Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 402

Ding Zhen Ye and Bai Zhi Rui’s smile turned stiff, their face turned ugly.

Lin Cheng Huan just nodded gentlemanly toward them and hugged Ding Chen’s waist to leave first.

On the way, Ding Chen raised her head to look at him.

Lin Cheng Huan finally sighed and said: “Chen Chen, don’t look at me that way. If you look at me that way, other people will think that I am food. You want to eat me.”

Ding Chen hugged his hand: “Nan Zhu, you are soo handsome for what you have done. You made them angry. I didn’t expect that you have ability to annoy people.”

“It’s your teaching.” Lin Cheng Huan threw all the credit to Ding Chen, he didn’t dare to take credit.

Ding Chen smiled and showed her expression of “no need to thank me too much”.

This moment they’d left the banquet hall and went to the back corridor. Ding Chen looked around then stopped her step. She started to tip-toe and hugged Lin Cheng Huan’s neck. She took initiative to kiss his lips.

Lin Cheng Huan was startled for a while, he didn’t expect that Ding Chen will do something like that. His ears were red. Yet Ding Chen didn’t have any intention to let him go. She extended her tongue to touch his.

This was simply a teasing act.

Though Lin Cheng Huan thought this was a public occasion, but now in front of each other this time, they didn’t regard anyone.

He extended his hand and hugged her back. He deepened the kiss.

Then they heard a soft cough, then they slowly let each other go.

Lin Cheng Huan used his handkerchief to wipe Ding Chen’s lips.

Ding Chen felt that Lin Cheng Huan’s embarrassed expression is very handsome. His ears were red. She smiled and pinched his earlobe. Her hand was gripped by him: “Don’t joke around”

Ding Chen laughed: “Your face is so red, is your ear hot?”

“This is public area, please control yourself.”

The time they heard this voice, they turned their head in front.

“Han Lei?” Ding Chen was quite surprised that this man can appear in front of her.

“Em.” Han Lei looked both of them and nodded.

Ding Chen said: “Don’t you need to accompany your special girlfriend in Singapore, how can she run to An city?”

“Today is a banquet, my father let me to attend.”

Ding Chen nodded: “Then help yourselves.”

She said it then pulled Lin Cheng Huan’s arm and turned her body to leave. Yet Han Lei called her name again.

Ding Chen frowned and turned her head: “what is it?”

“The matter in the past, I’m sorry to not have apologize to you……”

“You said that you and your girlfriend are lovers part, but still long for each other. You still make her pregnant behind me?” Ding Chen’s face was so calm. She seemed to be indifferent: “No need to apologize to me, I should thank you.”

They all know for what thing she should be thankful to him.

Because of his doing so she can terminate their engagement and be together with Lin Cheng Huan.

Han Lei’s paled up: “Chen Chen….”

Ding Chen cut him off: “It’s better that you call me Ding Chen or Ms Ding, Mr Han. We are not closed with each other.”

Actually Han Lei didn’t know that Ding Chen has this kind of side.

Before in front of Lin Cheng Huan, she could act cute like a little girl. She doesn’t act out and just be natural.

But when Ding Chen was together with him, Ding Chen was so arrogant and shrewd.

In front him, when they talked with each other. She only thought about benefit and be cold. They were like acting on the drama.

So frequently when Ding Chen laughed during their togetherness, he thought it was very fake.

He felt that Ding Chen previously that this little girl was not even cute because her father’s training for her. She was too powerful and to bale. Her action made most man doesn’t dare to raise their head. Her trick was too ruthless!

Yet he didn’t have any choice. Ding Chen’s family background is good and suitable for their Han family. It can be a great benefit for Han family.

Now he thinks that he is wrong.

Ding Chen is actually very different from what he expected.

Not far from Han Lei, Ding Chen just noticed that Lin Cheng Huan was watching her.

“What is it? Why are you watching me? You want to kiss me again?”

“……..” Lin Cheng Huan stroked her hair and said helplessly: “Chen Chen, in the future please stay far away a bit from Song Ting Yu okay?”

“Why?” She seemed to have an idea: “Because I’d ever be together with him, so you are jealous? Are you jealous?”

“……..” Lin Cheng Huan coughed lightly: “I’m afraid that you’ll be more and more…”

Lin Cheng Huan didn’t continue…

“More and more, what?”

“Nothing. I will tell you next time.” Lin Cheng Huan knew it that he said “shameless”, Ding Chen will argue strongly with him.

But Ding Chen didn’t want to let him off, but now she looked upstairs and noticed it was full now: “Everyone should be here right?”

“Should be.” Lin Cheng Huan nodded.

“Let’s start.”

Ding Chen took her phone and sent a message. However, she thought of something and stopped. She smiled and continued to think of words to type in.


“I let them to play it later on. In a while, Ding Zhen Ye will have a speech, behind him will be a big screen.”

“Okay, we should go inside to watch.” Ding Chen was impatient and held Lin Cheng Huan’s hand to go inside. They found Su Ran and Song Ting Yu.

They heard a continuous and loud clap when Ding Zhen Ye came inside. He was high-spirited and proudly presented his speech. At last he also called Bai Zhi Rui up. They both were standing in front of everyone proudly.

Ding Chen laughed then sent a message.

Not long after time, the screen behind Ding Zhen Ye and Bai Zhi Rui, showed those photos.

Ding Zhen Ye was talking about something, yet he noticed that everyone was unfocused. They were surprised and talking with each other.


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