Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 187

Gu Qiao’s voice is full of sadness.

She has been longing for that man for ten years. But that man is unwilling to even look at her, at last, she suddenly realizes that she can’t even be his friend.

“Qiao Qiao…..” Zhao You Jia looks at her face. He wants to comfort her, but she already starts to cry.

“But my heart is really broken. Ge, I’m really sad. Why he doesn’t like me.” Gu Qiao looks at his face. She is clutching his sleeve tightly. Her tears keeps on falling. “Ye Qing Xin turns to be in this situation, everyone opposes them to be together, but he insists to not give her up, what is so good about her? Is it because of her beauty?”

“Qiao Qiao!” Zhao You Jia is somewhat wishes that Gu Qiao can be more reasonable: “What is so good also about him?”

Gu Qiao startles for a while. She cries and laughs: “I also don’t know what is so good about him. I just love him. I also have no way out. Ge, go with me to drink okay?”

Zhao You Jia looks at her.

After an hour, in a bar.

Gu Qiao sits down on the bar. She keeps on drinking until her face is red. She is unaware. Her tears keep on falling.

Zhao You Jia sits down beside her.

There’re lots of bottles on the table, Gu Qiao finally cannot hold it anymore, she goes to the restroom to throw up.

When she comes out, her face is pale and but red.

Looking at Zhao You Jia, she couldn’t help but to run to his embrace. She says: “Why doesn’t he like me? Am I ugly? Ge, tell me am I not good?”

Zhao You Jia says: “You are very good, Qiao Qiao.”

“What is so good about me? Am I….. better than Ye Qing Xin?”

“In my heart, Qiao Qiao is the best.” Zhao You Jia says.

Gu Qiao suddenly pushes him away.

“What is the point of you thinking that I am the best, you are not him!” Gu Qiao laughs. She laughs and cries. She is in a mess.

“Why doesn’t he like me? Why does he like Ye Qing Xin? I also don’t want to like a man that doesn’t like me, but I cannot control my feeling. Ge, I’m so sad. I am really sad…”

“Qiao Qiao..” Zhao You Jia comes forward to hug Gu Qiao. “Don’t be sad. You will be engaged with him in New Year Day. It will be as your wish.”

“How can it be, it’s impossible. If there is Ye Qing Xin, he will not come….”

Zhao You Jia hugs her tighter and says: “Qiao Qiao, don’t worry, I’ll think of a way…”

The next day in the morning, 07:00 a.m. Ye Qing Xin is waken by Jing Bo Yuan. They both go to have breakfast and get ready to go back to Jing City.

They go back by car because Jing Bo Yuan worries about Ye Qing Xin’s health to go on a plane.

The car is spacious so if Ye Qing Xin is tired, she can lay down to rest. She could lay on Jing Bo Yuan’s thigh and sleeps.

At night 09:00 p.m. the car enters Jing city border. It’ll take another thirty minutes to arrive at Nan Shan mansion.

Auntie Zhang immediately passes a glass of warm fresh milk to Ye Qing Xin when they arrive. Her gaze falls on her belly. Auntie Zhang is happy: “Congratulation, Tai Tai. Tai Tai, are you hungry? I’ll cook few dishes for you, what do you want to eat?”

Ye Qing Xin blushes, she glances at Jing Bo Yuan. She then thanks Auntie Zhang: “Thank you Auntie Zhang, I want to eat noodle, please cook two bowls of noodle.”

Auntie Zhang then goes to the kitchen to cook.

Ye Qing Xin kept on sleeping on the way. She slept for a long time so she feels so lively now. She moves closer to Jing Bo Yuan and hugs his arm: “You told Auntie Zhang?”

Jing Bo Yuan says to her: “In the future, she needs to take a good care of you.”

He means that if Auntie Zhang doesn’t know about her condition, how can she take a good care of her.

Ye Qing Xin smiles. His meticulousness makes her feel happy and safe.

The room temperature is high. Ye Qing Xin takes off her coat and scarf. She places both of it on the bed.

“Your action will spoil me. Later on don’t regret if I act like a tyrant.”

Jing Bo Yuan takes off his coat too and says: “Take a shower then let’s go down and eat.”

Ye Qing Xin smiles and goes to the dressing room to take her nightgown first.

When she comes out after the shower, Jing Bo Yuan is standing outside and answering a call. He is wearing a blue shirt and dark grey suit pants. He looks mature and sexy. He is holding a cigarette, but he doesn’t lit it.

He notices she is coming out and he ends the call.

“Why are you wearing this outside, aren’t you cold?” Ye Qing Xin notices that his shirt is too thin. It’s cold outside. She feels sorry for him.

