Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 535

Xi He bit her lips: “What’s the point or the relation to me if you want to divorce her! Huo Si Che, I never tell you that I want to be with you? For what reason, you’re coming here and ask me about this? Also, your matter with Xiao Wu is unrelated with me. I will not be together with you because I have Mcc. Even though he didn’t appear in all my life, I will not be with you. No matter what you do. Because I now have him, I will be with him. Other men in my eyes are not men. Understand?!

Xi He was so furious!

She thought Huo Si Che was too hilarious and weird!

“Xi He, I really like you, really…”

“What do you like about me? Hou Si Che!” Xi He looked at him coldly.

“I like everything about you!”

“He….” Xi He laughed coldly: “You like everything about me? It’s so good to hear it, but is it mean that your liking makes me need to like you too? Do you know Chen Xian Fei? He is my former husband. Actually in my eyes, you are both are the same one, you are both hilarious!”

“Xi He, don’t be like this to me….”

Today the time he looked at their togetherness, he was in confusion.

He didn’t expect that Xi He chooses to be with Mu Chu Cheng…..

Today he had used his whole day to think about this. He thought that he is willing to divorce Xiao Wu to be with her. Even though it means that he will lose power, but he is willing just to be with Xi He.

But Xi He….. she doesn’t care about his decision.

“Huo Si Che!” Xi He couldn’t break free from his grip. She yelled: “Let me go! Just be a Chief Huo and be with Mrs Huo, okay? Why should you look for me? Why should you act crazily!”

“Xi He, Mu Chu Cheng has a fiancee. I heard that Old Madame Mu really likes Jiang Xin Yan. What will you get if you be together with Mu Chu Cheng? Don’t tell me you want to be his mistress? If that happened, you will not get any glory? Why then you aren’t willing to be together with me? I am willing to let go everything to be with you. Really, Xi He, I will divorce Xiao Wu and be together with you. I can give you everything, Mu Chu Cheng cannot..”

“Who tells you Mu Chu Cheng will not marry me? Who says that you can give what Mu Chu Cheng cannot give me? Huo Si Che, you should understand that I will not be together with you!”

Xi He really wanted to kick him.

“Why? Why you are unwilling to be together with me? You rather to be with Mu Chu Cheng and be his mistress?’

Xi he felt something wasn’t right.

She looked that her key was hanging on the door. The time Huo Si Che wasn’t paying attention. She suddenly pushed him away and opened the door. She wanted to get inside the house but Huo Si Che responded quickly and pulled her back.

Xi He was sweating: “Huo Si Che, what do you want?”

“I want you to break up with Mu Chu Cheng, and be with me…”

Xi He just cut him off: “Dream on!”

Huo Si Che’s hand moved from her shoulder and finally clutched her face. Xi He looked around, there’s no one around.

Xi He noticed that he almost kissed her so she yelled: “Huo Si Che, if you dare to act carelessly! Mu Chu Cheng will kill you.”

“Then let’s try it.”

Suddenly a black suit man came over and pulled Huo Si Che back. Huo Si Che fell.

“Ms Xi, Mr Mu asked me to take care of you.”

Huo Si Che got up and wanted to pound that man but that man was quick. They were fighting.

Xi He just watched both of them.

Huo Si Che fell down again, that man kicked him: “Stay away from Ms Xi. Don’t appear in front of her anymore.”

Huo Si Che just laughed: “She is my secretary, you know secretary? We should be together everyday. You think she can avoid me?”

“It’s simple to avoid you.” Xi He went to his front and slapped him again: “I will resign, okay?”


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