Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 106

Jing Bo Yuan looks at her.

The next moment.

He says: “What are you worrying about? I just want to say. Tomorrow night let’s invite that Chen Shu An to have dinner together. After all, today he did a great help for me.”

His tone sounds a bit indifferent, but Ye Qing Xin doesn’t dare to think that he is really indifferent.

She looks at in doubt and tries to examine whether what he said is true or not. She cannot understand clearly his thinking.

After a moment, she just smiles: “I don’t think it’s necessary? We are classmates, we are not really outsiders.”

Jing Bo Yuan’s grip turns tight: “You and he are not outsiders?”

Once again his tone is indifferent but she can notice a danger.

Ye Qing Xin: “………”

The atmosphere turns a bit strange.

This time.

Someone knocks the door, it’s an deliveree man, he brings the food that Jing Bo Yuan ordered before. In total it’s all five hundred ten.

Jing Bo Yuan takes out his wallet and just take out six hundred Yuan. “No need the change.”

The delivery man thanks him and leaves.

Jing Bo Yuan pushes a table to the front of Ye Qing Xin and opens the box one by one.

Ye Qing Xin looks at it, it’s all light-flavored food: stir-fry vegetables, lettuce and meat, one bowl egg custard and one bowl of pork chop soup.

It’s seems attentive to her condition.

The doctor instructs her to eat more carefully.

Ye Qing Xin is in IV drip. Her belly is not really hurt anymore, but it’s a bit swollen. She doesn’t feel comfortable to sit down, she also doesn’t have any appetite. But under Jing Bo Yuan’s care, she manages to finish half of her rice drinks the soup, and eats a bowl of egg custard.

She puts down her chopsticks and says: “I cannot eat it anymore.”

She feels nausea.

Jing Bo Yuan just finishes his business call, he notices her face. He doesn’t force her to eat more. He takes her chopsticks and eats the remaining food that she ate before.

Ye Qing Xin is startled and just realizes that Jing Bo Yuan might not having his lunch yet. She forgets about him.

Jing Bo Yuan enjoys his lunch. She watches him chewing his food. She notices his lips. Last night that thin lip brings her an extreme ecstasy.

Jing Bo Yuan just eats several scoops, then he gets a call from Jing Bo Yuan. This time he just answers in front of her. It’s just a business call again.

He continues to eat after the call.

Ye Qing Xin pushes the lettuce and pork dish to him, “Why didn’t you order one more? I’ve eaten this one, don’t you dislike it?”

Jing Bo Yuan lifts his eyes to look at her, “Dislike or not, last night you should know it right?”

Ye Qing Xin is choking.

Jing Bo Yuan finds it funny.

After eating, he tidies up and goes out. The time he returns, he brings two bottles of milk tea and a pack of female tampon.

For a man they usually bring in secret because they are afraid that it’ll be a joke for others. But Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t care. He is calm. He brings it like it is his briefcase.

He wraps one bottle of milk tea with the towel and stuffs in inside her t-shirt close to her belly. He passes the other one for her to drink.

It makes her belly feels warm.

Her heart also turns very warm.

She looks at him and she suddenly feels that Jing Bo Yuan is also an ordinary man, they are dating normally. He will eat her leftover foods, he can buy her milk tea, and he will buy tampon for her……

She wants to say something but Jing Bo Yuan’s phone rings again.

Jing Bo Yuan looks at it and turns to leave.

Ye Qing Xin: “……..”

Since he is here, he’s been in a phone for three times.

This moment Ye Qing Xin just be aware that Jing Bo Yuan is not a common people. He is the Chief of Bo Wei. He is busier than normal people.

After seven or eight minutes, Jing Bo Yuan returns.

Ye Qing Xin looks at him: “if you are busy that you can leave. I’m better now. I can go home when I’m done.”

Jing Bo Yuan looks at the time, it’s already two o’clock. There’s an hour before the signing contract event. He cannot miss that event.

He considers and says: “Stay here, if you are unwell, call the doctor. I’ll call the school to let Suo Suo to tell your teacher. At night I’ll pick you up to go home.”

Ye Qing Xin doesn’t understand his meticulous arrangement. She is just happy that he will pick her up later. She just nods.

Jing Bo Yuan raises her chin and kisses her lips. “Wait for me.”

She watches he leaves, then she finishes her milk tea. Her IV drip is still one third, supposedly there’s still half hour before it’s done.t

She lies down and after a while, someone knocks the door and opens it. It’s Gu Qiao.

Ye Qing Xin is startled and sits down again. She smiles and greets her: “Ms Gu.”

Gu Qiao smiles: “Don’t call me like that. Just call me Qiao Qiao. If you don’t dislike me just call me Qiao Qiao Jie (Sister Qiao Qiao). I am five years older than you.”

Ye Qing Xin smiles and asks her back: “Why are you here?”

“My friend stays in the hospital so I come to visit her.” Gu Qiao smiles: “Before I noticed Jing Bo Yuan came inside this room with two bottles. I guessed that you are here so I come over after he is gone.”

She continues: “Why are you here?”

Ye Qing Xin smiles: “Just a minor sickness, I am okay.”

