Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 142

Li Shu Fen looks at the cheque and her heart is somewhat filled with anger.

If it’s previous Tai family will not care about this kind of money but now, five millions, for their family this is a huge sum of money. Although it cannot bring the company to life. But at lease it can support their family for a year.

She never expects that one day when their family in a down turn, the one that gives them money will the poor one that they helped before.

Li Shu Fen smiles and pushes back the cheque: “Xin Xin, you are treating us outsiders. Your Jiu Jiu helped your family before not for you to return the money.”

Ye Qing Xin smiles: “But except for this. I really cannot think the way to repay Jiu Jiu and Jiu Ma. For the business matter, Bo Yuan has ordered me explicitly to not care or intervene. Otherwise perhaps I can help Jiu Jiu a bit, but it’s a pity….”

She uses Jing Bo Yuan to stop Li Shu Fen to talk about it. Li Shu Fen’s face turns sour.

Ye Qing Xin passes the cheque to hr again: “Jiu Ma has a comfortable life, you should look down at my money. But this is my kind action, I hope that Jiu Ma can accept this. In the past I had some troubles with Shi Yun Biao Jie (Cousin Shi Yun), it makes me up to now to have no face to meet Jiu Jiu and Jiu Ma. I’m afraid in the future I’ll have no more chance to be filial toward Jiu Jiu and Jiu Ma.

She continues to bring up Jing Bo Yuan: “Bo Yuan also doesn’t hope me to hurt anymore.”

Last time Tai Shi Yun harmed Ye Qing Xin, Jing Bo Yuan also knows about it. He had tried to stop Tai Zheng Ting to help Tai Shi Yun from the police station.

Li Shu Fen’s face is really change.

At first she wanted to use ten-years of loving-kindness to force her to help revive Tai Zheng Ting’s company with Jing Bo Yuan’s help. Wo knows Ye Qing Xin uses a cheque to dismiss her intention. Even Ye Qing Xin’s last words shows how she draws a clear line between him and Tai family.

Li Shu Fen looks at Ye Qing Xin’s clean and fresh face. She really offends by her face.

Ten years of kindness, how can she want to settle with just five million?

Li Shu Fen laughs lightly: “Jing Bo Yuan really loves you. But your Shi Yun Biao Jie is not as emotional as before. She also feels sorry for what happened in the past. She keeps on wanting to find chance to apologize to you. But you also know that she is always keen on saving her pride. If not later on you go to my house. Your Shi Yun Biao Jie rarely goes out now. I can ask her to apologize to you.”

Ye Qing Xin is clever. How can she not notice her intention. She speaks in order. Li Shu Fen thinks that she cannot handle this, she just wants to take Ye Qing Xin home and let Tai Zheng Ting to handle her so she is not messing this up.

If Tai Zheng Ting cannot handle this, he will not blame her.

Ye Qing Xin smiles: “Jiu Ma, you should know that I and Bo Yuan are too different people. For everything I need to obey and listen to him. Today I come out to meet you, I try hard to talk to him to make him approve. Now without his approval, I don’t dare to visit your house….”

“If not, Jiu Ma, you can call him to help me. As long he agrees, I’ll be happy to go visit you.”

Ye Qing XIn is calm. Today she makes up her mind to let Jing Bo Yuan’s name to help her to solve this problem.

Li Shu Fen is speechless.

Let her to call Jing Bo Yuan? How can she dare enough? This Ye Qing Xin, she does this in purpose?

This time she suddenly understands, probably Ye Qing Xin feels that she is successful in rising her status, she wants to cast aside them as a poor faily.

Li Shu Fen laughs coldly and forgets Tai Zheng Ting’s order. She ridicules her: “That year I told Tai Zheng Ting, for some people it’s useless for us to act good. We will not be familiar and close by raising a thankless wretch. He didn’t believe me, he insisted to spend his money to those people to go to hospital, school. So what’s the result. Eventually it proves my words.”

Ye Qing Xin just listens to he and smiles.

“But just getting a rich man with a beauty face, she thinks that she will be a phoenix. Maybe one day, she will be a loose woman that is thrown away.”

She says like it’s a definite thing that Ye Qing Xin will be thrown away.

Ye Qing Xin smiles: “Thank you for Jiu Ma’s caring.”

Li Shu Fen glares at her and she stands up to leave. But before she leaves, she doesn’t forget to take the cheque.

Ye Qing Xin looks at her action and bids her farewell politely: “Jiu Ma, goodbye. Please pass my word to Jiu Jiu. This five million is my repayment for his kindness. In the future, forgive me to not have any chance to repay. Just think that he raised a thankless wretch.”

Li Shu Fen is so furious.

Ye Qing Xin is low-class people. She unexpectedly uses her words to make her angry.

She returns to her car. The driver asks: “Madame, are we going home?”

Li Shu Fen screams at him: “If we are not going home, where will we go?!”

The driver is unhappy about it but he just keeps being silence and drives the car home.

When she arrives home, Tai Zheng Ting just approaches her: “How is it? Is she agreeing to let Jing Bo Yuan to invest to our company?”

Li Shu Fen doesn’t dare to scream at Tai Zheng Ting. She just takes out the five-million cheque and passes it to him. “This is your good niece’s repayment for ten-years kindness. She say that she always notes every amounts of money that you gave to her. The total is 1,300,0000. She gave you back 5,000,000. It’s quite a lot.”

“You don’t see how arrogant she is. She wants to dismiss us with a cheque.”

Tai Zheng Ting takes the cheque. He says: “Did you mention about the investment?”