Jing Bo Yuan smiles and pinches her cheek lightly.

Ye Qing Xin looks at the unlit cigarette. It’s been several times that she notices he is controlling himself to not smoke.

“If you cannot bear it, then just smoke a cigarette. Don’t smoke it in front of me, then it’ be okay. I feel sorry for you that every time you should endure it.”

Jing Bo Yuan pulls her and raises her chin. He kisses her deeply and she responds to her kiss.

His kissing is skilled than before. Ye Qing Xin blushes and her sight turns blurred.

He kisses her shoulder and suddenly he remembers about something.

“What is it?”

He goes to the restroom to take a towel and then holds her hand. They go to sit down on the sofa. He helps her to dry her hair.

Ye Qing Xin looks at the man in front of her. She could feel his caring toward her.

She hugs his neck and couldn’t help to ask the same unanswered question: “Be honest with me, when do you start to like me?”

Jing Bo Yuan asks her: “Is it really important?”

“Okay, if you don’t want to tell me.” She lowers her head and doesn’t say anything else. His warm hands that massage her head makes her unhappiness goes away. “Bo Yuan, I want to visit Nai Nai tomorrow.”

“Em, I’ll go with you tomorrow.”

Ye Qing Xin smiles: “Aren’t you working tomorrow?”

“Even if I need to work, I still have time to accompany you.”

The door is knocked.

Auntie Zhang says: “Xian Sheng, Tai Tai, the food is ready now.”

This time Ye Qing Xin has experienced different thing. For the last pregnancy she had a serious and worst morning sickness, she didn’t have any appetite and loved to sleep but this time she seems to enjoy to eat everything. She has big appetite.

Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t let her to eat too much as he is worried that it will affect her sleep.

The next day, New Year’s Day.

Ye Qing Xin wakes up in the morning and realizes that Jing Bo Yuan isn’t beside her anymore. She is used to it. She takes her phone and notices there are twelve unread messages. She opens it. Ten of them are New Year’s day greetings. Jing Suo Suo and Dou Weir, Song Jiu also send her their greeting and wish for her. She replies it one by one.

There’s also one from Wen Ze Yan.

— Xin Xin, happy birthday.

Yes, today it’s her birthday.

Ye Qing Xin wants to thank him, but a message comes.

— Xin Xin, I wish you will be happy.

Ye Qing Xin is startled and smiles. She is really happy.

She erases her words and makes a new message.

— I also wish that you will be happy.

Then she sends it.

Wen Ze Yan let her go, actually he also let himself go.

The bathroom door is opened. Jing Bo Yuan comes out with a towel wraps on his waist. He has a really great body.

He is holding a towel and drying his hair. He looks at Ye Qing Xin, who is sitting on the bed and smiling at her phone. He smiles and says: “You look so happy.”

Ye Qing Xin tells him about Wen Ze Yan’s message, Jing Bo Yuan’s expression is not changing. It seems that he already expects this to happen. He doesn’t feel surprised.

“I need to go to the office first. In the afternoon, I’ll go back and have lunch with you. Then we will go to visit Nai Nai at the hospital.”

Ye Qing Xin nods and puts down her phone.

Jing Bo Yuan then goes to the dressing room.

Ye Qing Xin goes to the bathroom to freshen up.

The door is open, she notices that he is already in his full suit. She asks him: “Why do you look so formal today? Is there any important event?”

Jing Bo Yuan comes closer to her and hugs her waist: “I have an important negotiation this morning.”

Ye Qing Xin lowers her head and brushes her teeth, Jing Bo Yuan is styling his hair.

When they are done, both of them go down together. Jing Bo Yuan leaves after the breakfast. Ye Qing Xin takes her laptop and continues her design.

At ten o’clock. There’s a call, Auntie Zhang answers it. After a moment, the bell is ringing. Auntie Zhang goes out and comes back with a box. She takes it upstairs.

“Tai Tai, Xian Sheng let you to wear this if you are using your computer.”

Ye Qing Xin raises her head and looks that Auntie Zhang is taking out a large wide shoulder suspender that looks like a cloth.

“What is that…….”

“Anti-radiation maternity dress.” Auntie Zhang explains and helps her to wear it, “Xian Sheng’s secretary comes over to send this over.”

Ye Qing Xin looks at it and wears it.

11:10 p.m. Jing Bo Yuan comes home and comes inside the living room. He looks that Ye Qing Xin is laying down on the sofa with a book on her hands.

Jing Bo Yuan takes off his coat and his scarf. He comes closer to her and touches her legs. He notices that it’s cold. He frowns: “Why aren’t you wearing socks?”