Gu Qiao notices that she doesn’t willing to share so she doesn’t force her.

They are silent for a while, Gu Qiao says: “This time competition that is held by Jing Yan is very important, they invest great financial and physical resource. They want a fresh design and qualified designer. This is a good chance, if you want to dwell in fashion designer world. You need to be well-prepared.”

“Oh, right. How’s your preparation?”

“I just rented a place, I haven’t started.”

“Do your best. I had looked your design. It’s good potential, it’ll be outstanding.”

Ye Qing Xin smiles and remains indifferent: “Thank you.”

Gu Qiao sits down inside the room for a while and after a while, she excuses herself.

Before she leaves, she says to Ye Qing Xin: “Grandma is very fond of you. Everyday she talks about you. If you have time, go to the mansion to meet her.”

Ye Qing Xin nods: “em, thank you.”

Gu Qiao smiles and leaves.

She passes the nurse station and asks the nurse frankly: “Ye Qing Xin, what is her illness?”

The nurse smiles: “I’m sorry. That is patient’s secret.”

Gu Qiao doesn’t say anything and just lowers her head to open her red wallet, she takes out a hundred Yuan. She puts it inside the nurse’s white uniform. She avoids the CCTV while doing it.

The nurse turns happy, she checks her computer: “The patient has too intense s*x life, it makes her dizzy. There’s no major trouble. She can be discharged any time…..”

Gu Qiao’s face changes but she keeps on smiling. She takes out another hundred dollars and keeps doing it while avoiding the CCTV. She stuffs it inside the nurse’s pocket.

“Go and buy her a dark brown sugar. Then helps her to boil it with water. If she doesn’t ask, don’t tell that I ordered you to do it.”

Ye Qing Xin is laying on the bed. The sickroom door is opened and the nurse comes inside.

“Ms Ye, are you still in pain? I help you to boil a hot brown sugar water.”

Ye Qing Xin is surprised but she doesn’t show it: “Your hospital is too considerate.”

The nurse smiles: “Ms Ye is really good at joking.”

Ye Qing Xin doesn’t understand her meaning and just asks: “Who did ask you to do this?”

The nurse remembers Gu Qiao’s order. “It’s a woman with A-line skirt. She gave me money and let me to buy it to you.”

Ye Qing Xin frowns.

Ye Qing Xin takes it and drinks it.

It should be Gu Qiao.

Ye Qing Xin smiles. She feels that Gu Qiao is a great woman.

Ye Qing Xin endures her sleepiness and takes out her phone to browse the news.

She reads a lot of news.

She reads about the gossip about Shi Ying’s pregnancy. She is attracted to a news about the international top model Isla. She has decided to return back from abroad to progress. For the first time she announces to be the host of Jing Yan’s designer competition.

Ye Qing Xin examines Isla’s photos. She notices that she is a sexy, cool and elegant woman. When she wears different clothes, she will show different result.

If in the future she can design her own clothing, it’ll be great to have a cooperation with Isla.

She reads the news then she notices that her IV drop is finished. She presses the bell to call the nurse.

The nurse comes over and helps her to pull out the needle.

She then goes to the restroom and goes back to lay down again.

She feels so sleepy.

At night Ye Qing Xin is woken up by Jing Suo Suo.

“Why are you here?” She asks in daze.

Jing Suo Suo places the takeaway boxes on the table. “Da Ge asked me to come to accompany you. He said that he will be late. Are you hungry? Da Ge asked me to bring dinner for you too. Eat a bit.”

Jing Suo Suo accompanies her until nine o’clock at night.

Jing Bo Yuan arrives at the sickroom and notices Jing Suo Suo is laying down on her stomach on the table while studying.

Ye Qing Xin is sitting down on the sofa and reading a fashion magazine.

She turns her head to see whose coming to the room.

“Bo Yuan.” Ye Qing Xin closes the door and stands up.

Jing Suo Suo also raises her head and stands up. She also tidies up and closes her book: “Da Ge, finally you are here. I want to go home. It’s too tiring to study this way.”

“Are you driving?” Jing Bo Yuan asks.

Jing Suo Suo: “I drive my Ma car. I don’t need you to drive me home.”

She says again before she leaves: “Our agreement, don’t forget it!”

Jing Bo Yuan: “Go home, hurry.”

Jing Suo Suo: “You are done with using me then you oust me. Da Ge, you are too over….. Don’t forget your promise, Lamborghini…”

Jing Bo Yuan: “em.”

Jing Suo Suo is happy and leaves.

Jing Bo Yuan looks at Ye Qing Xin: “Are you well now?”

Ye Qing Xin smiles: “Better. Let’s go home—”

Jing Bo Yuan just carries her up after hearing her words.

“Ah, Bo Yuan, what are you doing?”

Jing Bo Yuan carries her up and looks at her eyes: “Last night it was my mistake. I shouldn’t give you urgent contraceptive medicine. I’ll not repeat this mistake.”

Ye Qing Xin is startled and notices that he is apologizing to her.

His apology is frank and sincere.

Jing Bo Yuan just carries her up until the parking area. He just ignores everyone’s stare.

Ye Qing Xin is embarrassed.


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