Walking through Fire for You 《他从火光中走来》by Er Dong Tu Zi 《耳东兔子》~ Chapter 10

He counts, it’s been a long time. He hasn’t returned to Heng Jie for a long time.

That time that area was so crowded. It’s a free and easy, it’s also the happiest time.

The time Lin Lu Xiao was born, his father was the vice-section chief of the firefighting department. His family condition was relatively good. But after the birth of Lin Qi, his mother just lost her job. Their family condition just shrunk. Inside his memory, though the life that time was hard and in financial straits, but that time he was happy, he was the happiest. After that his father just transferred, day by day their life turned better. But there’re lots of things to be worried of, anyway they were not as happy as before.

When it’s time for the college entrance exam, he and his friends were standing, smoking and chatting with the friends.

Da Liu wanted to follow Lin Lu Xiao to enroll to the military school, but his mark is low. Lin Lu Xiao advised him to listen to his family and just studied business and be office-bearer. Da Liu was unwilling. “I want to be with you.”

Sun Ming Yang and Chen Mu were teasing and sneering at Da Liu.

Who knows, Da Liu just said: “Li Xia Zi (Blind Li) said to me that I am not good at knowing people. I’ll have a hard life. I don’t know about the others but following Lu Xiao will not be a wrong choice.”

Hearing that makes Sun Ming Yang and Cheng Mu want to cut off ties with him.

Li Xia Zi (Blind Li) is a fortune-teller in their alley, no one knows about his real name. So everyone just calls him Li Xia Zi and he is okay with it.

The time he sent them off, he gave them words for each one of them.

Lin Lu Xiao refused to listen to him. “No need to tell me, I don’t believe in this.”

That time Li Xia Zi just shook his head and laughs, he says nothing.

But the time he finished his exam and wanted to go to military school. He met Li Xia Zi once more. Li Xia Zi spoke up.

Lin Lu Xiao was quite surprised and waved at him. Li Xia Zi moved his hand away and said: “Don’t wave, you have no skill in this.”

Lin Lu Xiao was wearing all black. He was simple and nimble.

“How could you know it is me?”

“If I tell you, then what will my work be?”

Lin Lu Xiao lowers his head and smiles.

But at last the Li Xia Zi speaks up: “Wind, steps, your breathing. You and those three kids are not the same. Your breathing is much steadier, your steps are heavy. Da Liu always breaths deeply.”

Lin Lu Xiao nods, no one says anything.

Li Xia Zi: “The time Da Liu came over to find me, he asked me what I mean.”

Lin Lu Xiao leaned on the wall and smiled: “He is timid, your words surprised him.”

“You really don’t want to hear my words?”

Lin Lu Xiao looked at him. “Tell me.”

“You area lofty and have unyielding character. You are brave and firm, in the future, you’l be a hero.”

“But since the ancient time to even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman.”

Lin Lu Xiao: “Are you done?”

“Just remember my words, it’ll not harm you!”

Lin Lu Xiao stands up straight and says deeply: “Since you are thinking you are right, then why don’t you tell me why my parents got a divorce.”

Li Xia Zi doesn’t say anything else.

That time was the last time they saw each other. Lin Lu Xiao had left that place too. No one knows where he is going.


The time is 11:00 p.m. right now.

Da Liu looks at Lin Lu Xiao, who is sitting on the sofa. He glances at Chen Mu too. Then he asks: “If not, let’s end our meeting today?”

Lin Lu Xiao nods.

Da Liu and both men stand up together. They say goodbye to Nan Chu and smiles: “Xiao Sao Zi! Today it’s very happy to meet you. In the future, come over to play with us okay. Let me get your number. “

Then he takes out his phone.

Lin Lu Xiao slaps his hand. “Go away, hurry.”

Da Liu just says: “Okay, I’ll hurry.”

Three of them leave. The room is messy. The cans are everywhere and there’re cigarette butts too.

Lin Lu Xiao just sent Da Liu and friends out, then he asks her: “Let me send you back home?”