Ye Qing Xin says: “I don’t feel cold.”

Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t say anything, he toes upstair and goes down again. He takes a very thick socks and sits down on the sofa. He helps her tow ear it.

Ye Qing Xin looks at his serious face and smiles: “The temperature is warm, I don’t feel cold.”

Jing Bo Yuan helps her to wear it and says: “Even you don’t feel cold, you need to maintain your temperature.”

Ye Qing Xin puts down her book and hugs her: “Why are you turning into this kind of fussy old woman? Is it because I am pregnant with your three kids? So you are act like all matters, big and small are important?”

Jing Bo Yuan hugs her. “Didn’t I also that way before?”

Ye Qing Xin thinks about two months of their break up, she pouts: “Of course not, there’re two months that you ignored me, you even didn’t call me.”

Jing Bo Yuan pinches her cheek lightly: “You have no conscience, who did ignore who?”

“I ignored you, so you can also ignore me?” Ye Qing Xin accuses him: “If I ignore you for a lifetime, then you also plan to ignore me forever?”

Jing Bo Yuan notices her grievance and laughs. “I’ll not.”

“Really, what if that day I didn’t take initiative to hug you, what will you do?”

Auntie Zhang calls after them to eat.

“Let’s go.”

Ye Qing Xin hugs him and doesn’t want to stand up. She asks her: “You haven’t answered me, if I didn’t hug you that day, what will you do?”

Jing Bo Yuan says: “dealing with a young girl with you, I have a lot of ways.” Then he pats at her bottom, “Let’s stand up and eat.”

Ye Qing Xin stands up and pouts: “I am not that easy to deal with.”

Jing Bo Yuan smiles and takes her to the dining room.

On the other side.

At Carlton hotel.

Two tables, that each one has length of three meters long, every seat is occupied. Except Old Mister Jing and twenty people that he invited as witness. Every family members of Jing family and Gu family are all present too.

Jing family: Old Mister Jing, Jing Zong, Jing Yan, He Su E, Ji Yi, also several elders of Jing family.

Gu family: Gu Xing De’s whole family, Gu Xing De’s brothers’ family, but Old Mister and Old Madame Yan are not coming.

Huang Wei Juan is furious because of their absence. She feels it’s a waste to be part of their family. They are unwilling to be presence because of Ye Qing Xin!

This engagement party is much more low-keyed. Old Mister Jing wants to proceed with engagement but he still considers about Jing family’s reputation. He wants to be able to protect their reputation if this engagement fails. He has ordered the media to report of this engagement and instructed them to not report it publicly if it doesn’t happen.

Jing Bo Yuan, the main character, hasn’t arrived so the atmosphere turns awkward.

Gu Xing De and Huang Wei Juan’s faces turn sour.

Gu Xiao is wearing a dark red little dress. She looks really beautiful, she puts on a light makeup on her face so she looks elegant.

She sits down there quietly. She bites her lips and clutches both of her hands tightly. Though she has expected this to happen, but she still feels it’s hard to accept it.

She suddenly feels that she comes here with a rich dress, it’s simply looking for a humiliation. She knows clearly of this consequence, but why should she come? She also doesn’t understand herself.

Perhaps it’s because of her ten infatuation, she cannot accept this.

“It’s almost 12:00. Chief Jing is not here yet?” A youngster of Gu family asks.

Gu family members don’t know about the background of this engagement. Though most of them has heard about Jing Bo Yuan and Ye Qing Xin’s matter and also read the news. But they are not clear what happened.

They think that it’s a mutual agreed engagement.

As for Jing family, all of them know about Jing Bo Yuan’s attitude for this engagement.

Old Mister Jing’s face is sour when he hears about it.

Jing Zong, Jing Yan, and Ji Yi just be quiet and drinks their ta. He Su E is expressionless.

“A Yuan should be busy right? He is a man, he needs to prioritize his business. He manages a big company, it’s not easy. So please forgive him.” One of the Jing family senior speaks up.

Old Mister Jing glances at Qu Cheng.

Qu Cheng understands his glance and goes out to call Jing Bo Yuan.

He keeps on calling but it’s just declined.

“…..” Qu Cheng returns to the room and shakes his head at Old Mister Jing.

It’s twelve o’clock. Huang Wei Juan wants to speak up, but Gu Xing De just kicks her lightly so Huang Wei Juan just shuts up.

Zhao You Jia notices Gu Qiao’s face. He feels that he cannot just let a woman that he loves dearly to suffer this kind of treatment. He is so furious.

Suddenly, his phone vibrates.

He takes out his phone and gets a message. “Ok.”

It’s successful.

He stands up and excuses himself.

