Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 540

Xi He was worried and waiting for the elevator. Mu Chu Cheng chased after her and pulled her to stop: “I will ask someone to take care of Nuan Nuan, I’ll go with you.”

Xi He nodded.

Mu Chu Cheng drove Xi He to the first school of An City. Perhaps most of the reporters thought that Xi Hang had left so there’s only few reporters left. They looked that Mu Chu Cheng’s car got inside the school. They wanted to chase after him.

Mu Chu Cheng pressed the brake and the car almost hit the reporters.

That reporters were afraid but they were happy that he stopped. He got off the car.

“Mr Mu, excuse me….”

He didn’t finish his word and Mu Chu Cheng just kicked him and let him retreat few steps back. Mu Chu Cheng just said; “if you want to die, then speak up.”

Looking at this situation, no one dared to go near him.

Mu Chu Cheng returned to his car and there’s no reporter follow and stop him.

Xi He called Ji yao, Jia Yao answered: “Sis Xi He, I’m in the dorm.”

Because Xi He frequently comes to pick up Xi Hang so she knows the dorm. Finally she was there, Ji Yao and several other girls were at the lobby.

“Sis Xi He.” Ji Yao came forward.

“Xiao Yao, where’s Xi Hang? Do you know where is she?”

“I also don’t know. At first everyone just wants to let her leave. There’s no way we can let her to stay here, there’re a lot of reporters outside. When she came out from the backdoor, the reporters recognized her and wanted to chase after her. I and several other girls and also security guards blocked them. Xiao Hang was very afraid and ran off. We tried to call her but her phone was off…..” Ji Yao was worried: “Sis Xi He, Xiao Hang will be okay right?”

“She should be. I’ll look for her.” Xi He pursed her lips: “Sorry to trouble you, Xiao Yao. If she contacts you, please call me immediately, okay?”

Ji Yao nodded; “I will, Sis Xi He.”

Xi He got inside the car again: “Let’s go.” Now she really needs to not waste any time to find Xi Hang.

Actually she already expected that sooner or later Xi Hang will know about her identity and status, but she hopes that she will know it from her. She wanted to use the gentlest way. But nows everyone knows, she should think wildly about this.

Xi He worried that she will take this hardly.

On the way home, Mu Chu Cheng called several times to let people find Xi Hang.

Xi He let Mu Chu Cheng take her to go to places Xi Hang probably goes. On the way, she also kept on calling Xi Hang but it’s still off.

“Xiao Hang, don’t scare sister.” Xi He’s eyes turned red.

Mu Chu Cheng patted her shoulder. Suddenly his phone rang.

Xi He thought there’s his man so she watched him expectantly.

Mu Chu Cheng answered it, it’s Old Madame Mu. She said: “Little bastard, is it you who exposed it?”

“Lao Fo Ye, you are joking with me right. How can I do it? Now Xi Hang is gone, I’m looking for her now? Why should I do it? It should be you, I want to ask you, is it you who did this because you’ve lost your mind?” Mu Chu Cheng lowered the window to let cool air came inside and refreshed his mind.

“You bastard!” Old Madame Mu yelled: “You dare to accuse me to be unable to act tactfully. You are not as clear as me. For this big scandal, I will act recklessly? I’ve tried to conceal this secret for so many years, I even didn’t tell you, how can I tell everyone?”

“Then you should ask your husband…..”

Mu Chu Cheng just said it and Old Madame Mu cut him off: “It’s impossible to be him.”

“Then if it’s not me or you, then who is it? Shouldn’t it be obvious?” Mu Chu Cheng laughed lowly.

“Xi He?” Old Madame Mu frowned.

“See that’s why I told you that you are unable to think properly. Xi He will not take initiative to publish this matter. Now Xi Hang is gone, she is worried badly about this, how can it be her?” Mu Chu Cheng said it and placed his hand on her. He stroked her head too.

“Then who else?”

“You should think by yourself!”

Mu Chu Cheng said it and hung up.

He is very clear that old Madame Mu really valued her reputation and family’s reputation, of course she should be able to deal with that woman. He didn’t need to do anything.

Old Madame Mu threw her phone away. Before indeed she didn’t think clearly that she guessed it was Xi He. The time she was calm down and thought about that matter again, she is sure it will not be Xi He’s doing. Because Xi He really loves her only little sister.

Now, there’s only one suspect!

That is Jiang Xin Yan!

She never talks to Jiang Xin Yan about this matter, she always kept it as a secret. How can Jiang Xin Yan know about this!

Just like Mu Chu Cheng said, except Jiang Xin Yan, there’s no one!

“Old Madame Mu, you think it’s Jiang Xin Yan?” Fang Gang asked.

Old Madame Mu nodded.

Fang Gang has followed Old Madame Mu since he is young so he shouldn’t be doubted.

“Fang Gang, help me to call Jiang Xin Yan and tell her to come over!”


Fang Gang just about to call and suddenly the door was opened.

This period of time because Old Madame Mu stayed in An City and also lived in Mu Chu Cheng’s apartment so Jiang Xin Yan also lived there.

Jiang Xin Yan got in and looked at Old Madame Mu, who was sitting on the sofa. She came over after changed into her slipper: “Grandma, today you didn’t go out?”


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