Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 435

Song Zhen Hai listened to Lawyer Li’s words and turned furious: “Gu Dong Cheng really said that?” Lawyer Li nodded. He just be responsible to pass on Song Zhen Hai’s message and tell him Gu Dong Cheng’s reply.

Song Zhen Hai said: “Gu Dong Cheng is too aggressive! Did you tell him that he will regret it later on?”

“I said it, but he still said that he wants to see how can he regret it.”

“Okay, Okay, very good…..!” Song Zhen Hai said: “Since it’s the case, then he shouldn’t blame me! It’s him first who did it to me….”

Two years ago, if it’s not because of his help to instigate the board directors and stockholders of Song company, how can he force Song Ting Yu and Song Ming Xuan to do the DNA test?!

Actually from the start, he already knows taht Song Ting Yu and Song Ming Xuan are father and son. It’s just Gu Dong Cheng who manipulated the result.

In the dark, he planned secretly for several years to manipulate Song family member’s trust toward him and changed the DNA test result. At last he forced Song family members to be at the end of one’s rope!

That year Gu Dong Cheng did a lot of things and was helped by him!

If there’s no his help, how can he live in victory like today?


Now he was in difficult situation and wished that he could help, but he just rejected him. Song Zhen Hai really wants to watch his downfall!

Gu Dong Cheng unexpectedly be heartless.

“Lawyer Li.” Song Zhen Hai looked at his lawyer: “Please help me again. This time find Song Ting Yu.”

“Song Ting Yu?” Lawyer Li thought he heard it wrong. He knows that Song Zhen Hai and Song Ting Yu have a hatred for each other. Song Zhen Hai’s current situation should be somehow related with Song Ting Yu.

“If it’s not because of Song Ting Yu, Song Zhen Hai’s previous criminal action wouldn’t be discovered.”

Is he feeling so angry with Gu Dong Cheng that he wants to find Song Ting Yu?

“Right, Song Ting Yu.” Song Zhen Hai nodded: “Please help me to find him. Tell him that I have something important to tell him. No, no only it’s important, but I’ve something important to pass to him. Let him come here.”

“Okay.” Lawyer Li nodded: “Then I will find him. But I couldn’t guarantee that he will come.”

Gu Dong Cheng wasn’t willing to come, moreover Song Ting Yu.

That year Song Zhen Hai, was the one that forced and kicked him out of Song family.

Now when he was in difficult situation, he wanted to find Song Ting Yu to help him out? Song Ting Yu is not that kind of person!

“Just go. Oh right. Tell him that it’s related to Madame Song.”

Lawyer Li nodded and tidied up his things. He left the place. He knew at this time, Song Ting Yu should be in his office so he went to Tian Hai group’s company.

Of course he was stopped at the lobby, he told the receptionist: “I am sorry to trouble you. I want to meet Mr Song.”

“Do you have any appointment?”

“No, but you can tell him. I am Song Zhen Hai’s lawyer, I’ve something important to tell him.”

The receptionist was hesitating: “Okay, please wait.”

She called Tang Zi Chu: “Assistant Tang, there’s a Lawyer Li coming here. He said that he is Song Zhen Hai’s lawyer. He said that there’s something important that he wants to meet with Mr Song. Should we let him up?”

Tang Zi Chu was silent for a while and said: “Okay, let him up.”


The receptionist hung up and said: “Lawyer Li, Assistant Tang let you up. Please follow me.

“28th floor.”

Tang Zi Chu waited for Lawyer Li outside the elevator door.

Tang Zi Chu said: “Lawyer Li?”

“Yes, Assistant Tang.”

“Our Chief Song has some free time now. Follow me.”

Tang Zi Chu brought him to the office. Song Ting Yu just finished his meeting and received a call so now he was waiting for Lawyer Li on his sofa.

Lawyer Li got inside and greeted him: “Mr Song, Hi.”

“Hi, Lawyer Li. Please sit down.”

There’s someone served two cup of coffee. Song Ting Yu waved his hand. He asked everyone to go out except Tang Zi Chu.

“I heard that you are Song Zhen Hai’s lawyer?”


“What is it that makes Song Zhen Hai ask you to come to meet me?”

“He said that he wants to meet you. He has something to say to you also some important things to pass to you.”

“O?” Song Ting Yu didn’t have any interest.

Actually Lawyer Li had expected Song Ting Yu’s response. After all, Song Zhen Hai had done terrible things to Song family.

Song family once a number one family in An City, now it’s just a history. It had been seized by Gu family.

Lawyer Li didn’t think too much and just wanted to pass Song Zhen Hai’s message.

“Yes, Mr Song Zhen Hai really hopes to see you. He said that you will not regret if you come to meet him.”

Song Ting Yu smiled: “I heard that you went to meet Gu Dong Cheng yesterday? Did you get the same response as me? Wasn’t it the same words that you passed on? Gu Dong Cheng rejected to come so he asked you to come and see me?”

Lawyer Li’s face turned awkward. It’s the truth.

” I understand that Song Zhen Hai wants to give a better way for himself. He is looking for help. It’s understandable thing but shouldn’t he think about it carefully? Is he forget, what did he do to our Song family? Although we are not directly related but he is part of Song family, unexpectedly he went to help Gu Dong Cheng. He worked hand in hand with Gu Dong Cheng. If it’s not his repeated action of bringing stockholders and broad directors to make fuss, my grandma will not be furious that she needed to be hospitalized!”

Song Ting Yu’s words are cold and serious.

“I understand….” Lawyer Li said: “I just come to pass the message. Oh right, he also said one more thing. He said that he wanted to give you something related to Madame Song. It will be harmful for Gu Dong Cheng.”

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