Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 467

He also didn’t want anything bad happen again.

At last Ying Tong decided, he will just pick out some information to tell Mu Chu Cheng. He shouldn’t let him know all of it. If old Madame Mu knows about this, he will be done!

After deciding, Ying Tong took the materials to Mu Chu Cheng.

But Ying Tong didn’t dare to come rashly, because in the past Mu Chu Cheng had instructed him to not come to hospital.

He was confused that time, but now he knows it was because of Xi He.

After several years, Mu Chu Cheng didn’t have any memory about those things, but still Xi He is the one that attract him.

It should be ill-fated relationship!

Since that night, Xi He indeed didn’t come to the hospital again. She really changed the nurse to the male nurse. Mu Chu Cheng didn’t like him, he really wanted to kick him out but that nurse didn’t budge.

Mu Chu Cheng took off his plaster cast and kicked that nurse.

The doctor noticed his action. He urged him to not just take off the plaster.

Ying Tong listened to it and rushed inside. Ying Tong knew that Mu Chu Cheng didn’t like the male nurse so he helped him to kick him out.

Mu Chu Cheng wasn’t angry anymore, he looked at Ying Tong: “Where is it?”

Ying Tong passed the materials to Mu Chu Cheng, Mu Chu Cheng looked at it seriously: “She just moved here five years ago, where did she live before?”

Ying Tong looked at Mu Chu Cheng’s indifferent and said: “In the past, she and her husband and sister lived in the Bei City.”

“Bei City…” Mu Chu Cheng narrowed his eyes: “Ying Tong, are you joking with me? She just lived there for short period of time? What about in the past? Where was she born? Where did she grow up? Where did she study? I know all about she moved to An City five years ago and she ever lived in Bei City. I couldn’t find what I want in your materials. Ying Tong, your skills are limited to this?”

“I want everything, including her parents. Her all family member. How can you not find it for me?”

Ying Tong couldn’t answer it.

Mu Chu Cheng threw the materials: “it’s a complete mess. Check it one more time.”


Ying Tong just could nod and knelt down to take the materials.

Actually he know that regarding Xi He’s matters, it already being wiped clean by old madame Mu. He should just make up some false information.

But wouldn’t it make Mu Chu Cheng doubt him. If he doubts him, he would ask someone else to investigate Xi He.

YIng Tong wanted to leave but Mu Chu Cheng yelled at him: “Wait.”

“Mr Mu, any other instruction?”

“Come here, let me tell you something.”

Ying Tong came over to listen to Mu Chu Cheng. He hesitated: “Mr Mu, the doctor shouldn’t make that kind of lie?”

Mu Chu Cheng glanced at him and smiled aggressively: “Whether he will or not, should I teach you how to do it?”

“No need, no need.” Their Mr Mu always be a rebeller. He can do anything.

Xi He got a call from hospital, they told her that something happened to Mu Chu Cheng and she needed to come over.

Xi He asked further about Mu Chu Cheng’s situation, but the doctor didn’t explain it clearly. He told her that it’s better for her to come.

Xi He was a bit panic, she hung up and stood up to leave her office.

The other secretaries noticed that she was leaving and said something to her. But she ignored it.

She came to the Chief’s office. She knocked on it.

Huo Si Che raised his head and looked at her: “Come inside.”

Looking at her worried expression, Huo Si Che asked: “What happened?”

“Chief Huo, I need a day off.”

“What happened?”

“I have something.”

“What kind of thing?”

Sometimes Xi He felt that Huo Si Che has some feelings toward her.

She didn’t want to tell him about her personal matter, but he would ask it throughly.

Xi He knew that everyone thinks that she has an affair with Chief Huo. She ignored it because she felt the more she explained, the more everyone will doubt it.

It’s no good to explain things to gossiper, it would make them become even more curious. It’s better to not say anything.

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