Walking through Fire for You 《他从火光中走来》by Er Dong Tu Zi 《耳东兔子》~ Chapter 11

Nan Chu holds her handbag and goes upstair. Xi Gu Zheng is scolded by Chen Guang Zong. Chen Guang Zong puts his hands on his waist and faces Xi Gu Zheng.

“It’s late night, how could you let her out! Didn’t I warn you to watch her! How could you just let her to go out. Who would sort things out if something happens to her? Perhaps you will be the one that explains this matter to Han Zong (Director Han)? Didn’t I tell you that her mentality is not very good? What if she has a break out on the road and is caught by the police? You will go to do the photoshoot?!”

Xi Gu Zheng’s head is lowered down. She curls down her neck. “The doctor said that she has a light clinical depression…… she is not crazy.

Of course Chen Guang Zong knows about it. But he is getting even furious to hear Xi Gu Zheng’s argument. He uses his hand and pokes on her head. “Is your brain just an ornament ah? I suddenly realize that your analytical skill is even worst that your face! Do you know that in the past she…”

“Chen Jing Bing……”

Chen Guang Zong’s real name is Chen Jing Bing. He had changed his name for a long time so no one has ever called him that way anymore. But as long as Nan Chu is angry, she will call him that way. Indeed, the time he turns his head back. He sees that alluring woman leaning on the door.

He is about to angry, but looking at how lazy she is walking inside. How her waist and leg are too sexy.

Chen Guang Zong is a man, he watches her and coughs. Then he says: “In the midnight, how could you wear this? Where did you go?!”

Nan Chu goes inside and throws her bag to the sofa. Then she walks toward her big mirror. She looks at her mirror. “I was hungry. Couldn’t I go out to have a meal?”

Nan Chu has a shortcoming, she loves to look at the mirror. At her own living room alone, she has two mirrors. She custom ordered the mirror herself.

She starts to remove her makeup. Cheng Guang Zong notices that she seems to be indifferent. He has an indescribable anger toward her. “Han Zong (Director Han) let you to practice the script, he requests for you to not run around. Hurry up sleep. Tomorrow Han Zong will fly with us to Italy!”


The next morning, Han Bei Yao’s car is already waiting at the lobby of Nan Chu’s apartment.

Han Bei Yao is sitting on the car while playing WeChat. When he hears noise, he looks over. He takes off his sunglasses and looks at the two young women.

This is the second time Xi Gu sees Han Bei Yao. The first time was during the interview. That time Han Bei Yao was sitting leisurely at his office. He asked her to lift up two suitcases. The time she was done, he just pointed at her and said: “Just her.”

Then the next day she came to work.

Nan Chu also takes off her sunglasses and gets on the car.

Han Bei Yao whistles: “You are becoming even beautiful.”

“It’s just you don’t see me often.”

“………” Han Bei Yao’s face turns dark and says: “How could you talk with your boss this way?”

Xi Gu places the suitcase on the trunk. Han Bei Yao glances at her. He is thinking hard about this young woman’s name. But he finally drops it..

Xi Gu lowers her head and quickly gets on the car.

Han Bei Yao was born in the designer family, he invests in a lot of fashion brands, including in the Italy brand that Nan Chu will appear. She can get the job because of this too. But one cannot deny that Nan Chu is a good model too. She is too photogenic. She is precise with her expression. The photographer, Jessica, who is always hard on someone, even praises Nan Chu’s ability.

Today after the photoshoot today, Jessica sends her a sample photo. It’s a photo of her in her bikini on the desert. Her hair is wet. She looks os sexy.

Nan Chu thinks the photo is good so she just sends it to Lin Lu Xiao.

Lin Lu Xiao sees the photo three days later. That day he just finishes his duty, he changes his clothes. The time he is on the car and waiting for the red traffic light turns car. Then he takes phone out. He opens the chat.

At first he thought that his phone has a virus, unexpectedly there’s a p*rn*gr*ph*c advertisement.

