Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 203

After being her lawyer for some time, she still wouldn’t answer his questions. She really wasn’t willing to cooperate. At last this morning, she took initiative to talk to him, she asked him to pass on her words. She said that she wanted to meet Song Ting Yu.

“Madame Chen is suspected for two charges of premeditated murder and intentional hurt other. Her condition is not really good, but she isn’t willing to cooperate. No matter how I asked her, she are not willing to say anything…” Lawyer Chen thought Song Ting Yu asked for information because he cared about her.

After all, in outside world, everyone still didn’t know the fact that Song Ting Yu was unrelated with Chen Jing.

Although Chen Jing harmed Song Ting Yu’s kid, but perhaps there is an embarrassing illness behind this? Perhaps there is any ulterior motive?

As Chen Jing’s lawyer, of course he wanted to defend her from her point view, but yet she wasn’t willing to cooperate, it just made things hard for him.

“Oh right, Mr Song. As Madame Chen’s son. Let me ask you what do you think of this case? Why isn’t she willing to say something? Could you leak some information to me?” Lawyer Chen was full of expectation. He thought he could some information from him.

Song Ting Yu leaned on the sofa. With his chin propped up on his palm, he smiled: “It is Madame Chen’s problem, Lawyer Chen should ask her, and not me.”

“But Mr Song…” He almost blurted out “how could mother-son be like this?

But he didn’t say it. He noticed that Song Ting Yu is not cared for Chen Jing.

So he wouldn’t risk to stir some troubles.

Lawyer Chen stood up: “Then please Mr Song, if you have time, then you be sure to go to detention center. Madame Chen is waiting for you.”

The time Su Ran was coming back, Lawyer Chen was in the door. They both greeted each othr.

Noticing that she brought things home, Song Ting Yu helped her to carry it and put it on the table. He looked at the things: “What did you buy? Tonight what delicious thing would you cook for me?”

Su Ran said: “It’s fresh so I buy some.” She said, “Who is it before?”

“It’s a lawyer.”

“What happened?”

Song Ting Yu laughed: “It’s Chen Jing’s lawyer.”

The time she heard about Chen Jing’s name, her face changed.

Song Ting Yu stroked her long hair, and knew that she was thinking about their child: “Lawyer Chen came here and said that Chen Jing hopes to see me. She has something to say to me.”

“What does she want to say to you?”

Song Ting Yu said: “Supposedly she finds it hard inside the prison, so she couldn’t bear it anymore. Perhaps she wants me to help her.” He smiled dangerously: “She is dreaming.”

Song Ting Yu looked at Su Ran: “Do you want to meet her?”

“I don’t want.” Now Su Ran really hates her. She is afraid that seeing her would make her do something unimaginable.

“Come together with me to see her. I heard that she is suffering. It’s a pity for him. Don’t you think we should look at how she is?”

“Let’s go.” Song Ting Yu changed his clothes, then held her hand to go outside.

They drove the car to the detention center. Because he had called before, so now Chen Jing was waiting inside a room.

She came inside the room and noticed Song Ting Yu. She was emotional. She noticed there was Su Ran too, her face turned dark.

They both sat down. Then Chen Jing pointed at Su Ran: “Don’t I say that I would only meet you? I just want to speak with you, I don’t want to meet her.”

Chen Jing always be someone that arrogant. In this time she could be so arrogant.

Su Ran laughed coldly: “You don’t want to see me, I want to see you. If you have ability then kick me out. But you need to think clearly. If I leave, then Ting Yu would go with me too. Don’t you want to see him? Don’t you have anything to say to him? He would just come once, If you don’t seize the opportunity then…”

Chen Jing was silent.

Su Ran continued: “You still want me to leave?”

Chen Jing calmed down. Chen Jing was afraid that Song Ting Yu would leave.

“Madame Chen, let me ask you. Being here for several days, have your daughter, Bai Zhi Rui, came to see you?” Su Ran looked at Chen Jing’s face.

She looked at her for not missing her expression.

She knew what does Bai Zhi Rui meant for her. She would be in this position because of Bai Zhi Rui.

Indeed, the time Su Ran said it, Chen Jing’s face turned really sour.

Su Ran smiled: “Of course she wouldn’t meet you. Now, she is no powerless and helpless. After the photo of her and Chief Hua was exposed, now everyone knew about their relationship. Chief Hua got aids so everyone should think that Bai Zhi Rui also has one. How could ther would be anyone willing to be close to her?” 

Hearing this words from Su Ran, made Chen Jing felt so emotional. She stood up, but she couldn’t do anything as she was cuffed. She could say: “What did you do to her?”

Song Ting Yu looked at her: “It’s my doing. I exposed it. Oh right, I also added rumors so that she couldn’t be in entertainment industry again.”

Chen Jing looked at Song Ting Yu, and recalled Bai Zhi Rui’s situation. She paled: “Song Ting Yu, you are too cruel!”

Song Ting Yu spoke up: “Now what do you want to say to me? Say it now.”

Chen Jing still couldn’t calm herself down. Her eyes were red. She was so helpless.

She used her hands to wipe her eyes then looked at Song Ting Yu: “Last time didn’t you say that if I tell you who was helping me, then you would let me go?”

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  1. Let her go??? Can she be let go for murder and attempted murder.? I hope not. Let her rot in prison. Give bai Zhi Rui a joint cell so they can live and die together.

    Thank you for this chapter

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