Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 351

Her eyes were red.

She wiped her tears and wanted to be strong.

Su Ran hugged her and didn’t know what should she say.

Gu Dong Cheng is like Tian Mi’s nightmare……

This time Tian Mi got a call from Tang Zi Chu. She finished the call and held Su Ran’s hand: “Let’s go. Let’s go to the private room. Today we don’t need about anything. Let’s sing…”

The time they arrived in KTV, Tang Zi Chu was there. Tonight everyone gathered together to celebrate New Year.

Su Ran sat down beside Tian Mi. Tang Zi Chu passed a glass of juice to both of them. Tian Mi despised it: “Bring the beer.”

Tang Zi Chu frowned: “Don’t make trouble. What beer? It’s better for girl to drink juice. It’s not good if you are drunk.”

Tian Mi snorted and patted his shoulder: “Why? You look down at me? If not let’s have a match, who can tolerate more alcohol?”

“Tian Mi….”

Tian Mi said it then took two bottles of beer and put it on the table. She took several glasses and gave one to Su Ran: “Come, Ran Ran. Tonight we wouldn’t go home if we are not drunk.”

It’s too late for Tang Zi Chu to stop them. Tian Mi already poured three glass of beer. “Let’s have a toast! You definitely cannot compete with me…”

“Just a glass.”

Tian Mi looked completely dissatisfied: “How can you be so talkative.”

She said it then finished a glass of beer, then wanted to pour another one. Tang Zi Chu stopped her and said seriously: “Cannot drink more.”

Tian Mi fell down to the sofa. She already started to be drunk. She laughed: “You think that I have no other way. If not let me drink it this way.” She just drank it directly from the bottle. Tang Zi Chu was shocked.

Tang Zi Chu snatched the bottle away. The time they fought for the bottle. The beer spilled to Tian Mi’s clothes.

Tang Zi Chu threw it to the bin and looked at her wet coat. He frowned: “What happened to you?”

Tian Mi just patted and said: “Today I’m happy. I will not go home if I’m not drunk.”

“Come with me.”

“I don’t ant!”

Didn’t care about her struggle, Tang Zi Chu just pulled her to the bathroom.

Su Ran looked at them and heard the door closed. She took a glass of beer that Tian Mi poured for her before and drank it.

She actually was quite similar with Tian Mi. She doesn’t have a good alcohol tolerance. But tonight, she just wanted to forget.

The door was closed for a long time. Then finally Tang Zi Chu came out with Tian Mi.

Someone looked at them and said: “What are you doing inside? Couldn’t you wait?”

Tang Zi Chu glared at him: “what nonsense you are talking about!”

Everyone laughed and didn’t say anything. Tian Mi’s lips were swollen……….

If he said there’s nothing happened, no one will believe it….

Tian Mi finally didn’t make anymore trouble. Tang Zi Chu held her and let sit down. She was drunk. She sat down on the sofa and closed her eyes. Tang Zi Chu passed a glass of water to her. She drunk it and opened her eyes to find Su Ran: “Ran Ran?”

Tang Zi Chu pointed at her side, Su Ran was drunk. All the bottles on the table were empty!

Supposedly Su Ran was the one who drank it.

Tang Zi Chu was having a headache now, tonight why these two women be drunk in the same time?!

Tian Mi hugged Su Ran : “Ran Ran, you also drink it? Tonight we will go home when we are drunk. I’m really happy…..”

Su Ran seemed to not recognize her, she just closed her eyes.

Of course they couldn’t stay any longer there, Tang Zi Chu called Lin Cheng Huan to let him pick Su Ran up so he could take Tian Mi home too.

Su Ran vomited once on the way.

Lin Cheng Huan found a bottle of water and let her drink it.

“Are you feel unwell?”

Su Ran closed her eyes and didn’t say anything. She kept on calling a name: “Ting Yu…..”

Lin Cheng Huan was stiffen and looked at Su Ran: “Since you are care about him, then why now you let him go?”

This moment Su Ran was unable to answer because she was drunk. She just kept on calling his name.

Lin Cheng Huan found her phone and dialed Song Ting Yu’s number. The call was answered. He put it on her ear.

Song Ting Yu could hear Su Ran ‘s voice calling his hame: “Ting Yu….”

Song Ting Yu felt something wrong with her. He thought she was sick. He didn’t know that she was drunk.

“Su Ran, what happened?”

Song Ting Yu was worried about her. Lin Cheng Huan noticed it and took the phone: “Su Ran is drunk.”

Song Ting Yu was silent: “Where is she?”

“I came to bring him home.”

Lin Cheng Huan called him just because he wanted to tell Song Ting Yu that Su Ran cares about him…..

Since he already did it, he hung up. But before that Song Ting Yu said: “Lin Cheng Huan, tell Su Ran that I’m waiting for her to come.”

“Okay…” Lin Cheng Huan nodded and hung up.

He put the phone back to Su Ran’s pocket and carried her to the car. She was powerless and just kept on calling Song Ting Yu’s name.

Lin Cheng Huan was helpless: “I’m Lin Cheng Huan, not your Song Ting Yu….”

He opened the door and put her inside.

The first day of the lunar year because Su Ran was hangover so she slept until the afternoon. Qiao Qing didn’t wake her up and just let her sleep.

After she woke up, she knocked her forehead. It’s really hurt!

She lifted the blanket and went downstairs. Qiao Qing was chatting with her friend. Looking at her: “Finally you are awake? Last night you are so in total mess. You really let me to celebrate the Chinese New Year alone. I still have some dishes for you to eat, heat it up and eat it


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