Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 292

Song Ting Yu seemed to not believe that Su Ran would say something like that so he raised his head to see her. Su Ran didn’t say anything. But she extended her hand to take his hand. She undid his fist. Indeed he was holding the ring. Su Ran took the ring and he felt panic. He quickly tried to take it back as he thought that she will do something.

Indeed, in the next moment, Su Ran took the ring to the window and in front of Song Ting Yu’s gaze, she threw the ring away from the window.

Because of his injured hand so the guard cuffed his other hand.

Looking at Su Ran’s action, he was worried and immediately wanted to come over to stop her. But he was too late, he could only see how Su Ran threw it away.

There was a lake in the back of the building. So Su Ran threw it to the lake.

After did all of this, Su Ran was still very calm and indifferent. She just looked at Song Ting Yu. Song Ting Yu looked shocked and angry. He glared at her.

Su Ran just stood next to the window: “The ring was given from you to me. I have the right to do anything with it. I can return it to you, I can also throw it away.”

“Su Ran, you are really ruthless!” Song Ting Yu’s eyes turned redder.

Su Ran smiled for a while then returned in front of him. She looked at him and said: “In the past didn’t you say that I don’t have any heart? That time I didn’t answer you. Yet now I think it perhaps because I really don’t have any heart. Song Ting Yu, didn’t you ask for me to come and say it clearly to you? Today I come, I once again tell you. Please divorce me. Please let me go. Can you? Don’t want to waste my precious time by waiting for you….”

Song Ting Yu looked at her: “So you want to leave me, and testify against me?”

Su Ran was silent for a while, then tried hard to calm herself down. “It’s because you force me to, you insist on being stubborn….”

“I force you…. he….” Song Ting Yu suddenly laughed coldly. Then he pulled her arm and tightly restrained her shoulder. Su Ran tried to struggle: “What are you doing? Let me go!”

Song Ting Yu remained unmoved and looked at her: “Su Ran, why should you do this to me…”

His voice was full of pain and tragic.

Su Ran moved her head to the other side. She knew that her eyes were teary. Song Ting Yu’s words provoked her emotion.

Su Ran was silent and finally said: “People are selfish. Now you have nothing. You lose Song company, no status. You also are criminal. You are nothing now. You even couldn’t be compare to ordinary man. A man like you, what is the point of me staying beside you? Why should you be so selfish?”

“But you said that you love me, is it a lie?” Song Ting Yu clutched her chin to let her see his eyes.

Su Ran didn’t dodge from his eyes. She once again looked at his eyes and said: “I love you, Song Ting Yu. I don’t lie to you. But my feeling is not really pure. I don’t know that you will lose everything. Do you know? So with your condition now, I hope that you will let me go…”

Song Ting Yu took a deep breath.

“So that’s how deep your feeling toward me.”


“It’s so funny…” Song Ting Yu laughed, “I unexpectedly believed you…”

He used his hand to clutch Su Ran’s face.

“Why do you want to retreat when I need you the most? Why for leaving me, you want to help Gu Dong Cheng to testify against me? Why you can open your eyes big and watch me suffer?”

He said it then, he didn’t give her anymore chance to talk. He suddenly lowered his head and kissed her deeply and forcefully. Su Ran could taste his despair their kiss.

Finally Su Ran gathered her mind and bit his tongue. They could taste blood in each other mouth.

Even in that stage, Song Ting Yu didn’t let her go. Until he ended it. He hugged her.

“Su Ran, don’t leave me….”

Su Ran looked at the white wall after a long time and said: “I already signed the divorce paper. I hope you will sign it soon. I don’t want to wait for too long. Also this will be the last time I meet you. Next time I will meet you, maybe in the court….”

Song Ting Yu slowly let her go. She stood up and gathered herself.

At last she looked at him, then knocked the door. She opened the door: “Goodbye.”

“Su Ran, if you leave now, then don’t appear in front me again.”

Su Ran stopped. She clutched the door handle tightly.

She just stopped but didn’t look back at him.

She stood in front for a long time. The guard thought that something had happened so they asked her. She shook her head. Then went to the car .

After that, she never came to meet him again.

She heard that after she left, Song Ting Yu had a serious illness so he stayed in the hospital for several days. The time he woke up. His first action was signing the divorce paper and let Lawyer Zhou passed to Su Ran

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