Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 551

“What’s good about her!” Old Madame Mu said with her sour face: “Since young age, she always follows Mu Chu Cheng. That year she could do anything. She doesn’t know her own status. Now she clearly knows about her mother and A Cheng’s father, that year if not because of their lowly action, my daughter will not die. She doesn’t feel any guilt and still be together with A Cheng!”

“Okay, let’s not talk about this. Let’s have dinner first.” Old Mister Mu temporarily didn’t want to discuss about Mu family scandal in front of Shan Shan.

“In the future, with you beside A Cheng, we can be relieved.” Old Madame Mu once again discussed about it.

Lin Shan Shan smiled: “Grandma, it’s not good? I think A Cheng and Xi He are good, moreover they also have a daughter. I couldn’t get into them.”

“Don’t worry. It wouldn’t last long.” This time Old Mister Mu was the one that spoke out.

“Moreover, I wouldn’t let a woman like XI He to get inside Mu family.” Old Madame Mu said.

During the dinner, Mu Chu Cheng noticed that Xi He, was sitting down in front of him, from time to time glanced at him. He put down his chopsticks and smiled: “If you keep looking at me, I’ll think that at this moment you want to eat me and not these dishes.”

Xi He rolled her eyes and smiled: “Mu Chu Cheng, your admirers are many. Lin Shan Shan seems to be your childhood lover.”

“I don’t remember her.”

“Even though you don’t remember her, she’s still your childhood lover.”

Mu Chu Cheng raised his brows: “how can I smell a strong smell of jealousy? Xi He, can you smell it?”

“Don’t shift the topic.” Xi He snorted: “I see your grandpa and grandma once again help you to find new fiancee. That new fiancee seems very knowledgable, pretty. How can she be compared to me, she is unlike me, people’s first impression of me is I look like a fox spirit (seductive woman)…”

Xi He said it then Xi Nuan Nuan, who was learning to use chopstick, looked at her with her big eyes: “Mama, what is a fox spirit?”

Xi He said: “Xi Nuan Nuan, just eat your dinner. A kid shouldn’t intervene when adults are talking.”

“O.” Xi Nuan Nuan pouted and once again fought with the difficulty of using chopsticks.

“But I like your face.” Mu Chu Cheng took a chance when Xi Nuan Nuan was unfocus to pinch Xi He’s face.

Xi He slapped his hand: “I see your childhood lover has been longing for you these years, even though she was abroad, she always remembers you, the time she returned, she looked for you.”

Mu Chu Cheng took a slice of beef with his chopsticks for Xi He: “You are busy talking and busy being jealous, you don’t eat anything. Wife, you should be hungry right? Eat a bit.”

Xi He bit the beef.

Mu Chu Cheng looked at his watch: “What time does the administration office close? Does it open at night?”

“They should be closed in the late afternoon.” Xi He wasn’t aware of his question, and just answered it carelessly.

She suddenly realized and looked at him: “what do you want to do?”

“Those two elders are really annoying.” Mu Chu Cheng massaged his temple: “They tried to give me a woman, we should hurry up and register our marriage. After registering, you will be legally my only woman. They will stop right?”

Xi He was startled.

“Tomorrow morning let’s do it.” Mu Chu Cheng continued.

Though Xi He never thought about marrying Mu Chu Cheng, but she feels this time it’s too natural so she nodded: “okay.”

“Later at night let’s prepare all the materials.”

After sending Lin Shan Shan away, both elders sat down on the living room and enjoyed their tea. Except the butler, they sent out everyone else.

“At first I wanted to let Xi He knows that this lifetime there’s no way she could marry into Mu family. How can I know that Mu Chu Cheng, that little bastard, really dares to do those thing. He unexpectedly took her to leave. He really showed us his standpoint?”

“No matter what, I cannot let Xi He get inside Mu family.” Old Mister Mu also said it.

“Nuan Nuan she……..”

Old Mister mu looked at Old Madame Mu: “Nuan Nuan is part of our family, of course we need to take her back to Mu family. We need to think of a way to let Mu Chu Cheng be together with Lin Shan Shan. Tonight I can see that Lin Shan Shan is fond of Mu Chu Cheng.”

Old Madame Mu nodded: “I know that time when I accidentally met her parents, she just asked about Mu Chu Cheng. I almost forgot about her. I can notice her interest in Mu Chu Cheng. She is better than Jiang Xin Yan.

Old Mister Mu nodded: “Lin Shan Shan’s family is good. She also has a great personality and understanding. I support her to be our grand daughter-in-law.” He continued: “Then what is your plan?”

Old Madame Mu knew that Old Mister Mu’s question was asking whether she had a way to separate Xi He and Mu Chu Cheng.

Old Madame Mu pondered for a while: “I think we shouldn’t rush this thing, we should take it slow. Lin Shan Shan also understands about this. I have a good way, I said it to you in the past, do you remember it?”

She said to Old Mister Mu’s ear. Old Mister Mu said: “Then you should call, try to check his intention. If it’s true, then it’s so easy.”

Old Madame Mu nodded and instructed the butler to take her phone. She dialed a number and said: “It’s me…..”

The time they returned home, Xi he was getting ready and preparing all the materials for registering marriage. It’s simply just residence registration booklet and ID. She had done it before so she knew it. This is her second marriage. She tried to browse in the internet whether she needs anything else.

Mu Chu Cheng came inside the room. Before he took responsibility to send Xi Nuan Nuan to her room.

This morning he asked someone to decorate and arrange Xi Nuan Nuan’s room. At night he was responsible to urge her to sleep. She was so stubborn and unwilling to sleep. At last she compromised and wanted Mu Chu Cheng to tell her bedtime story before she slept.

Mu Chu Cheng never did this thing in the past, he told a messy and disorder bedtime story

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