Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 547

Xi Hang’s eyes were red and swollen because she had been crying for so long. “Sis, I’m sorry. What Bro Chu Cheng said before is right, I am too selfish. With what happened, I just thought about myself. I neglected you. I was just afraid to be gossiped, I was just afraid that I didn’t consider anyone else…..”

Xi He patted her shoulder: “Okay, it’s okay. It’s in the past. Xi Hang, anyway you need to remember, you no need to be mindful about other people’s thought. Anyway they will forget what happened. What Mu Chu Cheng said is right, now everyone knows about it, what’s the point of running? A fact is a fact.”

Xi Hang covered her face and nodded.

“Okay, don’t cry anymore. Let’s get up. You need to take a shower. I will take some food from the kitchen here.”

Xi Hang nodded and lifted up the blanket.

Xi He went outside.

Mu Chu Cheng noticed her and looked at her: “How is she?”

Xi He smiled and used “ok” gesture to him. She then went to the kitchen to prepare some foods for Xi Hang.

The time she came out from Xi Hang’s room, she noticed Mu Chu Cheng was wearing his leisure cloth and sitting down on the sofa. He was working with his laptop.

She came over and sat down beside him: “What are you doing?”

Mu Chu Cheng put down his laptop and hugged Xi He’s shoulder: “I already let someone picks Nuan Nuan up.”

Xi He was startled: “What for?”

“Anyway you are back to Nan City, then let’s not going back again. Let’s stay here in the future. Here is your home.”

“But….” Xi He just said one word, yet she didn’t know what she hesitated about. She was just felt strange that she once again came back after so many years. She couldn’t adapt to it.

“Don’t you notice that Ying Tong is gone? He is going to An City. Probably he will bring Nuan Nuan here by night.”

“What about Xiao Hang?”

Mu Chu Cheng snorted: “What about Xi Hang? Xi Hang of course will transfer school here. I already asked Ying Tong to help her to handle the administration in passing.”

“We need to ask whether she is willing or not….” Xi He didn’t want to force her.

“She definitely will agree. In the past she was stopped in front of the school’s gate for a long time. It created sensation. Here in Nan City, at least there will be that kind of event. I will someone watch for her. I will not let that happen again. The learning environment here is also better. They also have a great security system, they can protect her. Xi Hang should like this school. She will be regarded as an ordinary student, no one will gossip about her. Shouldn’t it be what she wants? Just let her be relax for a while, wait until the gossip has calmed down, then it will be okay…..”

Xi He didn’t expect that in this short period, Mu Chu Cheng could think and plan throughly for this matter. He is also being considerate for Xi Hang.

“Mu Chu Cheng, thank you.”

Mu Chu Cheng smiled: “It’s too insincere to just say it, what about thank me with your body?”

Xi He beat him: “Dream on.”

Mu Chu Cheng kissed her lips: “If you don’t give me, then who will you give it?”

At nine o’clock in the morning, Ying Tong arrived home with Xi Nuan Nuan. He had helped Xi Hang to do school transfer administration.

This is the first time Xi Nuan Nuan got on airplane. She never went anywhere by plane. She always took fast train. On the plane, Xi Nuan Nuan felt so curious and she kept on looking on the window during the flight. But it’s pity it’s too dark that she couldn’t see anything. But it didn’t reduce her interest.

During the flight, she was so excited that she didn’t sleep. So of course Ying Tong also didn’t sleep.

The time she got inside the car, she started to yawn and fell asleep.

Ying Tong carried her inside and cautiously passed her to Xi He.

Xi He wanted to take her upstairs, Mu Chu Cheng stopped her and pointed: “It’s the second room on the left side. It’s her bedroom, don’t be wrong.”

Xi He bit her lips. She really wanted to kick him!

How can a Papa say something like that?

He always worries that Xi Nuan Nuan will disturb them if they sleep in a same room.

Xi He shook his hand away and ignored him. She directly took her to the first room, which is Mu Chu Cheng’s room.

Xi Nuan Nuan should feel strange in the first night, she worried that she will cry if she woke up in the midnight.

So Xi He planned to sleep together with her. As for Mu Chu Cheng, if he isn’t’ willing then he could just sleep at the next room. No one will force him to stay.

Supposedly Mu Chu Cheng still has some works to do so he returned to the room a bit later. He noticed that Xi He was asleep and Xi Nuan Nuan was sleeping beside her.

Hearing a noise, Xi He raised her head and looked at him. Then she closed her eyes again, she pointed at the door: “If you think Nua Nuan will be in the way, then you can sleep alone in the next room.”

Mu Chu Cheng came over and pinched her cheek lightly. “Dream on, do you think I will let you sleep in this room with somebody else.”

Xi He almost kicked him. She flipped her body and hugged Xi Nuan Nuan: “Dammit, Mu Chu Cheng, Xi Nuan Nuan is your daughter!”

Mu Chu Cheng’s phone rang. He looked at both of them and took his phone out to answer it.

Xi He watched his figure and slept once again. She sighed. She hoped that in the future she will just give birth to little sister for Xi Nuan Nuan. It’s better to not give birth to a son, if not she will need to bare his mistreatment to her son!

Mu Chu Cheng took his phone and answered: “Why now Lao Fo Ye loves to call me in the midnight, don’t you need your sleep?”

“Little bastard, it’s me


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