Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 486

That night before He Ji Fan gets off work, the housekeeper cooks a table full of delicious food. Dou Weir also does a dish with the housekeeper.

After Dou Weir is discharged, He Ji Fan employs housekeeper to cook for him.

The dining room is an open-door one. The time He Ji Fan is back, he notices that Dou Weir is pouring a glass of red wine. He smiles and comes over. “Why do you look so happy today? But you cannot drink today.”

“I pour it for you.” Dou Weir says: “Wash your hands and eat .”

When he is done, he notices a dish of crisp-fried spare ribs that looks so different from other dishes. He knows that dish should be done by a first-time cooker.

He lifts up his chin and points at the spare ribs. “You cooked this one?”

Dou Weir is surprised: “How do you know?”

“I can see it.” The appearance is too bad.

Dou Weir looks at her dish and feels embarrassed: “It’s my first to cook that so it’s look a litle bit bad. But I’ve tasted it. It’s quite great.”

“I’ll taste it too.” He Ji Fan takes his chopsticks and bites the spareribs.

“How is it?” Dou Weir looks at him with her expecting gaze.

He Ji Fan raises his eyebrows. “It’s quite good.”

“Really?” Dou Weir is happy.

He Ji Fan nods. Of course the taste cannot be compared to the other dishes. But it’s quite great for the first-timer.

“Then eat more.” Dou Weir takes initiative to help him pull the chair and serves a glass of wine for him.

He Ji Fan is overwhelmed by the favor from her. Tonight Dou Weir seems to be different. He hugs her waist and kisses her ear. “You cooked and served me, do you have something that you make happy?”

Dou Weir smiles and pushes him away and sits down. “Did I treat you badly in the past? I just cooked a dish and poured a wine for you. Why are you so moved by it?”

“No.” He Ji Fan doesn’t dare to say about it. He just smiles and says: “Wife always treats me well.”

Dou Weir: “Eat up, hurry up. Later it’ll be cold.”

The housekeeper prepares the dishes that suit for the pregnant woman. He Ji Fan keeps on picking food for Dou Weir. The dish that Dou Weir’s made is finished by him.

Dou Weir sees that he really wants to finish the food. He looks like that he wants to lick the plate clean. She is a bit speechless. “You act like I am the one that controlling your food.”

“My wife cooked for me, it’s delicious. I even can finish another plate.”

In the past He Ji Fan loved to curry woman’s favor. Dou Weir rolls her eyes and says: “Your words are too sweet.” Yet she looks happy.

After the dinner, He Ji Fan remembers the doctor asked Dou Weir to try her best to move and have a rest. They both shower and lay down on the bed. They cannot help but to kiss each other. Dou Weir is so intimate. He Ji Fan is provoked but he is worried about her body so he doesn’t dare to do anything too much.

“In the past, did you invest on a model talent show?” Dou Weir asks him.

He Ji Fan stops and looks at Dou Weir.

“You also invested in our company, right?”

Her two hands are on He Ji Fan’s shoulder. She is rubbing his collar bone. She is looking at his eyes.

He Ji Fan just watches and says nothing.

Dou Weir understands that he is agreeing silently, she smiles and says: “Why didn’t you tell me? I always felt curious about my smooth modeling career. Though I experienced hard time from time to time too, but it’s not too frustrating. The leader of the company is quite supportive too, I thought I was an excellent one.”

He Ji Fan lays down too and hugs her. “In the past I didn’t dare to tell you, I was afraid that you’ll be angry. But now I forgot about that.”

Dou Weir doesn’t expose his lie. The manager said to her that recently someone invested more money. She doesn’t think that He Ji Fan doesn’t know about this.

Both of them don’t say anything else, they just hug each other silently. He Ji Fan turns off the lights with the remote. In the darkness, Dou Weir leans on He Ji Fan’s embrace.

Half month later, Zhou Zhou passes the critical situation, he is in a common sickroom.

It’s almost 09 September, it’s Jing Fen Fen and Lu You Yuan’s wedding.

He family lets the maid takes care of Zhou Zhou at the hospital, and all of them go the hotel for the wedding venue of Jing Fen Fen and Lu You Yuan.

The cars pass around Jing city. When they almost arrive at the hotel, the master car (the car that the bride is on) suddenly is hit.

Everyone is so shocked. Two big men get off the car and drag Jing Fen Fen out of the car to the backseat of the Hummer. That time Jing Suo Suo gets off the car. The men also take Jing Suo Suo with them.

It happens too fast. It’s too late for everyone to save both of them.

Someone immediately drives the car to chase after them.

Jing Bo Yuan and Lu You Yuan’s big brother try to chase them.

Lu You Yuan and the driver, the bridesmaid are saved from the car. Three of them are hurt, they faint.

“You Yuan!” Mother Lu is so heartbroken, she cries and asks someone to call the ambulance.

Both Jing and Lu family don’t expect that this kind of thing will happen on the happy occasion like this.

