Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 470

“My phone rings.”

Mu Chu Cheng smiled and slowly let her go.

Xi He glared at him and took her phone. It was a call from Zhou Zhen.

“What is it?”

“Xi He, Nuan Nuan is missing….”

Xi He was startled for a while: “How can it be? Shouldn’t you go to pick her up?”

“I came to pick her up but I brought her to the market to buy things. The market is too crowded, I also didn’t know when she got lost, what should I do now?”

Zhou Zhen always thought that Xi Nuan Nuan is her granddaughter. Although she didn’t like that Xi Nuan Nuan is a girl, but the time she thought about her son’s condition, she just accept Xi Nuan Nuan as her descendants. She also felt scared.

“I’ll come over now. You go around the market and look for her.”


She hung up and didn’t mind anything. She just took her bag. Mu Chu Cheng clutched her wrist: “Nuan Nuan is missing?”

Xi He’s face was pale, she nodded.

“I will help you to find her.”

Xi He lowered her head to see his plaster cast leg. Although she believes that Mu Chu Cheng’s ability to find a little kid, but he was in convenient situation now!

“It’s better for you to ask your assistant to help….”

“I say that I will go with you.” Mu Chu Cheng said and took a knife to break the plaster cast.

Xi He was surprised.

Xi He scolded him: “You are crazy.”

“I already really hate this thing.”

Mu Chu Cheng threw the cast away and took his phone under the pillow. He dialed a number and asked Xi He: “Take my shoes here.”

Xi He knew that he was calling Ying Tong to help.

Xi He took Mu Chu Cheng’s shoes and helped him to wear it. She also borrowed a wheel chair. Mu Chu Cheng was unhappy with it: “You think that I am disable?”

Xi He: “…….”

Xi He was worried about him. She worried that it will hinder his recovery so she helped her.

Actually Ying Tong had asked someone to help and now he was going to hospital to pick Xi He and Mu Chu Cheng.

When they got on the car, Ying Tong drove toward the place where Xi Nuan Nuan was missing. After a while, Chen Xian Fei also called Xi He. He also came out to find Xi Nuan Nuan, he was together with Zhou Zhen. He wanted to join Xi He too, but Xi He refused: “You and your mother go find her outside, it’s better to separate.”

Actually she was avoiding Chen Xian Fei to meet with Mu Chu Cheng.

Because Xi Nuan Nuan was missing at the market, Mu Chu Cheng took Xi he inside a coffee shop, how can Xi He come inside the coffee shop at this time!

“You think that you are as great as my people? Now they are looking for Nuan Nuan. If they couldn’t find it, can you? Follow me and sit down here. If there’s some news, Ying Tong will inform us directly.”

Looking at how Xi He still stood outside, Mu Chu Cheng raised his eyebrows and looked at her:”What’s the point of standing outside. I guarantee that I will find Nuan Nuan. There’s a tracker in Ying Tong’s car, we can monitor the progress.”

Xi He knew that Mu Chu Cheng’s words were true. His people will be able to find Xi Nuan Nuan.

It’s just she was too worried so she couldn’t sit still.

Yet at last Mu Chu Cheng just dragged her inside the coffee shop. They sat on the corner near the window, Mu Chu Cheng’s people passed him a laptop: “Mr Mu.”

Mu Chu Cheng nodded and opened the laptop. He and Xi He looked at the screen.

Mu Chu Cheng didn’t lie to her. They could monitor Ying Tong’s action there.

The waiter came over. Mu Chu Cheng ordered a cup of black coffee. The waiter asked for Xi He’s order, but Xi He just paid attention to the screen and didn’t hear it.

Mu Chu Cheng just kept silent and pondered: “Just a cup of cappuccino.”

The time their order came, Xi He looked at the cups and startled for a while.

She didn’t like coffee, she could only drink cappuccino. Unexpectedly Mu Chu Cheng ordered it for her.

Mu Chu Cheng noticed her emotion and asked: “What is it? You don’t like it? Do you want to change it?”

Xi He shook her head: “No need, this is good.”

Xi He heard Ying Tong was getting a call. Mu Chu Cheng came closer and said to her: “Nuan Nuan was encountered by human trafficker…”

X He also knew about it.

“Before your mother-in-law lied ot you.”

Xi He was confused and turned her head. She didn’t realize that Mu Chu Cheng’s face was so close to her. Xi He startled.

Mu Chu Cheng watched her.

“Mr Mu.”

Mu Chu Cheng smiled: “Em?”

“What do you mean by my mother-in-law lied to me?”

“Nuan Nuan is not missing a moment ago. She should be missing for several hours.” Mu Chu Cheng pointed at the screen: “If it’s just happened a moment ago, they shouldn’t be able to move this fast and far…..”

Xi He bit her lips. She didn’t expect that Zhou Zhen lied to her.

“Now Nuan Nuan….”

Mu Chu Cheng didn’t answer her immediately but he pointed at her chin to let her stop bitting her lips.

“You will bleed if you do it. Your beautiful lips wouldn’t look beautiful again if it’s broken.”

Xi He slowly put down his hand: “Mr Mu, now I am so worried. I am really afraid.”

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