Walking through Fire for You 《他从火光中走来》by Er Dong Tu Zi 《耳东兔子》~ Chapter 13

Lin Lu Xiao lowers his head and just lets her be.

She is quick, she helps him and then just retrieves her hands.

Just in time the head of the orphanage and San Bao come over to thank him. San Bao and Xiao Shu Miao run over him and just throws their bodies over and hugs his thigh. They say: “Thank you, Lin Shu Shu (Uncle Lin)!”

Lin Lu Xiao strokes their head. He looks gentle.

San Bao says: “Lin Shu Shu, are your team still recruiting? Wait till I’m older, I’ll go and work at your team okay?!”

Lin Lu Xiao kneels down and strokes San Bao’s head again. He says: “Then you need to studyy well and get into the military school. You cannot be so reckless .”

Nan Chu is thinking, will he treat his future kid in the future like this too?

San Bao: “Okay, sorry to trouble you guys today!”

“You always be so naughty, my work is even harder.”

The head of the orphanage comes over: “Lu Xiao, you are not staying for lunch?”

The head of the orphanage is Lin Lu Xiao’s grandfather’s comrade-in-arms. When Lin Lu Xiao was a little boy, Lin Qing Yuan tried to threaten him that he will throw him to the orphanage. So the head of orphanage is one of those who see him growing up.

Lin Lu Xiao stands up: “I should return to the station. Next time I’ll visit you again.”

The head of the orphanage nods and then looks at Nan Chu. “What about you, will you stay and have lunch?”

Nan Chu: “This afternoon I have a work. My car is waiting at the lobby. I want to see Bao Shu for a while then I’ll leave.”

The head of the orphanage nods and is gratified. “Bao Shu keeps on talking about you for so long. Go and take a look at her. I’ll take the kids to eat first.” Then the head of orphanage takes the kid to eat.

On the corridor, there’re only Nan Chu and Lin Lu Xiao. They are looking at each other for a while.

Then Lin Lu Xiao starts to pack up his thing and asks her: “What are you doing here?”

Nan Chu shrugs her shoulder and says: “I’m doing charity. Everyone loves a charitable person right. My company forces me to do this.”


Nan Chu smiles: “Alright, let me tell you secretly. It’s just a fake thing. Actually I secretly had a baby. I am afraid that it’ll ruin my image so I throw my kid here.”

She is successful in attracting his attention.

He stops and looks at her.

Nan Chu smiles. “Don’t see me as a young girl, actually I’m a mother.”


Lin Lu Xiao just ignores her and smiles. He just packs his rope.

Nan Chu watches his back and bends slightly. She whispers to his ear. “When are you free?”

Lin Lu Xiao stands up and glances at her: “You are a kid’s mother. If you are free, why don’t you come and accompany your kid?”

She smiles: “I should find a father for my kid.”


She talks so inevitably and rightly. Lin Lu Xiao feels like this woman is too smart. He doesn’t know what happened to him, he just talks to her.

“Where is the kid’s father?”

Nan Chu sighs: “He is immature, he ran away.”


Lin Lu Xiao: “You tell me this big matter, you are not afraid that I’ll leak it out?”

Nan Chu: “I trust you. If not, how could I go home when I was sixteen years old?”

Lin Lu Xiao tries his best to not break up, but he just mocks her: “So you left my home and went to another man? And you had a kid with him?”

Nan Chu doesn’t answer him and just watches him. She smiles.


Chen Mu is not wrong, this woman has too much tricks.

Lin Lu Xiao doesn’t say anything else, he also doesn’t want to mind her. He just does his own things.

Nan Chu watches him for a while, she is too idle, so she takes out a cigarette and lights it on. She takes steps backward then wants to lean on the railing fence and smokes.

Luckily Lin Lu Xiao holds her as there railing fence is gone: “Are you blind?”

Nan Chu smokes it and says: “You are worried about me?”

Lin Lu Xiao laughs coldly.

“I am worried about life?”

He watches her eyes and says: “Every life.”

