Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 490

Mu Chu Cheng tore her clothes. Xi He regained herself and responded. She clutched his wrist and glared at him: “You……. unexpectedly tore my clothes!”

“It’s bought by Huo Si Che right?” Mu Chu Cheng pointed at her chest part. He wanted to tear the front. Xi He remembered about her tattoo so she pressed her front side.

“This clothes is too ugly.”

“Then you shouldn’t just tear it.” Xi He almost cried: “How can I go out now!”

This moment she really wanted to kill him! She hugged her front tightly.

On her chest part, she has a similar tattoo as Mu Chu Cheng. If he looked at the tattoo, he will think of something!

“What are you afraid of? How can I let you out in this state? If someone looks at you in the state, wouldn’t it be a lose for me.”

Xi He glared at him: “It’s my own body. I should be the one that lose, how can it’s you?”

Mu Chu Cheng took out a cigarette and let her go. Now he wasn’t afraid that she will run away. Because now her clothes was tore, she wouldn’t elave.

Xi He felt tired. She took off her high heels and just sticked to the wall.

Mu Chu Cheng hugged her waist and pulled her close. He carried her up.

“It’s cold.”

“Mu Chui Cheng, do you know what I am thinking now?”

“Should be the same as me. You are thinking about a vigorous thing.”

Xi He took the cigarette from his lip and put it in her mouth: “I want to kill you.”

“Okay, come on.” Mu Chu Cheng took his pistol out and put it on her hand. Then he pointed at his chest: “Just right here, you can kill me with one shot.”

Xi He clutched the pistol and pressed it to his heart: “Just right here. The time I pressed it, it will stop beating right, you cannot breath anymore.”

“Yes, so do it. Will you? If not let me teach you?”

“No need, I can do it.”

“Who taught you to do it?”

“Nuan Nuan’s father taught me…”

Xi He didn’t finish it and suddenly yelled because Mu Chu Cheng put her down turned her body over.

He kissed her neck: “If you dare to mention any other man, do you believe that I will just sleep you? Do you like it?”

Xi He couldn’t move: “I prefer riding a horse.”

“Next time I will let you.” Mu Chu Cheng laughed.

Xi He: “…..”

This time Mu Chu Cheng’s phone rang and he answered it; “Em, in the first room of the female restroom.

Xi He was in confusion state. She tensed.

There’s a knock. Her heart beat fast.

“What are you afraid of?”

“Be quite, go away.”

Mu Chu Cheng let her go. He opened the door.

Xi He tried to stop him: “Are you crazy?”

“You want to go out in this state?”

He said it and moved her away. Xi He noticed a woman outside. She bowed down and passed a plastic bag to him: “Mr Mu, here is the clothes.”

Mu Chu Cheng nodded: “Okay, leave.”

The woman left and Mu Chu Cheng passed Xi He a plastic bag: “Change it. I’ll wait outside.”

Thankfully, this man gave her a cloth.

He left the restroom.

She changed her clothes.

The time she went out of the restroom, she noticed Mu Chu Cheng was leaning on the wall and smoking.

She also noticed Huo Si Che.

Mu Chu Cheng waved at her.

Xi He just stood there unmoving. Mu Chu Cheng asked: “Do you want me to go to you? How can you not recognize me?”

Xi He came over to avoid him doing something crazy: “Mr Mu, thank you for your clothes. You have a lot of money, you ruined my dress. You should take this clothes as my compensation.”

“I give the ruined one for you.” Xi He passed him the plastic bag.

“Xi He, come here.” Huo Si Che said.

When Xi He was about to come over, Mu Chu Cheng clutched her wrist: “Stay beside me, don’t go anywhere.”

“Mu Chu Cheng, don’t make a scene okay? That is my boss, today I disappeared for quite sometime, do you want me to lose my job?”

“You have a bad boss, it’s not a pity to loss it.”|

Xi He laughed: “If he is bad boss, then what about you?”

Mu Chu Cheng frowned: “What about me?”

“You are pervert!”

Xi He finished her words and shook away his hand. She came over to Huo Si Che: “Chief Huo.”

Huo Si Che nodded: “Follow me.”

This moment Xi He didn’t look at Mu Chu Cheng again, she just felt his hot gaze on her back.

Huo Si Che chatted with several people and took Xi He to leave.


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  1. How soon before Chief Huo is in total ruins….no wife , no company, no money . And maybe no life.

    Thank you for this mega chapter update


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