“Mention?” Li Shu Fen remembers the way Ye Qing Xin keeps on using Jing Bo Yuan’s name to keep her under control: “She didn’t give me a chance to speak up. She just kept on mentioning that Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t let her to intervene with the business. Tell me how can I mention about it?”

“Since the beginning, I had told you that your totally devoted action might not be appreciated, but you were stubborn and helped them out. So what’s the result? You raised her and she forgot about you.”

“Okay, don’t say it anymore.” Tai Zheng Ting just cuts her off. “Don’t mind this. Don’t tell anyone about it.”

Li Shu Fen is unhappy: “how can I talk it to other people? It’s too embarrassing?”

Tai Zheng Ting thinks about something and says: “Shi Yun and Shi Shi spend a lot of money every day. It’s okay in the past. But now the company is not doing well, we cannot have them to spend as their wish. Later on tell them to not spend money to buy bag and clothes.”

Li Shu Fen: “How much money can they spend?”

“The most important thing now I don’t have money. This time if the company cannot revive, it will declare bankruptcy, I also need to take responsibility for it.”

Li Shu Fen is worried: “How much money we should pay?”

“At least fifty million.”

“What?” Li Shu Fen is a bit panic. At least fifty million, it could be more. These years she has been enjoying a life at high position and great wealth. Tai Zheng Ting’s money that he gave to her, she has finished it all. She only have several hundred thousand left. She doesn’t have any bit of savings. She never thinks that will the day that Tai Zheng Ting turn bankrupt.

“Isn’t the company developing well these years? This year how can it be so bad?”

That is business world, one day it will prosper, and the other night it will turn bankrupt. Tai Zheng Ting looks at Li Shu Fen’s confused face. He suddenly feels so tired and lazy to explain it to her. He just says: “You don’t need to intervene this thing. You just need to take care of your two girls. Don’t let them be so extravagant and also don’t let them throw my face.”

Tai Shi Shi is standing near the stair. She could hear their chat.

She doesn’t think that her father’s business can be in low point as now. In the past she thought she was higher than Ye Qing Xin, how can she loss it now?”

Ye Qing Xin now is a golden phoenix beside Jing Bo Yuan.

How can all the things be hers?

This time Tai Shi Yun goes downstair and looks at Tai Shi Shi. Tai Shi Yun looks at her as her personal enemy. She glares at her. She passes by her and bumps into her shoulder.

Tai Shi Shi suddenly laughs, her voice is clear and crisp. She sounds happy and also sounds like she is laughing at herself.

“What are you laughing about?” Tai Shi Yun turns her head and glares at Tai Shi Shi.”

Tai Shi Shi laughs again for a while and says: “Jie Jie, don’t you find us to be very funny? We are born from the same parents, but for a man, who Ye Qing Xin doesn’t like, we are fighting with each other. We treat each other as enemy. Do you know how is Ye Qing Xin now? Now she is living happily and impressively with Jing Bo Yuan. Maybe she will be Mrs Jing soon. That time when we meet her, we should call her “Mrs Jing”.

Tai Shi Yun laughs coldly: “I don’t care whether in the future she will be Mrs Jing, Mrs Li, Mrs Wang, as long as she is not Mrs Chen. I don’t care. It’s you Tai Shi Shi. Let me warn you. If you dare to have a date privately with Chen Shu An. I will let you regret it!”

Tai Shi Shi looks that her words are not effective. She purses her lips and changes her words: “Jie Jie, do you know now that Pa’s company will be bankrupt soon? Today Ma looked for Ye Qing Xin, to let her talk to Jing Bo Yuan to plead for help, to help Pa’s company. At last Ye Qing Xin just gave he a cheque to make her go back. She acts like a rich woman. She hasn’t married but she just gave five million. If she married into the family, I don’t know how cocky she will be.”

She says it not only for to show her outrage for Li Shu Fen’s injustice but also makes Tai Shi Yun be jealous.

Who knows Tai Shi Shi’s effort shows no response like she didn’t listen to her words.

Tai Shi Shi feels unhappy. She just directly says: “Jie aren’t you angry? In the past didn’t you hate her the most.”

Tai Shi Yun looks at her: “In the past I disliked her because Chen Shu An likes her. Now Chen Shu An likes you so this moment and this time I hate you the most, Tai Shi Shi!”

Tai Shi Shi is startled.

Tai Shi Shi thinks about something.

In the beginning Chen Shu An acted to be together with her. Except for revenging Tai Shi Yun’s act toward Ye Qing Xin, he also wants to protect Ye Qing Xin.

Tai Shi Yun is really beyond redemption. She will hate anyone that Chen Shu An likes. Now Chen Shu An is successfully let Tai Shi Yun’s hatred toward Ye Qing Xin to her.

Tai Shi Yun laughs again.

This time her laugh is too sad.

She doesn’t only Chen Shu An makes her be his pawn for revenge, he also makes her as a pawn to protect to Ye Qing Xin.

In this game, the winner is Ye Qing Xin.

After Li Shu Fen leaves, Dou Weir comes over her. “What did you guys talk about? Your Jiu Ma’s face is really sour.”

Ye Qing Xin smiles and doesn’t want to say more. “Just talk about family stuff.”

Dou Weir notices that she doesn’t want to talk about it. She doesn’t ask more. “We will go home now?”

She doesn’t wait for her answer, Dou Weir says again with worried tone: “Like this, how can you join the competition tomorrow? Can you?”

Ye Qing Xin smiles and stands up: “I don’t really need to do anything. It’ll be okay.”

They both go out and want to take a taxi home.

But suddenly a car stops in front two of them. The window is lowered down. It shows Gu Qiao’s clean and smiling face. “Xin Xin, are you taking taxi? Where will you go? Let me send you.”


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