jing Bo Yuan is always so strict and serious, he will never have any affair.

She was in big fight with Mo Nai. She didn’t want to hear any of his explanation and just be firm to have a divorce. She left her two kids and goes back. She came back with her hope.

It’s just know she doesn’t really know what made her want to go home.

“Isla?” A familiar voice calls after her.

She regains herself and looks over. She is startled and smiles. She stands up and greets him: “Xiao Xian Sheng.”

Xiao Lian had cooperated together with Xiao Shen once when she was abroad.

He feels surprised to meet her here: “I am getting ready to have photoshoots. But I haven’t a suitable model, are you interested to join?”

Xiao Lian feels unexpected: “I am very happy, I just don’t know why are you choosing me?”

Xiao Shen looks at her and says honestly: “Before I noticed your confusion and desperateness. It’s just the expression that I need. I think no one is more suitable than you. Last time our cooperation was a great success, I couldn’t forget it.”

Xiao Lian smiles: “Okay, then I wish we can cooperate smoothly and happily.”

Ye Qing Xin looks at the window and notices the snow: “It’s snowing.”

“You don’t like snow?”

“Not really. I just don’t like a moist weather. The time the snow melts it let people feels uncomfortable. But it’s okay the north side always be in dry weather, this will not be for long.”

“What do class do you have in the afternoon?”

Ye Qing Xin answers: “Two period of optional course, and two period of P.E.”

Jing Bo Yuan nods and says: “This morning I asked Suo Suo to help you ask for a day off. This afternoon you should take a rest.”

Ye Qing Xin is startled for a while. She smiles: “Jing Lao Shi, are you urging me to skip th elass? This isn’t the right way for a teacher to do, your action will easily make your student be bad.”

Jing Bo Yuan says: “You are bad, I don’t mind if you are becoming worse.”

Ye Qing Xin smiles.

The car directly moves to Bo Wei company. It stops in front of the building.

This is Ye Qing Xin’s third time to go to Jing Bo Yuan’s office room. They pass the reception and the secretary office. Mi Mi Shu (secretary Mi) and other secretaries stand up and greet them. “Chief Jing, Jing Tai Tai.”

Ye Qing Xin learns from Jing Bo Yuan, she just nods slightly at them and walks like Bo Wei’s mistress.

Behind them, there’s a young man, who she never met before, is helping her with the case.

He puts the case down in the office and goes out.

Ye Qing Xin looks around.

“Who is he?” She puts down her handbag on the sofa and follows Jing Bo Yuan to the resting room.

“The security department.”

Inside the room. Jing Bo Yuan takes off his coat and scarf and hangs it inside the wardrobe.

He then looks at Ye Qing Xin. “Come here and take off your coat.”

The temperature inside the room is warm. She will be hot if she doesn’t take off her coat.

She is still startled for his answer. “Security departement”. She feels that the members of security department of Bo Wei are different from other companies.

“The lowest qualification for your company’s employee is undergraduate right?”

Jing Bo Yuan looks at her: “With your school degree, after you graduate, you can enter the sanitation department.”

Ye Qing Xin: “…. aren’t you so great at attacking people? I am graduating first from a great university, how can if I get in to your office, I’ll be in sanitation department?”

Jing Bo Yuan says nothing, he just hangs up her coat and scarf.

She walks closer to him and hugs his waist.

“Although I have no qualification to work at your office, but I have qualification to be with you. I am more awesome than your qualified employees, what do you think?”

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