He goes out and finds a quiet corner. He calls a number.

It is answered.

Zhao You Jia just speaks up directly: “Mr Jing, I am Zhao You Ji. I believe that you remember me.”

Jing Bo Yuan is standing in the living room that time. “Mr Zhao, is there any problem?”

“Mr Jing seems to forget that today is your engagement day with Qiao Qiao. Carlton hotel 81208 room. I advise that you come quickly. If not, Ye Qing Xin’s Di Di will probably suffer. I hear that Ms Ye only has Ye Qing Guo as her relative. If she knows that her Di Di is in accident because of her, I think she will be unable to accept it.”

Gu Qiao asked him to not intervene because she simply doesn’t hope that Jing Bo Yuan hates her. No matter he shows up himself or not, Jing Bo Yuan will think that it’s related to Gu Qiao. He just wants to show that it’s only his own doing so Jing Bo Yuan will just make things hard on him and not Gu Qiao.

He cannot bear to see how sad Gu Qiao is now. He hopes that she can be happy. As long she wants it, he will give it to her. Even though he cannot give it, he wants to help her to get it.

At first he wants to find someone to directly kidnap Ye Qing Xin and use her to threaten Jing Bo Yuan. But when he thinks about it, it’s better to kidnap someone that is dear to her to force Jing Bo Yuan.

Zhao You Jia adds:”I think it’s better that you don’t tell Ms Ye about this. I’ll not be happy if she knows about this.”

He is warning him.

He feels that woman always believes something easily for something that she sees. If Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t tell her the truth, compromises for Ye Qing Xin and get engage with Gu Qiao. Ye Qing Xin will be heartbroken and leave him.”

Zhao You Jia wants to kill two birds with one stone.

“Mr Zhao, do you know the proverb of “to suffer the consequence of one’s own action”?” He sounds so calm. It’s outside Zhao You Jia’s expectation.

Zhao You Jia frowns and feels something is fishy, but he doesn’t think more about it. He just stresses once again: “Jing Bo Yuan, I give you half hour. If you don’t come, then just wait to bury the dead.”

“An awkward agreement without the consent of the parties concerned, do you think by forcing me to get engaged with Gu Qiao, Gu Qiao will be happy?” Jing Bo Yuan says mockingly.

Zhao You Jia laughs: “I just give half an hour.” Then he hangs up.

Jing Bo Yuan laughs lightly.

“Bo Yuan, I’m done.”

Jing Bo Yuan turns her head and looks at Ye Qing Xin. She is running toward him. She is wearing the thick jacket that he bought for her previously, it makes her young and little face looks bright and limpid.

“Slow down.” He walks toward her and hugs her. He is somewhat hopeless, she is getting even more lively than before.

He remembers the first time he met her. That time she was quiet and mature. She was still beautiful but lack of vitality.

Comparing to before, Jing Bo Yuan likes her current self.

“I get it.” Ye Qing Xin smiles. Then she comes out from his embrace. She takes his coat and scarf on the sofa: “Wear this and let’s visit Nai Nai.”

She helps him to wear it just like a wife helps her husband.

Jing Bo Yuan wears it.

Ye Qing Xin smiles: “Okay it’s done.”

The time she raises her head, her lips are kissed. They kiss for a while.

Carlton hotel.

Zhao You Jia returns to the room.

The atmosphere in the room is even colder.

All the guests start to feel there’s something wrong.

Suddenly, Old Mister Jing coughs two times and speaks up: “Recently A Yuan is busy for a contract. He told me yesterday that today he might not able to come. Though he is not here, but I bring the engagement ring. This is chosen personally by him, he asked someone to custom-made it. Come here, Lao Da (Eldest son), take his place to give it to Qiao Qiao…..”

Qu Zheng passes a red box.

Jing Zong is called and he is stupefied. He says seriously: “Pa, this is inappropriate. If this marriage will happen, I am Qiao Qiao’s Gong Gong (father-in-law) how can a Gong Gong give ring to his Er Xi Fu (daughter-in-law). It’s inappropriate, it’s better….” His gaze falls on He Su E. Then he looks at Ji Yi, “Let Ji Yi helps A Yuan…”

“Keh…” Ji Yi chokes on her tea, “I, It’s even inappropriate for me to do it. A Yuan is not my son, I think Da Sao is more appropriate than me, right? Yan Ge?”

Jing Yan of course supports his wife. He nods: “Da Ge, I also think Sao Zi is more appropriate.”

Old Mister Jing is furious.

His grandson doesn’t obey him, now his son also opposes him.

But now they are in public, he cannot just explode his anger. He says calmlY: “Xiao E, then sorry to trouble you.”

