Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 574

Mu Chu Cheng smiled: “What are you talking, Grandpa? I see that your faces are not good. Are you healthy recently?”

“You disappeared, we sent many people to find you, but there’s news. How can I have enough rest?” Old Madame Mu said.

“So it’s like that.” Mu Chu Cheng laughed: “I just thought that because you feel guilty about something that you cannot sleep.”

Old Mister Mu and Old Madame Mu’s body turned stiff. They asked Mu Chu Cheng: “What do you mean? What did we do?”

“I almost forget that you did a lot of mistakes. How can you not sleep because of that.”

“Mu Chu Cheng, just directly blurt it out if you have something to say. What are you doing speaking in circles?”

“Your words is good, Grandpa. Then I’ll not beat in the bush again. I just want to ask you, is Xi He’s miscarriage related to you?”

So this was the reason Mu Chu Cheng came back to Mu house.

Old Mister Mu and Old Madame Mu looked at each other. Their face turned bad.

They should know from earlier that Xi He will report their deeds.

“For this matter, we also just know about it…..”

“Don’t say anything else, I just want to know whether it is related to you or not.” Mu Chu Cheng said coldly.

Old Mister Mu was furious and said: “What is it about your attitude? Let me tell you, we didn’t know about her pregnancy, it’s her that purposely hid it from us. If that time we knew that she was pregnant, how can we….”

“How can you use force to snatch Xi Nuan Nuan away right?” Mu Chu Cheng continued their sentence: “I’m afraid that you even will take Xi He away. Then, what will you do? Supposedly you will keep her locked until she gives birth to the kid right. Then you will just kick her out? Both of her kids will stay here?”

“Xi He is not wrong, you guys really had personally killed her kid.” Mu Chu Cheng said.

Old Mister Mu said: “That time I also didn’t know that she was pregnant! Also now the kid is gone, what can we do? Today you came back for what?”

Mu Chu Cheng looked at both of them: “My unborn kid is dead, how can I not go home to ask about it?”

“Are you sure that you are just asking? It’s clear that you come back to interrogate us!” Old Madame Mu slapped the coffee table: “That is our grandkid, you think that we don’t feel heartbroken because of it? How can we know that she was pregnant, if she didn’t tell us! That time she insisted to take Nuan Nuan, if we knew she was pregnant, would we do it?”

Mu Chu Cheng smiled coldly: “So, this is all her fault?”

Old Madame Mu was startled: “now I don’t want to talk too much about this. It’s already happened, nothing can be change. What should we do? I already persuaded you to break it off with Xi He, but you don’t listen….”

“Grandma, you are really great. You really killed my kid. Now you want to teach me, you also put all the blame to Xi He?”

Old Madame Mu was so furious that she couldn’t say anything.

“Then what do you want? Is it possible that you want us to repay it with our life?!”

“I just want to have a fair retribution for my kid.”

Mu Chu Cheng said it. Then the door was opened. Ying Tong came inside with several other people. Among them there were four Mu house’s bodyguard.

Both of elders now knew what will Mu Chu Cheng do.

“I heard that day four of them snatched Nuan Nuan away and pushed Xi He to the ground?”

Both of elders hadn’t spoken up and those four bodyguards just came forward and begged him: “Mr Mu, we didn’t do it in purpose, really. That time we didn’t know that she was pregnant….”

“So if she wasn’t pregnant, you can attack her? How can you touch my woman recklessly?”

Four of them lowered their heads and didn’t say anything. They were clear that today they couldn’t run away from punishment.

“Don’t say that I bully you. Today I just want one of your hand. Now think carefully, that time which hand of you guys touched Xi He. Think carefully.”

They were bodyguards. Hands and legs are important for them because they used it for making money. How will they spend their future?

“Mr Mu, please we beg you. Don’t do this. It’s unrelated to us. We just followed Old Mister and Old Madame’s order….”

Ying Tong shook his head and sighed. They were bodyguards of Old Mister and Old Madame, how can they not listen to their order?

It’s just they shouldn’t push Xi He down to the ground.

Mu Chu Cheng is really fond of Xi He, how can he not give her an explanation.

Both elders Mu are his relatives, they are seventy years old. He will not attack them but he needs to do something in front of them, to let them know that his woman, they shouldn’t touch her!

“You cannot think about it, do you need me to help you to choose?”

“Old Mister, Old Madame, help us!”

“Mu Chu Cheng, what a scandal to make a scene like this? Why shouldn’t we have a good talk?” Old Mister Mu said.

“When you snatched Xi He’s daughter, had you thought to have a good talk?”

“You…. You really want to make me angry to death?!”

One Reply to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 574”

  1. I feel sorry for the body guards. There should be some way to stop his grandparents other than to harm the guards.
    Wow! This could be tragic.

    Thank you for the duo update


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