Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 491

Chen Meng’s childhood friend doesn’t expect that Chen Meng will talk good words for Dou Weir. There’s no secret in their social circle. She thinks that her words make her win Chen Meng’s favor.

She forgets that Chen Meng is someone that pays so much attention on her pride, especially in public.

In this situation, how could she let He family loses its face.

Chen Meng’s childhood friend just pouts and walks away. She goes to talk with her other friends. She quickly forgets about the awkward situation with Chen Meng.

Chen Meng’s words are heard by others too. Her words are spread around. It shows how Chen family doesn’t only respect the poor family but values them. Everyone sees Dou family in different way.

When He Yun Xiao hears that someone is making fun of Dou family, he pretends to apologize and sprays the person with his glass of wine. “I’m sorry? I smell something bad so I didn’t see carefully. I’m sorry.”

“You…..” That person wants to get angry but someone beside him, stops him. “Don’t be angry, Yun Xiao did it accidentally.”

He Yun Xiao smiles coldly and just walks away.

“Why are you stopping me? He purposely did this to me!” That person is coming from Chen Meng’s family.

“Stop it, couldn’t’ you see? Yun Xiao is protecting the Dou family. Today He family is the host. If you dare to do something bad, your Pa Ma will not be able to help you too.”

“Does our family afraid of them?”

“Whether we are afraid or not, don’t you know it clearly?”


The wedding goes smoothly.

Father Dou helps Dou Weir to walks down the aisle and passes her to He Ji Fan’s hand. Dou Weir’s is wearing a very beautiful wedding dress. Under the bright light, He Ji Fan helps her to wear the ring.

He Ji Fan’s eyes are soft and fixed on her face.

Ye Qing Xin is also so happy to see Dou Weir finally get her happy wedding.

Jing Suo Suo is admiring Dou Weir’s wedding dress. She holds Cheng Ru Yu’s arm and says: “For our wedding, I also want to wear that beautiful weddng dress.”

Cheng Ru Yu should be sitting on Cheng family’s table. But now he is sitting on Jing family’s table. Old Madame Cheng doesn’t mind about it. Now she just wants her grandson to get marry soon.

Cheng Ru Yu’s mother just sighs.

“Okay, that time, I definitely will make you the most beautiful bride.” Cheng Ru Yu holds her small hand.

Jing Suo Suo’s heart beats so quick.

Jing Fen Fen watches them, her smile is flat. Jing Xian Xian is sitting beside her, she holds her hand.

“I’m okay.” Jing Fen Fen smiles, “For some matters, I already let it go. Don’t need to worry about me anymore. I was immature before so I made a lot of you worry about me, but now I’ll not do it again.”

Jing Xian Xian pats Jing Fen Fen ‘s hand, “It’s great, Lu Da Ge is treating you well too.”

Lu You Yuan is not coming today, Jing Fen Fen thinks about her. Her heart feels confused. she doesn’t understand what is happening. She just smiles and switches the topic.

After a while, she feels suffocated so she goes outside to the balcony. She looks at the plants near by.

After a while, she bumps into Cheng Ru Yu. She is startled for a while but she smiles: “Cheng Da Ge.”

She is calm. Cheng Ru Yu just nods.

They just passes each other. She is different right now, she is collected and calm.

Jing Fen Fen sighs with sorrow, her long-lasted loved turns out to pass just like that. She had wasted her youth.

After the wedding ends, He Ji Fan arranges someone to take Dou family to stroll around Jing City. He lets them to stay for two more days.

Father Dou and Mother Dou don’t join them, everyday they go to Bi Yun mansion to ‘enquire solicitously about her well0being. Dou Weir just acts calm.

The third day, Dou Weir speaks to them the words from her bottom of heart. “Dou Jin Wen doesn’t have basic to do business. It’s better for you guys to persuade him to find a job. Just do his job and live his life happily. No need to make trouble all the time.”

Mother Dou says firmly: “For which reason you can live inside a big house and drive a good car, you can have unlimited? And Jin Wen can only work for earning 3,000 Yuan/ a month. You just don’t want us to have a good life. It’s a waste for me to come here. If I knew about it sooner, I’d not show up. I’d just let you be laughed.

Dou Weir pursues her lips and says nothing else.

Sincere advices always unpleasant to hear.

Dou Weir prepares gifts for those relatives, it’s not expensive but she is sincere. Dou family members just return back to their hometown.

Mother Dou comes back and tells Dou Jin Wen what Dou Weir said to them. Dou Jin Wen is angry: “Dou Weir is unwilling to reconcile with us. We are her only relatives. She doesn’t care about us Ma. Ma, you scolded her, it makes everything you did useless? Ma, can’t you learn to restrain your emotion?”

“I was so angry.” Mother Dou never gets angry with her son. “What should you do now them?”

Dou Jin Wen is agitated: “How do I know?”

At his wit’s end, Dou Jin Wen calls back to that stranger’s phone number. But that stranger just laughs and says: “I’m very sorry. No I’m busy. I’ll hang up first.”

“Why are you laughing?” In the airport, He Ji Fan frowns at his assistant. He and Dou Weir are playing to go abroad for their honeymoon. Of course he will take his assistant.

Dou Weir goes to the restroom so at the lounge only two of them are left.

The assistant says: “That Tang Ge (Male cousin) called and told me that he and Tai Tai are not reconciled yet. He asked me what solution I have.”

He Ji Fan says nothing.

The assistant says: “His words are too much. I never meet someone like him. He Zong (Director He), in the past you gave them a lot of money to cut them off right? Why you give them another chance.


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