Walking through Fire for You 《他从火光中走来》by Er Dong Tu Zi 《耳东兔子》~ Chapter 9

Nan Chu looks at him and says nothing. Her eyes look like she is happy.

Lin Lu Xiao reminds her: “It’s too late.”

Nan Chu raises her eyebrows, she accepts the invitation happily so she just stays.

Lin Lu Xiao nods: “Close the door.”

Then he just opens up his shoe cabinet, he takes out a clean pair of slippers for her.

Nan Chu closes the door and looks at him.”…… Didn’t you say that you don’t have any?”

Lin Lu Xiao turns his body and gets inside. He just says: “I said no one that woman can wear.”


Nan Chu follows him. Lin Lu Xiao stops beside Da Liu and kicks him. He signals him to move: “Sit over.”

Da Liu is talking with the friend, he just looks back at Lin Lu Xiao and moves. He keeps on glancing at Lin Lu Xiao and Nan Chu. “Ay Ay Ay—- since today it’s the first day for Xiao Ye (Brother Xiao) brings his “wife”, let’s not scare our…..”

Lin Lu Xiao sits down and just pokes at Da Liu’s head.

“Stop your nonsense talk.”

His voice sounds relaxed.

Then he glances at Nan Chu like he is asking her to sit down.

Nan Chu sits down beside Lin Lu Xiao. She sits down on part of his military pants. She could feel this man’s thigh. It’s muscly and sturdy. Yet it’s so well shaped. She lowers her head and examines him.

He looks like a male model.

The time Nan Chu is examining him, Nan Chu’s black skirt rubs against Lin Lu Xiao’s instep.

Yet he cannot shift his legs. He glances at her and says flatly: “Your Ma didn’t teach you how to sit down?”

Nan Chu smiles and says seriously: “My bottom is big, sorry to cause you trouble.”



Tonight the people, who come over here, are all Lin Lu Xiao’s childhood friends.

The chubby one is Da Liu. He loves to follow Lin Lu Xiao anywhere. Everyone that talks bad about Lin Lu Xiao will be beaten by him. Next to him is a man called Sun Ming Yang, he is a stern one. He used to fight with Lin Lu Xiao when they were little. But after they were grown up, they got into the military school together, they are soldiers. The other man, who is smoking silently on the side, is Chen Mu.

Da Liu is so friendly, he takes Nan Chu to get to know the friends.

Nan Chu always lacks of affection since she was a young girl, this is a new feeling for her. It seems like she is welcomed to get into his world.

Though the owner of the world is just smoking silently.

Da Liu keeps going. “Ming Yang and Lu Xiao are the same, they are both soldier. Though they used to fight a lot, but Ming Yang cares for Xiao Ye. He loves to learn with him.”

Sun Ming Yang throws a pillow at Da Liu. Luckily, Da Liu is quick to dodge it. The pillow hits Nan Chu’s head.


Lin Lu Xiao shoots a glance at Sun Ming Yang.

Sun Ming Yang quivers for a while and then apologizes to Nan Chu. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! My hand slips!”

Da Liu holds up the pillow and throws it back. “How could you dare to throw the pillow to Xiao Sao Zi (Young sister-in-law)! Wait till Xiao Ye beat you!”

This greeting of “Xiao Sao Zi” makes her so happy.

“It’s okay, we are just playing around with each other.”

Nan Chu smiles happily. “G*dd*mm*t, how could this Xiao Ye find this kind alluring woman!”

Da Liu cannot resist beautiful woman, but he has never be close to one.

Da Liu continues to talk with Nan Chu. “For real, after this guy got into the same military school as Lin Lu Xiao, he immediately got into the recruitment department. At last he got into special force too.”

Nan Chu asks curiously: “Then when he was fighting with Lin Lu Xiao, who was winning?”

“He never wins Lin Lu Xiao.” Da Liu thinks about the fight. “Lin Lu Xiao was too ruthless, I remember that one time his Di Di, Lin Qi, do you know him?”

Nan Chu nods. “Yes I know him.”

Da Liu hears it. Wow, she even knows her Di Di. This Sao Zi seems to be so reliable. He keeps on going: “Xiao Qi didn’t have a good health. He used to be bullied. Once when someone hit his nose, that time Lu Xiao was in junior high school. He just came to find that bully and hit the guy. I and Ming Yang Mu Ge cannot stop him. At last he was punished by his father and ——“

He said it and Da Liu was kicked.

Lin Lu Xiao, who is sitting between them, gives him a quick look and says: “You have stories ability to tell story, then why don’t you do a pingshu (A folk art where a single performer narrates stories from history or fiction)?”

Da Liu is unhappy: “I just want to take care of our Xiao Sao Zi okay? You just smoke and smoke. You are ignoring her. You ah, your EQ is too low, how could you find a girlfriend like her?”

Thinking about something, Da Liu’s eyes suddenly light up: “Ay— are you jealous?”

Linn Lu Xiao rolls his eyes: “Go away.”

“Okay, okay okay, I’ll go away. I’ll not disturb two of you anymore.”

Then Da Liu just goes away, he goes to play finger-guessing game with Sun Ming Yang. Sun Ming Yang clearly looks like he is despising him. Da Liu then just goes to smoke. Chen Mu, who is busy playing his phone. “Mu Ge, why are they so crude? They just want me to go away.”

Chen Mu doesn’t even lift up his head: “Go away.”



Da Liu just be quite. “Don’t you believe in Buddha? Buddha says that you cannot swear.”


After Da Liu goes away, the sofa be more spacious. Lin Lu Xiao shifts his body.

Nan Chu looks at the space between them. She asks him: “Why don’t you explain yourself?”

Lin Lu Xiao turns his head to look at her: “What should I explain?”

“Explain that I am not your girlfriend.”

Those guys are his childhood friends, he knows them too well. Explaining too much will make him be the guilty one. Moreover, he never be someone that likes to explain himself to other people.

Moreover that time he thinks that it will be the last time he will meet her again. He wants to make it clear to her when he sends her back home. He wants her to not look for him again. Da Liu and friends will not meet her again. Of course they will understand this just a misunderstanding. So why should he take time to explain this matter.

He smiles and says nothing.

He takes his cigarette and lighters, he plans to light it. Yet Nan Chu snatches it first.

The black metal lighter is held by her. She plays with it.

Lin Lu Xiao watches her, he still has a cigarette on the corner of his mouth.

She lights it.

“Hurry up, it’s hot.” Nan Chu urges him.

Lin Lu Xiao lowers his head and smiles. He lets her lights it on and then leans on his sofa. He watches her.

He suddenly recalls the year he enrolled to the military school and left Heng Jie.

That time a man talked with him.

“You ah, kid is lofty and has unyielding character, you are brave. In the future you will be a hero.

Then that man sighs again.

“Why are you sighing then?”

That man says: “Since ancient times, even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman.”


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