Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 335

Now Tang Zi Chu has reassigned to be Song Ting Yu’s assistant.

Tang Zi Chu answered the phone: “Chief Song is in the meeting. I will let someone go home and send you guys over. It’s better. Later on after the meeting, I will tell him.”

Su Ran nodded: “Okay, sorry to trouble you.”

She packed up Song Wei Xi’s things and put on his shoes. She opened the door and noticed that the driver had waited for them. Su Ran carried Song Wei Xi up to the car.

“Ms Su, where are you going?”

Actually Su Ran recognized this man, this man was someone that took care of guarding Song Wei Xi.

“Send us back home to Su house. Sorry to trouble you.”

“Okay, Ms Su.”

After decided to go home to Su house, Su Ran called Qiao Qing. Qiao Qing was so happy and went to the supermarket to buy some ingredients. She wanted to wrap dumplings for him.

The time Su Ran and Song Wei Xi arrived, Qiao Qing was wrapping dumpling.

Because Su Ran had told Qiao Qing about Song Wei Xi’s problem so she knew his current condition.

“Why you are so fast, I’m not finished yet.” Qiao Qing stood up hurriedly and went over to Su Ran.

She wasn’t sure whether Song Wei Xi was afraid of her or not, whether he would reject her so she didn’t came over to close. She wiped her hands and smiled to him: “Wei Xi, do you remember grandma?”

Song Wei Xi just looked at her and didn’t respond.

“A good boy, how can he be like this now…” Qiao Qing’s eyes turned red.

“Ma…” Su Ran patted Qiao Qing’s shoulder. “It’s a rare chance for Song Wei Xi to be home. Don’t you be sad. Go over and wrap your dumplings, I also will help you.”

Qiao Qing wiped her eyes: “Right, I’m not sad. Come here. I remember that Wei Xi like dumplings with Chinese cabbage and pork stuffing. I bought it before….”

Su Ran put down Song Wei Xi’s backpack and held his little hand: “Wei Xi, let’s wrap dumplings together okay?”

She said it and took him to the dining room. She carried him up and placed him on the high chair. She took a several dumpling skins and placed it in front of him: “Wei Xi, do you want to help?”

The time Su Ran saw it, Qiao Qing looked worriedly at Song Wei Xi.

Song Wei Xi kept on being unresponsive but he raised his both hands and touched the dumpling skins. He seemed to be curious about it. He took it and put it down again.

Su Ran felt moved and looked at Qiao Qing. Their eyes were red.

Qiao Qing put the stuffing in front of Song Wei Xi: “Come, Wei Xi. Let’s wrap it together. I remember that when you was so little, you will help grandma to wrap it. Let’s do it together…”

Song Wei Xi lowered his head and took a dumpling skin. He used his hand to take the stuffing and put it on the dumpling skin. Su Ran didn’t stop him.

After several days interacting with him also from the time he interacted with XI Nuan Nuan, Song Wei Xi started to change a bit.

Song Ting Yu also helped him once again to look for doctor. Every week the doctor will come to check up on him and treat him.

Every time Su Ran would accompany him because she didn’t want to miss any opportunities to be with him.

She wanted to personally see Song Wei Xi get better.

Su Ran and Qiao Qing wrapped the dumpling and Song Wei Xi just managed and played by himself with his own dumpling. He made a mess, but he looked very concentrated in it.

For this kind of illness, they shouldn’t rush it. They needed time to heal. So every small improvements made Su Ran very happy….

Finally they finished wrapping the dumplings. Qiao Qing got inside to boil it. Su Ran waited outside and accompanied Song Wei Xi. When Qiao Qing finished boiled it all, Su Ran clutched his little hand: “Wei Xi, we will eat dumplings now, let’s stop playing first, okay?”

She said it and moved away things in front of him. She carried him down and held his hand to take him to the restroom. The time they were back, Qiao Qing already served out the dumpling and placed down some little bowl with dumplings. She prepared the sauce too.

“Come, let’s eat.”

Su Ran passed the chopsticks to Song Wei Xi. He took it and sat down. He started to eat it.

Qiao Qing kept on peeked on Song Wei Xi. She noticed that he seemed very quiet. Qiao Qing knew that if she got too close to him, he would be so anxious….

Song Wei Xi ate slowly. Su Ran and Qiao Qing finished their dumplings and waited for him until he put down his chopsticks. Su Ran took a tissue and wiped his mouth: “Wei Xi, go there and watch movie.”

The butler took him away to play, Su Ran stood up and followed Qiao Qing to tidy up.

Su Ran looked at her: “Ma, just leave it be. I will tidy up…”

Yet Qiao Qing stood still. She was still preoccupied. Su Ran knows her too well: “Ma, if you have something to say, just say it…”

Qiao Qing hesitated: “I heard that this time Song Ting Yu returned with a woman, it’s his fiancee?”

Su Ran paused her action and responded lightly: “Em….”

Qiao Qing sighed: “It seems that these two years, it’s just you who are waiting for him….”

In other words, she felt that Song Ting Yu didn’t wait for her, he even had a fiancee….

“You also should consider for a while. Don’t you waste too much time. Ma really worries about you. You need to think about yourself too….”

“Ma, can you not talk about this matter repeatedly?” Su Ran was antipathy toward it.

“I’m not forcing you…” Qiao Qing frowned: “But what do you want? You want to continue for Song Ting Yu? Don’t you see that he already has another woman to marry? How can you not be heartbroken about it? I know that you are worried about Song Wei Xi, but it’s not really problem?”

Su Ran put down the chopsticks: “In a word, I have my own consideration. You no need to be too worry about me. Now I don’t want to think about anything, I just want Wei Xi to get better. Ma, I know that you are worried about me, but let me say it one more time. I have no mood or mind about it….”

“You….!” Qiao Qing sighed heavily. She was mad and helpless. How can she not understand her own daughter?

Her temper is similar like her. They couldn’t be forced or urged….

Qiao Qing always knows that she couldn’t control Su Ran: “Okay, you just take care of you. I just don’t want you to be lonely…”


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