Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 8

Bo Wei company is built from scratch by Jing Bo Yuan, it’s growing quick and violent. Today it is an influential company in business world.

There’re a lot of hotels built under their company and attracts a lot of people.

At night six o’clock.

Ye Qing Xin and friends follows Jing Suo Suo to get inside.

“Welcome”, two waitresses with red qipao (Chinese traditional clothing) greet them.

Jing Bo Yuan arranges a private room for them in the third floor.

The waitress brings them upstairs. They pass a group of middle-aged men, who are clearly old chiefs of company.

Ye Qing Xin raises her head and her face turns pale.

But very quickly she lowers her head and moves beside Dou Weir to hide.

Dou Weir is confused: “What happened?”

She turns her head and notices a familiar face. She immediately understands Ye Qing Xin’s action.

It’s Tai Zhen Ting, he is chatting with the other person.

Ye Qing Xin seems to be afraid to meet him. She never wants to chat about him.

Dou Weir doesn’t really understand. She knows that Ye Qing Xin’s family has difficult situation. Tai Zhen Ting always helps them. Ye Qing Xin should be thankful for him.

Dou Weir clutches Ye Qing Xin’s hand when he disappears: “It’s okay.”

Ye Qing Xin raises her head and laughs forcefully.

At ten years old, father’s abandonment attacked her Mama, she becomes sick and never recovers. She knows from that time her family has collapsed.

That time Tai Zhen Ting appeared and supported them.

That time she regarded Tai Zhen Ting as her father. She calls him uncle but regarded him as her father.

She isn’t sure since when she feels something wrong with Tai Zhen Ting.

She couldn’t be sure what is wrong. He looks like his old self, he would rush over to visit them to T city from Jing city. He always buys food and clothes for her and her little brother. He also will share some money for her mother’s treatment.

But she always something wrong with him. Every time he gets close to her, she will run away. His gaze makes her uncomfortable.

Until she is older, finally she understand the meaning behind his gaze.

His gaze toward her is not for a kid, but for a woman.

Ye Qing Xin sits down on the seat that nearest to the window. She watched the myriad of lights. It’s so bright and splendid.

Jing Suo Suo orders the most expensive dishes. Dou Weir and Qian Rong also order a dish that they want. Jing Suo Suo let Ye Qing Xin to order but she just shakes her head: “I’m okay. You can order it for me.”

When they are waiting for the dishes, Jing Suo Suo calls Jing Bo Yuan and asks when will he come over. Jing Bo Yuan answers but they couldn’t hear it. Jing Suo Suo just hangs up and pouts.

“What is it? Your cousin will not come?” Dou Weir asked.

“No. He is busy. He let us to eat first.”

Dou Weir smiles: “He is a big boss. It’s normal to be busy.”

The dishes come.

When they are eating, Jing Bo Yuan comes over.

That man is wearing suit, he is so handsome and tall. He is so charming to look at it.

He apologizes to be late. It’s just he looks so serious and stern that four girls cannot see any sense of regret.

Dou Weir says hurriedly: “we are not dare, we are bold enough to disturb you. We are sorry.”

Jing Bo Yuan looks at the woman who is speaking. Then he watches Ye Qing Xin’s face.

That girl is lowering her head down. She is quiet.

Jing Suo Suo is so happy and shows her proud expression that seems like she is saying “I am not lying right? Jing Bo Yuan is really my cousin.”.

Suddenly she remembers then introduces Ye Qing Xin, Dou Weir, and Qian Rong.

Dou Weir and Qian Rong smile brightly and greets him. It’s just Ye Qing Xin, who is not focus.

Facing two beautiful girls’ enthusiasm, Ji Bo Yuan’s expression doesn’t change. He just nods politely at them.

After a while, his phone rings.

He takes out his phone and says to everyone: “Sorry, I’ll answer my call first.”

The door is closed.

Dou Weir is excited: “Suo Suo, I didn’t expect that your cousin will be that handsome!” He’s not only handsome, he is so masculine and charismatic.

In her life, Jing Bo Yuan always be complimented. Even though those compliments are not for her, but she is proud and happy: “Of course, in our Jing family there’s no ugly person, we are all good-looking one.”

Dou Weir: “……….”

“He is so great, he is married right?” Qian Rong asks.

“No.” Jing Suo Suo stuffs a shrimp in her mouth and chews it: “He is thirty years old man without any woman. My grandma is worried.”

Dou Weir purses her lips: “A man like your cousin, he should be looking for an appropriate match right?”

Dou Weir always be beautiful and charming girl.

She can easily have a praise of any other men.

It’s just before she noticed that Jing Bo Yuan is aloof toward her unlike any other men.

It makes her even more attracted to him.

“I don’t know about my cousin, but my grandma just wants a woman for him. The one that can give birth to a chubby great-grandson. She will be happy with it.” Jing Suo Suo drinks her juice and starts to gossip: “You guys don’t know how crazy my grandma for having a great grandson. One time on the way, she wanted to carry another kid, she made the mother scared and reported to the police.”

Dou Weir and Qian Rong listen to her story, Ye Qing Xin suddenly stands up: “I will go to the restroom first.”


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