Then he just takes his things and leaves.

Nan Chu is startled.

She remembered the sign on Lin Qing Yuan’s study room.

—— The prime year of one’s life will not come again, it’s hard for a day to be morning again.

Sheng Nian Bu Zai Lai, Yi Ri Nan Zai Chen

This sentence is not wrong.

He remembered not long after the time he just graduated the military school and joined the special duty force, there’s a big earthquake in Ping Lin. Every road was blocked. He and those special forces soldier went over to rescue it. Everything was ruined. There’re a lot of victims.

That time they kept on looking for survivor. They tried to use the machine to detect the survivor, the time they could save one, they were so thankful and happy. They worked for long hours.

Lin Lu Xiao discovered a student under the ruins, he called for friends to help.

Everyone is sweating a lot, they were digging for few days and few nights. They just slept for one to two hours. All of them were so dirty.

During the rescue, he kept on comforting the student that they definitely would help him out.

The time they could get a closer look at him, that little boy had a steel penetrates his heart, the mud under him was watery blood. It’s so fishy.

The crack between the stones were too small, no adult could get in. There’s no way to rescue him out. If they moved the rock again, everything would collapse. None of them wanted to give up, yet there’s no way out.

Lin Lu Xiao heard the boy’s weak voice calling him. The boy was teary, he kept on calling him to help, he wanted to live.

That boy’s eyes are so full of longing. He told that he wanted to grow up as a pillar of state, he wanted to repay his motherland. So he was asking them to not giving him up. If he is dead, there will be no one to take care of his Mei Mei (younger sister).

When he was done, suddenly there’s another earthquake aftershock. When he looked up, everything was collapsing again, The little boy was buried again.

Lin Lu Xiao knelt down and fisted his hands. His eyes are red. He stood up and went to rescue others.

It’s his mission to rescue others, to save other lives.

Until now he doesn’t dare to imagine the little boy’s face. His senior told him before he retired: “Lu Xiao, doing this profession, you suffer hardship, you bear hardship, you even need to look at the hardship.”


Lin Lu Xiao just finishes packing up and gets on the car. He closes the door and asks his team member to drive. Suddenly someone runs over. The head of the orphanage asks someone to stop them.


Lin Lu Xiao gets off the car and runs toward the head of the orphanage.

The head of the orphanage passes a box to him. “Last time your Pa come over here, he hit off with other kid and chatted with him for few sentences. When we were doing some craft, the kid helped your Pa made a clay miniature. Though you Pa is always busy and might forget about this, but that kid is special, please take this home for your Pa.”

Lin Lu Xiao looks at it and says: “Okay, what is the kid’s name?”

The head of the orphanage says: “Nan Bao Shu?”


Lin Lu Xiao: “Is that the kid of the young girl?”

The head of the orphanage smiles: “You mean Nan Chu?”

Lin Lu Xiao whispers.

“Oh right, Nan Chu has adopted him for few years, that young woman is too kind and sincere. Though sometimes she didn’t say the truth, but she is goodhearted. Not only she provides financial aid for Bao Shu to go to school. Sometimes in her free time, she will come over to visit him. She will bring a lot of goods and also share it to other kids. Bao Shu has autism, so she also takes him to few doctors. The time your Pa came, it’s rare for Bao Shu to to talk with him. She ah…. Nan Chu is just reluctant to admit her mistake.”

Lin Lu Xiao takes it and then does his salute. “Okay, I’ll send it for him. I must go now, take a good care of yourself.”

The head of the orphanage nods: “Go.”

Lin Lu Xiao gets on the car and waves his hand. The car starts to move. Suddenly his phone vibrates.

He takes it out.

{From troublesome silly girl: Thank you for your lecture, Dui Zhang, now I really cherish life.]

After a while, there’s another message.

[From troublesome silly girl: “At least before I pursued you, I must cherish life.]

Lin Lu Xiao just leans back on his seat and types: “If you want to cherish life, you should give up smoking first.”


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