Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 478

Xi He had changed into her leisure clothes, it’s easy for her to move around.

Zhou Zhen immediately turned stiffen.

Xi He laughed coldly and got inside her room. Xi Hang came out from the bathroom. She was wearing a yellow pajamas. Xi He placed the glass of milk on the table and took the towel from Xi Hang’s neck and helped her to wipe her wet hair.

Xi Hang looked at her: “Sis, Auntie Zhou and Brother-in-law are back?”

“Chen Xian Fei hasn’t returned.”

“Where does he go?”

Xi He put down the towel: “No need to mind him. There’s a hairdryer outside, you should go out and dry your hair. How can you wash your hair in this late hour.”

Xi Hang smiled and opened the door. Actually she was quite afraid of ZhoU Zhen, Her words were too harsh.

But luckily, Zhou Zhen had gone back to her room.

That night Xi He called Su Ran and asked her out to come to hospital. She told Su Ran that Mu Chu Cheng wanted to meet her.

The next day Su Ran came together with Tang Zi Chu.

Xi He didn’t expect that Mu Chu Cheng knows Song Ting Yu, and they are quite close.

The time Su Ran came, Xi Nuan Nuan wanted to stay close with Mu Chu Cheng. She kept on asking to be married with him. Xi He used her stern voice and Xi Nuan Nuan cried.

Xi He carried her out of the sickroom and let both of them to chat.

Xi Nuan Nuan’s big eyes were red: “Mama, you really hate me to get marry with Uncle Mu?”

“Nuan Nuan, in the future I don’t want you to say this anymore. I don’t like it. Do you know? Uncle Mu is too much older than you. In the future you will meet a better one….” Xi He pinched her little nose.

Xi Nuan Nuan stayed in her embrace: “But I like him so much, what should I do?”

This moment Xi He’s mood turned bad. She felt heartbroken for her.

So what if you really like him?

Sometimes people will have no fate to be together, to live together.

Xi He and Xi Nuan Nuan wandered around the garden for a long time until Su Ran called. She said that she will go now. She immediately held Xi Nuan Nuan’s hand to come over.

Recently Su Ran was so busy because of Song Ting Yu’s matter. She got skinnier. She also looked for Tian MI.

Mu Chu Cheng could help now.

After Su Ran left, Mu Chu Cheng’s people helped him to pack up. Xi He was startled: “You want to be discharged?”

Mu Chu Cheng wore his coat and looked at her: “Why? You are unwilling to part with me?”

Xi He: “……..”

Ying Tong said: “Mr Mu will go back to Nan city.”

Xi He was startled, she felt her heart turned cold.

Mu Chu Cheng will go, shouldn’t she be happy. That way both of them will not keep connect with each other? But why did she feel disappointed?

Actually Xi He was clear that even though years had passed, her feeling toward her is still there. She keeps loving this man.

But she is really clear, that she couldn’t love this man.

Mu Chu Cheng smiled: “Xi He, if you tell me to stay, then I will just stay.”

Xi He looked at him: “Mr Mu, don’t joke around.”

“Am I looking like I am joking?”

Xi He ignored him and helped him to pack up. Ying Tong handled the discharge administration and brought out Mu Chu Cheng’s things.

The car was waiting outside the entrance door.

Xi Nuan Nuan heard that Mu Chu Cheng will leave. Her whole world fell down, she hugged Mu Chu Cheng’s leg: “Uncle Mu, don’t go, stay.”

“Nuan Nuan….” Xi He was helpless. It’s clear that she just got close to Mu Chu Cheng flro several days, how can she like him so much?

Is it because they are father and daughter?

Mu Chu Cheng bowed down and said something to Xi Nuan Nuan’s ear. XI Nuan Nuan’s face changed , she was smiling. Xi He went over to carry her up and went downstair with Mu Chu Cheng.

Xi He secretly asked Xi Nuan Nuan: “What did Uncle Mu say to you?”

Xi Nuan Nuan covered her little lips: “It’s a secret between two of us.”

“You even can tell Mama?”

“No.” Xi Nuan Nuan shook her head.

Xi He sighed. Everyone said that a big girl will have a secret from her Mama, but now her girl is just a little one, how can she start to have secret?

Ying Tong opened the trunk and put the things inside. Then he got on the car and waited.

Xi He stood in front of Mu Chu Cheng; “Mr Mu, take care.”

Mu Chu Cheng smiled: “You really will not let me stay?”

“Mr Mu is still joking.”

Mu Chu Cheng pinched Xi Nuan Nuan’s face lightly: “I’ll go.”

“Uncle Mu, see you.”

Someone opened the door and Mu Chu Cheng got inside. He lowered down the window to look at both mother and daughter. The car started to move.

Xi He put down Xi Nuan Nuan and held her hand: “Let’s go, Nuan Nuan, let’s go home.”


Xi He didn’t want to think more about her feelings. She just took a deep breath and pressed it all down.

She was willing to not meet Mu Chu Cheng again so they will not connect with each other again.

Chen Xian Fei disappeared for several days, Zhou Zhen was really worried.

Xi He lived her life normally. She works, gets off from work. She didn’t care.

“Husband is gone, but someone as wife is still so relax, are your heart made from steel?”

Xi He looked at her: “Chen Xian Fei is an adult, you are afraid that he is kidnapped or killed? Also he is the one that wants to go, so what’s the relation with me?”

ZHou Zhen pointed at Xi He: “Xi he, you indeed have no heart!”

Xi He laughed for a while. It’s good if she is heartless then she doesn’t need to use several years to forget someone.

Xi He ignored her.

Tonight she was busy so she took her laptop home to work. Xi Nuan Nuan was studying. She stayed quietly and never disturbed Xi He.

When Xi He was finished, she noticed the little meatball had slept on the table. She came oer and carried her up to the bed.

The door was knocked several time.


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