But the time he looks closer, he notices the woman in the advertisement looks familiar. The time he just recognizes him, he leans on her seat. He holds his temple and feels confused. He doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. At last, he almost misses the green light. The driver behind starts to press his horn. He just throws his phone and drives away.

Except that message. A week later, it’s almost a month, Nan Chu doesn’t even mention about going to take him out to dinner.

At night, Lin Lu Xiao gives Da Liu a call. He is asking his whereabout. Da Liu and friends are eating out together. He is chewing a big meatball and says: “It’s rare thing that Xiao Ye takes initiative to call me! I’m eating with Chen Mu and friends. Will you come?”

Lin Lu Xiao holds his phone and snorts. He asks about the restaurant.

The time he is there. Da Liu is the first one that welcomes him. He takes a chair for him. “It’s so rare, you are on holiday today?”

Lin Lu Xiao looks around. He knows most of them.

Chen Mu takes out his cigarette and asks him: “You are in a bad mood?”

Lin Lu Xiao glances at him.

He takes a bottle and pours him a glass of beer. “I’m quite good.”

There’re few people that meeting Lin Lu Xiao for the first time. They usually hear from Da Liu about him.

Since he was a young boy, Lin Lu Xiao always keeps his feeling inside his heart, he doesn’t like to show his feeling.

He is strong that no one ever sees him crying.

Since they were young boys, they love to fight and make trouble. Every time they made trouble, Da Liu and Sun Ming Yang always be beaten by their fathers and begged to be forgiven. Lin Lu Xiao never begged for forgiveness, his father almost beat him till his bone is broken.

He can endure anything, he has a good endurance.

Chen Mu leans on his chair and looks at Lin Lu Xiao: ‘Don’t you dislike this kind of thing?”

When Lin Lu Xiao was in Grade 12, he got into the military school. The time he took his admission notice back home. He bumped into his Ma, who just returned from Bureau of Civil Affairs to handle their divorce. The secretary stopped the car in front of the house. Mother Lin got off the car with red eyes.

That night Mother Lin packed up all of her things and brought Lin Qi to go away. That time, she just said a sentence to Lin Lu Xiao: “In the future you are with your Pa, if you have any trouble, call me.” Then she just dragged Lin Qi to go. That time Lin Qi was crying so loudly, he was unwilling to separate with him.

That time it’s the first time he felt so helpless.

Lin Qing Yan just returned from the unit the next day. The house was half empty. He was startled for a while. He then looked that his oldest son was sitting on the one of the steps. He frowned but said nothing. He took off his coat and got into the study room.

Afterwards, Lin Lu Xiao just entered the military school. He never went back home even once. After the graduation, he just got into the firefighting special force. He kept on staying in the team. He is not close or distant with his father. Till last year when he had a birthday, Lin Qing Yuan’s secretary called him to ask him to eat out.

The time he changed his uniform to go to the appointment, Lin Qing Yuan had a sudden business trip. The secretary brought a bunch of keys for him. “This was the birthday present from the time you entered military school, Chu Zhang (Section Chief) bought for you. If he didn’t give it to you, it’ll be scrapped off in few years.”

“It’s not a really good car, it’s quite old, but it’s his kind intention.

He brought the car home and never used it. He kept it inside the garage. He always drives his own car.


Only few people know about this matter.

Chen Mu: “If it’s not your Pa, then it’s about woman? Does a woman play you around?”

Lin Lu Xiao: “R*bb*sh!”


Lin Lu Xiao lights one of his cigarettes and leans on his chair. He just says: “I’m just annoyed.”

“You are tempted?”

Lin Lu Xiao pauses and looks at Chen Mu. “R*bb*sh, get out of here! She is just a girl.”

Chen Mu clicks his tongue and shakes his head: “But her body is not a girl.”

Lin Lu Xiao glances at him.

Lin Lu Xiao’s phone suddenly rings.

He takes it out and there’s a message.

[+86135XXXX2345: Dui Zhang (Captain), tomorrow let’s have dinner?]

Lin Lu Xiao snorts and replies:

—- No time.


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