“Fen Fen and Suo Suo are taken away? Who is doing this? Why?” Ji Yi and Jing Yan are so worried for their two daughters. Ji Yi looks at the hurt Lu You Yuan and says.

“Hurry up find them.” Ji Yi asks Jing Yan.

“Their motive is Fen Fen, Suo Suo will be okay.” Jing Yan is so anxious.

Jing Yan’s words make Ji Yi turn even worried. “If that’s way, isn’t Suo Suo in dangerous situation?”

Previously Jing Fen Fen’s bridesmaid is another person, but this morning she has urgent business to do so Jing Suo Suo recommend herself to be the bridesmaid for her sister. That’s why she is on the same car as Jing Fen Fen.

The time the Hummer bumped the car, Jing Fen Fen just unconsciously hugged Jing Suo Suo to protect her. Everyone on the car is hurt, only Jing Suo Suo is well.

So the time Jing Fen Fen just be dragged out of the car, Jing Suo Suo didn’t think of anything and just came and helped her.

The car speeds along. She doesn’t know where the car is going. Jing Suo Suo holds the fainted JIng Fen Fen and cannot help but to shiver when she is blood on her body. She checks on her body and notices it just minor bruise.

Jing Suo Suo is slightly relieved, she looks around and notices that behind there’re several cars. Among the cars, she could see ing Bo Yuan and Jing Yi’s car.

They will be okay. Da Ge and Er Shu will help us.

Jing Suo Suo gives herself a motivation, she silently extends her hand to open the car…..

“Behave well!” The man uses something to press against her waist. It’s pointy and sharp. It’s a pocket knife.

Her body turns stiffen. Her heart is beating so fast, she doesn’t dare to move.

The Hummer speeds up yet it cannot get rid off those cars. Jing Bo Yuan and several others are following them. They just realize that maybe they want them to follow along.

The Hummer drives out of the city, it goes to the outskirt.


Lu You Yuan gains her consciousness on the way to the hospital. After he is awake, he just sits up and doesn’t care about anything else. He holds her mother’s hand and says. “ Fen Fen? Where is she? How is she?”

“You Yuan, don’t be emotional. Lay down first…” His forehead is bleeding again, Mother Lu is very sad to see him in this state.

A paramedic urges him: “You have a lot of serious injury, don’t move around.”

“Shut up!” Lu You Yuan roars. Then he says: “What happened to Fen Fen? Tell me!”

“She….” Mother Lu is cautious: “She is taken by someone… She is with Jing Suo Suo….”

“What do you mean?” Lu You Yuan’s heart clicks. He has a bad feeling about this.

“There were two men taking both Fen Fen and Suo Suo.” Mother Lu adds quickly: “But the police has move and chased after them. Your Da Ge and Jing Yi, Jing Bo Yuan also chase after them. Fen Fen will be okay. Lay down first, you need to treat your wound…”

“Stop the car!” Lu You Yuan acts like a crazy person, he starts to push things around. The driver of the ambulance is so shocked that he stops the car.

“Stop the car! I want to get off the car!”

“You Yuan, don’t act like this. The doctor said that you are badly hurt.”

Lu You Yuan just takes off the needle of his IV drip and then says: “Get off the car.”

“You Yuan…” Mother Lu looks at him.

“Ma, you get off too.”

Lu You Yuan goes to the driver’s seat and drives away.

The guests of the wedding have come over and gathered at the hall. Jing and Lu family are looking for excuses about the delay. Looking at the condition, there’s no way that the wedding can be happening today.

Ye Qing Xin and Jing Xian Xian are accompanying Ji Yi and Old Madame Jing. They are comforting them. Both of them are so worried.

Especially because they don’t know what is the motive.

Ye Qing Xin doesn’t dare to think too much about it. This time she is worried about Jing Bo Yuan’s safety too. She wants to call him but she is afraid that he might be in critical moment. She is afraid to disturb him too.

Moreover she knows that a phone call also cannot help. So she tries to calm herself.


This morning Cheng Ru Yu has an operation. He is going to the wedding venue after he is done with it. When he just arrives, he is informed that the wedding is delayed.

Maybe because of the sixth sense, he feels that the situation is not simple. He also sees how Ji Yi keeps on crying. Her eyes are so swollen. He asks around and just knows about the kidnapping.

Cheng Ru Yu knows that Jing Bo Yuan is chasing the car, so he immediately calls him and asks about the location. He is very anxious. He drives his car over.

Jing Suo Suo and Jing Fen Fen are feeble women, Jing Suo Suo is a timid one. She should be very shocked in this situation.

Thinking of this, Cheng Ru Yu increases his speed again.

The time he is at the site, he looks around and sees that the police is around.

They are now in a disabled two-story building.

No one knows how many kidnappers are there, Jing Fen Fen and Jing Suo Suo are upstair.

“You guys are surrounded, hurry up and surrender….”

The captain of the police says from the speaker.

Jing Bo Yuan frowns and says: “What do you want, you might as well say it….”


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