Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 507

Mu Chu Cheng isn’t willing to let her be humiliated. He would definitely treasure her life.

Bro Xiao took a coat and covered Xi He’s body then dragged her over to be his shield: “Mu Chu Cheng, this moment let’s discuss. We just want a way out. Just let your men to stop chasing us. We will let her go when we arrive in a safe place.”

“You engage in drug trades in my area, you killed my brother…” Mu Chu Cheng pointed at Lei Zi: “You betrayed m, now you want me to give you a way out? He….. are you too naive?”

“Naive or not, Mr Mu you know it for sure. If you don’t care about her, then you can just give her to our brothers to play around. Hahaha, let me tell you. Mu Chu Cheng, if we don’t leave today, this woman will die with us too. You can consider it clearly.”

Bro Xiao finished his words and a car stopped. Ying Tong got off the car and noticed the woman in front of Bro Xiao.

He pursed his lips and went over to Mu Chu Cheng’s side: “Mr Mu.”

“Hurry up let your men leave!” Bro Xiao said: “I give you a minute to consider. If it’s one minute pass and you haven’t decided then I will just let her die.”

Mu Chu Cheng looked at Xi he.

One of Mu Chu Cheng’s man said: “Mr Mu, you shouldn’t let them go, if not An Ge’s death will be a waste.”

Mu Chu Cheng didn’t say anything, but Ying Tong glared at the man: “Shut up! Why should you intervene with Mr Mu’s decision?”


“Ten, nine, eight….”

Actually he was worried too.

Mu Chu Cheng finally said: “Ying Tong…”

Ying Tong followed Mu Chu Cheng for so many yeas so he understood his plan. He immediatley said: “Okay, Mr Mu.”

He ordered: “Drive the cars away, you don’t chase them anymore.”

Looking at this, Bro Xiao was satisfied. He looked at this woman. Then he said to Mu Chu Cheng: “Mu Chu Cheng, remember that don’t let your men follow us. We will let her go when we are safe!”

He said it and put Xi He back inside the car.

“Mu Chu Cheng…” Xi He called him before her mouth were stuffed in.

Her voice was hoarse.

The car drove away, no Mu Chu Cheng’s men followed them.

Mu Chu Cheng went to the front of the car and opened the car. He said: “Ying Tong, you follow me, the other go back first.”

It seemed that Mu Chu Cheng planned to bring Ying Tong to chase Lei Zi and friends. Some of them were unwilling, they were worried about Mu Chu Cheng and they wanted to take revenge for their brother.

“Mr Mu, we will go too!”

“If there’s a lot of people, it will just alert them. I will personally take revenge for An Ge.” Mu Chu Cheng said it simply and sat down on the front passenger seat.

Mu Chu Cheng turned the function to the car but he didn’t turn it to the direction where their car headed, but to the other way around.

Ying Tong was confused: “Mr Mu, no matter where they go, they need to pass through the east of the city. We should go that way.”

“Is there any way to go to the east of the city?”

“There is.” Ying Tong nodded: “But it’s hard and small road. It’s been raining for days, I’m afraid that it…”

Mu Chu Cheng glanced at him: “Ying Tong, it’s not like you.”

“Sit well.” Mu Chu Cheng said it and drove very quick.

Mu Chu Cheng was driving and Ying Tong called someone to plan something out.

After a call, Mu Chu Cheng asked: “Is it ready?”

“Yes, no need to worry. Ms Xi will be okay>:

Mu Chu Cheng nodded.

The car was small, there’s a lot of smells. There’re smell of sterilization, drugs, and blood. The man that shot by Mu Chu Cheng was treated now.

Because the car was driven fast so it’s hard to take off the bullet. The man bit the towel and kept on screaming.

Finally the bullet was out and threw out. The blood kept on flowing out.


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