Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 456

Xi Nuan Nuan immediately smiled: “Really?”

“Really, I swear.”

Ding Zhen Ye was outside and knocked on the door: “Chen Chen, are you ready? We need to go out now.”


“Nuan Nuan, hurry up and find Wei Xi. You both need to walk in the front. Remember, when you arrived at the carpet that moment, you need to throw the flower petal, understand?”

“Mama, I know. You and Papa should wait there too, remember to take a photo of me.”

“Don’t worry. We will.” Xi He laughed: “Your Papa has brought his camera, he said that he will take photos of you.”

“Great.” Xi Nuan Nuan felt satisfied and hurriedly ran over to find Song Wei Xi.

Ding Chen was ready and wanted to gout. She took a deep breath.

Outside, Ding Zhen Ye waited patiently with his smile. He seemed to act happy for his own niece. Tian Mi felt it was too fake. She secretly came closer to Ding Chen and pointed at Ding Zhen Ye secretly: “He will send you out, don’t you feel disgusted?”

“I will!” Ding Chen smiled: “But, don’t you forget. I am a good actress. If I can join entertainment circle, all the actresses and actors now will lose their job.”

“Okay. I know you are so great. Hurry up you need to go. Supposedly Cheng Huan is waiting anxiously for you.” Su Ran said.

“I also feel so nervous and excited, what should I do? I never feel these ways. Even in past engagement.”

Su Ran was laughing so hard: “I believe that Cheng Huan has the same feeling as you. Hurry up go.”

Ding Chen nodded. She held Ding Zhen Ye’s arm and followed behind her bridesmaids.

Song Wei Xi and Xi Nuan Nuan walked together and threw the flower petals in front.

Lin Cheng Huan was waiting in the end of the red carpet. He wore a white suit, he looked so handsome and manly.

Ding Chen wore a strapless wedding dress, her makeup was so delicate and beautiful.

At the end, Ding Zhen Ye passed Ding Chen’s hand to Lin Cheng Huan’s hand. He patted their hands together: “Treat her well.”

Lin Cheng Huan nodded: “I will.”

After exchanging ring, Ding Chen said quietly: “Lin Cheng Huan, in my remaining years, please supervise me.”

Lin Cheng Huan was startled and smiled: “Mrs Lin, in my remaining years, please supervise me.”

“Kiss!” Didn’t know who started to yell.

Because those who came to the party were close to them, so there’s no misgiving.

Lin Cheng Huan held Ding Chen’s face and lowered his head. Under the yelling of everyone, he gave Ding Chen a hot kiss.

All the people turned excited.

Tian Mi was surprised and said to Su Ran in a low voice: “Ran Ran, I really didn’t expect that Cheng Huan can be like that. What do you think will be his response if he sees Ding Chen in that outfit that we gave her?”

Su Ran shook her head: “I am also curios about it.”

“I really want to let Ding Chen to take a photo of his expression.”

“Don’t you dream. How can she willing to let you know.:

Song Ting Yu heard their conversation and hugged Su Ran’s waist: “So actually what did you buy for Ding Chen?”

Su Ran smiled: “It’s a secret?”

“I just know it’s not really a good thing, it’s someone to stimulate interest?”

Su Ran’s eyes turned big: “How can you know? Did you secretly open it before?”

Song Ting Yu snorted: “I’m not that boring, I am so smart.”

Su Ran: “……” Did he mean that she is stupid one?

Though they only had a simple wedding, but Ding Chen felt so tired. She kicked her high heels and laid down on the bed. She didn’t want to move anymore.

Lin Cheng Huan came inside the room and sat down on the bed. He stroked her hair: “You are tired?”

“Em, very tired. Later on I will not get married again.”

“What nonsense are you talking, this lifetime you will only have one, how can you have another one?” Lin Cheng Huan poked her forehead.

“Yes, I was talking nonsense before.” Ding Chen laughed: “One time is enough.”

“If you are tired, you should lie down for a while, I will take a shower first.”

“Okay.” Ding Chen waved her hands.

She laid down on the bed and unconsciously looked at two boxes on the shelves. She remembered that were presents from Su Ran and Tian Mi.

She was so curious about it.

Though she was tired but her curiosity made her able to stand up and went to take the boxes. She pulled the bow and opened it.

The first time she opened Su Ran’s present, it was a lingerie.

She checked that small things. It was her size. She was so curious what would Lin Cheng Huan’s response when he sees her on it.

She laughed and put it down. She opened Tian Mi’s present. It was nurse’s outfit and various tool…

She looked at it and finally understood..

She talked to herself: “Sis-in-law and Tian Mi are too sincere. They really understand me well. These things really suit my appetite.”

She immediately took off her wedding dress and wore the lingerie and nurse’s outfit. She also took the stethoscope and sat on the bed. She waited for Lin Cheng Huan to come out.

The bathroom’s door was opened. Lin Cheng Huan came out. He was startled and the towel he used to wipe his hair, fell down to the ground. “What are you wearing?”

Ding Chen came over toward her and moved in a circle for him to see: “Sis-in-law and Tian Mi’s presents, is it good?”

“Why did they give you nurse’s outfit? It’s too explosive?”

Ding Chen was furious: “Lin Cheng Huan, are you really not understand or are you acting? This is to tempting! Understand!”

Lin Cheng Huan shook his hand.

Ding Chen was so angry that her face turned red: “Okay, we shouldn’t play this one.”

She was angry and laid down on the bed. She covered herself with the blanket.

After a while, Lin Cheng Huan came over and pulled the blanket. She didn’t want to mind him.

Lin Cheng Huan pulled the blanket and clutched her hand: “Nurse, I am in pain. Check me up!”


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