Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 493

It’s been a month since He Zhang Ju accompanied Yang Yang properly. Mo Rui is treating him coldly. She even seems to be avoiding him. Today he heard from the employee, who has good relationship with Mo Rui. Mo Rui is planning to bring Yang Yang to leave Jing City.

How could it be?

Yang Yang is his son, he also has feeling toward Mo Rui.

Mo Rui is working at the department store. He cannot patiently wait for her to get off the work so he comes to her workplace.

He wants to ask her clearly the reason she is treating him this way. If someone is talking something about them, she should believe him and discuss with him.

Mo Rui avoids so He Zhang Ju chases after her.

There’s no one around so He Zhang Ju just raises up his voice and says: “Rui Rui, do you plan to take Yang Yang to leave Jing city? I don’t agree to it. Yang Yang is my son. You are my woman, you cannot go anywhere.”


The emergency exit door is opened.

He Zhang Ju looks unhappy, he turns his head and glares at the person. The time he recognizes Chen Meng’s face. His face changes. He unconsciously just stands in front of Mo Rui to block them.

“Xiao Meng, you…. why are you here?”

“Is this a restricted area? I cannot come?” Chen Meng is calm. “Mo Mi Shu (Secretary Mo), it’s been a long time. I didn’t expect that we could see each other again. Your identity is too surprising.”

Mo Rui walks out from He Zhang Ju’s back and lowers her head. “I’m sorry.”

“He Fu Ren (Mrs He), since you have been listening to us. I will tell you honestly. In the past I was too greedy so I turned to be his mistress. Now I get it, I just want to take my son return to my hometown. I want to live a happy and peaceful life. In the future, I’ll not show up in front of you. Please let us go.”

Chen Meng looks at her face for a whole three minutes and looks at He Zhang Ju. She tries to control herself.

“Go home.”

Then she add: “Now!”

Then she turns her body.

He Shu E notices that Chen Meng is gone, she goes there and feels so shocked.

She doesn’t listen to the talk between He Zhang Ju and Mo Rui, she also doesn’t know what is going on between them. But looking at how He Zhang Ju holds Mo Rui’s hand. She can sense what is going on.

“Da Ge, you guys…” He Shu E doesn’t know what to say or ask.

He Zhang Ju watches Chen Meng leave. He notices that she is stumbling a bit. He feels guilty and worried. He is afraid that Chen Meng will make things hard for Mo Rui andYang Yang.

“Let’s go back and talk.” Yet he doesn’t let go of Mo Rui’s hand, he says to Mo Rui: “You also come home with me.”

“No.” Mo Rui remembers what He Ji Fan said to her. She believes that He Ji Fan is capable to do something to Yang Yang. He Ji Fan is already thirty seven years old, he is a mature man with power and money. Yang Yang is just a nine years old boy, it’s too easy for him to handle Yang Yang.

“Please Zhang Ju, looking at how I’d been well toward you for these ten years. Please let me and Yang Yang leave. I cannot live without Yang Yang, please I beg you…” Mo Rui cries heartbrokenly. Yang Yang is her only rock right now. She cannot lose him or let something bad happen to him.

If something bad happens to yang Yang and He Zhang Ju knows that He Ji Fan is the one that did it. He Zhang Ju will not do anything.

She is planning to take Yang Yang back home. Wait till Yang Yang is older and mature. Then it is not too late to handle this matter.

“Rui Rui, Xiao Meng has found out about us. Don’t worry, I’ll handle this matter for you.” He Zhang Ju doesn’t let go.

“Da Ge, do you know what you are doing right now?” He Shu E reminds him. “Don’t forget who is your wife. How could you do this for your mistress?”

“Rui Rui gave birth to a son to me, shouldn’t I take responsibility for her too?” He Zhang Ju is so emotional. He is too agitated today.

He Shu E looks her stupid and stubborn Da Ge. Her face turns cold. “She gave birth to a son for you? Da Sao gave birth two sons and a daughter for you. How do you prepare to take responsibility for her? Is this a way for you to take responsibility for her? You let her down. You should think how to comfort her. Wait till her family knows about this, no one will help you.”

Then she looks at Mo Rui and just leaves.

Thinking about Chen Meng’s family makes him even agitated. He drags her. “Rui Rui, tell me, are you sincere? Do you really want to leave Jing City? Do you really want to leave m?”

He is too serious. He acts like if Mo Rui nods for a while, he will give her up.

Mo Rui looks at her feet. She wants to nod, yet her neck cannot move. She wants to answer yet her words are stuck.

She has wasted her ten years for him. How could she want to give up.

He Zhang Ju looks at her slow response, he understands what she wants. “Wait for me, I’ll take responsible for you.”


Chen Meng enters the family residence. She snatches the gardener’s scissors and starts to cut all of the favorite flowers of He Zhang Ju. She likes a crazy person. No one can convince her to stop.

“Xiao Meng, what are you doing?” The maid tells this to Old Madame He. Old Madame He comes out and takes a look at her. She frowns. “Zhang Ju is making you angry?”

Chen Meng cuts the last flower and throws the scissors away. She gets inside and starts to smash things around.

He Zhang Ju comes home and notices that the garden and the living room are so messy. Zhou Zhou is crying and feeling shocked so hard in Old Madame He’s embrace.

Looking at him, Chen Meng takes the vase and throws it to him.

He Zhang Ju moves to avid it.

Chen Meng takes off her high heels and wants to hit him with it.

She is so furious.

“Why are you guys startled? Hurry up try to pull them apart!”

Old Madame He yells.

The maids start to move. The time Chen Meng is pulled away, He Zhang Ju has a big injury on his head. He also has scratches on his face.

“What is going on? Tell me what is going on?” Old Madame He slaps the coffee table.

Zhou Zhou feels anxious and afraid. He is crying even louder.

Chen Meng’s face is full of tears. Her clothes and hair are so messy. She is just like a crazy woman.

She points at He Zhang Ju. “Speak up! Speak up! What do you do outside? Say it in front of your Ma! Be honest!”

He Zhang Ju covers is head. He has patience left because of Chen Meng’s crazy act. “Look at your behavior right now? What is so major about it that you should act this crazily? Can’t you say nicely? These years, except playing cards and buy things, what can you do? What can you do?”


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