He Su E nods without any expression.

Jing Zong holds her hand, “Xiao E….” He doesn’t say anything but she understands what he wants to say.

Because of the misunderstanding fourteen years ago, her relationship with Jing Bo Yuan is bad. Several months ago when He Su E took initiative to go with him to T city to propose marriage, Jing Bo Yuan’s attitude toward her started to change. But if she helps Old Mister Jing now, Jing Zong fears that their relationship will turn even worse.”

He Su E takes her hand back coldly.

Jing Zong turns stiff but he just smiles. He uses to her cold treatment.

Qu Zheng passes He Su E the red box and He Su E just takes it. Then she puts it on Gu Qiao’s ring finger.

“Also this one.” Old Mister Jing takes an old jewelry box. It is a box from a jade inlaid with gold.

Old Mister Jing opens it. Inside it is a jade green bracelet. “This is a jade bracelet from our Jing family ancestor. Through the ages only the oldest daughter-in-law can…”

Suddenly Jing Zong’s phone rings.

Old Mister Jing glares at him.

Jing Zong takes it out and goes outside to answer it.

Old Mister Jing waits until the door is close and continues: “today for this engagement, we have cause Gu Qiao a great inconvenience, for expressing my apology and my sincerity, now I will….”

He hasn’t finished his words and the door is opened. Old Mister Jing doesn’t have time to glare over. Jing Zong just rushes to his side. He is panic.

Old Mister Jing notices his face and frowns: “What is it?”

Jing Zong comes closer and says something on his ear. Old Mister Jing’s face changes, he looks somewhat disbelieved. “Rea, really?”

Jing Zong nods seriously.

Old Mister Jing’s eyes turn happy, but he is aware of the current situation. He calms down and frowns.

He looks at Gu Xing De and feels confused.

Huang Wei Juan likes jewelry, she knows a lot of about jade. She knows the bracelet is high quality. She is impatient.

“Jing Shu Shu, what do you want to say before?” She tries to urge him.

Old Mister Jing ignores Huang Wei Juan and remembers what Jing Zong said. He didn’t expect that Ye Qing Xin, that little woman, is pregnant again. And this time she is pregnant with triplet. Haha…… triplet….. then he thinks again of what Jing Zong said to him. Jing Bo Yuan let him to personally cancel this engagement. If not later on when the kids are born, he will not let him to take a look.

A bastard!

Indeed this engagement is his own plan. He just passed the engagement ring and now he is regretting it. Jing Bo Yuan should do this in purpose. This bastard!

Old Mister Jing is sitting there and his expression keeps on changing. Then he turns his head to glare at all the family members……

Huang Wei Juan urges once more and notices that Old Mister Jing is unresponsive. Old Mister Jing closes the box and doesn’t pass it Gu Qiao, he returns it back to Qu Zheng.

Huang Wei Juan is worried and just says frankly: “The jade….”

Everyone can notice her greediness.

Old Mister Jing glances at her: “Let’s talk later.” Then he looks at everyone, “it’s twelve o’clock now. Everyone should be hungry now. Let’s eat first and we can talk.”

Qu Zheng calls the waiter and let them to serve the dishes. Then he takes the reporters and cameramen to the small private room to have lunch.

Gu Qiao just turns into a puppet. She has no expression. She looks at her ring.

Zhao You Jia looks at his watch and realizes Jing Bo Yuan will not come.

He just sends a message.

“Chop one of his finger and send me a photo.”

Very quickly, he gets the photo.

Zhao You Jia looks at the photo and feel worried but he suppresses it. He doesn’t respond.

Zhao You Jia uses to think that Jing Bo Yuan is hard to deal with but he thinks that it’s quite easy.

He sends it to Jing Bo Yuan.

— if you don’t come, I’ll chop a hand.

The reply comes quickly.

— As you please.

Zhao You Jia replies.

— You don’t feel afraid that I will send it to Ye Qing Xin?

— As you please.

Prak! Zhao You Jia slams his phone to the table. It shocks everyone.

This time Old Mister Jing stands up with a glass of wine on his hold. He says to everyone: “I’m sorry everyone. I have taken up half of your day. Qiao Qiao, Ye Ye has let you down. I just had a careful thought and I conclude that I shouldn’t force you to have engagement with A Yuan. You are a good woman, you are worthy to a better man. Our A Yuan is incompatible for you…..

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  1. Thank you so much for the chapters. I just got discharged from the hospital and I was glad to know that you are finally back to updating this novel. It’s my favorite and am really grateful for your updates. I can’t wait for what’s going to happen and thank God that she is pregnant. God Bless you.


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