Nan Chu doesn’t even blink and just advises him. “If not, I can sleep at your home. You don’t need me to send me, tomorrow morning I’ll just leave by myself.”

It’s late night, the lights on the living room are off. There’s only a little light from the table lamp. Lin Lu Xiao licks his lips and laughs.

Nan Chu feels that he is so handsome, he is so manly too.

“Let’s go.”

He takes his car key to take his car and then throws a black coat to her. It’s very clean.

“Drape this one on your shoulder.”

Nan Chu does it and looks at herself.

“Do I look beautiful?” She asks him.

Lin Lu Xiao opens up his car and glances at him. Then he shifts his gaze, he asks: “Your motivation to wear clothes is to be beautiful?”

Nan Chu opens up the front passenger seat and says: “If it’s not good, then I rather not to wear it.”


“I’m even more beautiful when I wear nothing.”


He is too lazy to mind her. “Where is your house?”

“Xing Hui.”

Lin Lu Xiao drives the car. He doesn’t talk much on the way.

The car arrives at Xing Hui complex.

Nan Chu returns the coat to him before she gets off the car. Lin Lu Xiao takes and throws to the backseat. He is waiting for him to get off the car.

Nan Chu stands there and looks at him. “Next week, let’s have a meal together. I’ll find you, or perhaps you can call me.”

She bends her body and looks around. She is so attractive.

Lin Lu Xiao leans back on his chair. He just looks at her, the time he is not saying any words. He is too serious. It’s too hard to guess what is his mind. After a while, he takes his cigarette and lights it on. Then he asks: “What do you want from me?”

He acts like he is helpless toward Nan Chu.

The sky is dark, her eyes are glistening. It’s brighter than the moonlight. She answers the question with a question: “What do you think that I can get from you?”

Lin Lu Xiao just sneers and smokes his cigarette. Then he satirizes: “That’s right, what things that you don’t have? At first didn’t you throw me a pile of money, weren’t you confident and easy?”

“Did you spend the money?”

“I’d spent all of them.”

“For what did you spend it?”

Actually that time Nan Chu gave him money, he was so unhappy. That time this girl also left without saying anything. She was acting like she was throwing the money to him. That time he was a young solider, he threw it away. But he returned and felt that it’s inappropriate. He picked it up again and contacted Da Liu to donate the money to an orphanage.

Anyway he doesn’t want to keep the money.

“You mind about it?” Lin Lu Xiao speaks so bluntly. “Don’t come to look for me. For the past, no matter who it is, I would do same thing. My house was empty and I was at the station.”

Nan Chu looks at him, her tears start to fall down. “During that time you also came back around three times.”

Lin Lu Xiao moves the car , “That time I hadn’t adapted to it, I forgot that I had someone at home.”

“The first you could forget? Then what about the second time, the third time?”

“Pah! You think that I could have a feeling for a little girl like you?”

Nan Chu shrugs her shoulder. Her face shows like she is saying how can you know what I am thinking.

This is not going anywhere. “…..”

After a while, Lin Lu Xiao decides to not talk anymore about this. He asks her to go upstair.

“What time is it? Go home.”

“Then a week later, let’s have a meal together?” Nan Chu doesn’t forget about this matter.

Lin Lu Xiao looks at her and notices that this girl is too stubborn. He says. “I’m not sure whether I’m off that time. Let’s talk about it later.”

Nan Chu acts like she will not move if he doesn’t agree to it.

Lin Lu Xiao frowns and says impatiently: “Alright, alright, alright.”

“Give me your phone.” Nan Chu extends her hand.

“Are you done?”

“What if you run away? How can I find you?”

Lin Lu Xiao glances at her and takes out his phone. He passes the phone to her. Nan Chu takes it and dials her number. When she is done, she smiles happily. She waves her hand and says softly: “Lin Dui Zhang (Captain Lin), good night!”

Lin Lu Xiao leans on his chair and holds the steering wheel. He looks at the window.

He watches Nan Chu gets inside the apartment building.

He licks his lips and laughs lightly.


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