Walking through Fire for You 《他从火光中走来》by Er Dong Tu Zi 《耳东兔子》~ Chapter 7

Lin Qi comes inside the private room after washing his face, he glares. He shakes his hand and says: “What are you doing?”

Lin Lu Xiao: “…….”

Nan Chu: “…….”

What could we do?

Lin Lu Xiao stands up first and goes out. Nan Chu recovers herself and follows him.

Three of them get on the car.

Lin Qi, the sweet naive young man, takes initiative to get on the front passenger seat. Nan Chu sees Lin Lu Xiao. Just by chance, he glances at her. He is so tall. He is glancing at her too. Nan Chu rolls her eyes and get on the car.

Lin Lu Xiao lowers his head and laugh, he also get on th car.

Both of them say nothing to each other on the way. Nan Chu keeps on looking at the window. She seems to be charmed by the night scenery outside. Lin Lu Xiao is chatting with Lin Qi. Lin Qi is just like a little peacock who keeps on chattering. He seems to be dependent on Lin Lu Xiao.

Nan Chu opens the window and lets the wind comes inside the car.

The time she turns her head and looks Lin Lu Xiao. There’re lot of feelings in his eyes that can be read by her.

She looks away and suddenly remembers what happened five years ago when she moved to his house.

The sixteen years old Nan Chu lived in Lin Lu Xiao’s house for a month. During that period he came home around two or three times. Every times he would stay for a day and half. Most other time he will stay on the force so they are indeed not really close with each other.

That time Lin Lu Xiao rented an apartment, three bedrooms and a living room. Except a master bedroom, two rooms are study room and a room where he put other things.

Nan Chu couldn’t cook. She always called takeaway. Once the time she got home and wanted to take her order, she saw that he was coming home. Nan Chu just recklessly put the change back into her pocket and followed him.

When they were upstair, Lin Lu Xiao changed his shoes and Nan Chu was holding a box of curry rice. It’s a rare chance. She thought about it and passed to him. “I don’t know that you will come back home tonight. If not, you could eat this one first. I’ll order another one.”

Lin Lu Xiao threw the keys to the cabinet and didn’t even look at her. He got inside and said: “I ate already.”


Nan Chu went to sit down on the dining table.

Lin Lu Xiao went to change his clothes and looked around. Though this girl couldn’t cook but she could clean well. There’s no dirt inside the house. That time Lin Lu Xiao was an adult man who couldn’t take care of people yet.

He has OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). No matter what time, he feels that the blanket needs to fold like a chunk of tofu. He doesn’t like to see the blanket to be messy and just roll around.

The room had the heater.

Lin Lu Xiao changed into a loose gray t-shirt and blank trousers and came out of the room. Then he took the young girl back inside the room. He said: “Look.”

Nan Chu still had few rice on her mouth.

Then Lin Lu Xiao took the blanket. “Your Ma never teach you to fold the blanket?”


That time Lin Lu Xiao was not well-built man, he was tall yet skinny.

But his voice is calm.

It’s rare chance for him to be patient: “Flatten the blanket first on the bed, then fold it into three parts, then fold it.”

That time Lin Lu Xiao’s hair was a bit long.

“Remember to fold it well.”

Nan Chu was watching him intensely.

Lin Lu Xiao lifted his head lightly and looked at Nan Chu. He noticed that her gaze was on him. He swallowed his saliva. This young girl seemed to not listening to him.

He frowned and stood straight. “Am I handsome?”


She nodded.

He smiled: “Could you fold it?”


She shook her head.

“If you cannot fold it well, then tonight don’t eat the diner.”

He looked at her.


Nan Chu was not hesitant, between folding the blanket and eating dinner, she chose to spend tim with him.

Perhaps after Nan Yue Ru is back, she will never meet him anymore.

Thinking about that night, it’s like a gift for her.

That night.

Lin Lu Xiao stood near the window and smoked.

Nan Chu was trying hard to fold the blanket.

She made a good progress. She tried few times. Once, she felt so happy because she thought she did a good job. She turned her head proudly and looked at him.

Lin Lu Xiao just said: “It’s askew.”

Her face turned and tried to adjust it.

Lin Lu Xiao nodded satisfyingly and threw away the cigarette. He went out.

The curry rice on the table couldn’t be eaten anymore. Anyway, Nan Chu didn’t feel hungry anymore. She threw it away and went to sit down on the sofa. She took her script and tried to study it. That was her first movie.

After a while, there’s a white plastic bag on the coffee table.

Nan Chu lifted up her head.

It’s a takeaway box, it’s still hot.

She turned her head away, Lin Lu Xiao sat down beside her.

“What is this?” Nan Chu asked.

Lin Lu Xiao: “Aren’t you hungry?”

“You went outside to buy this?”

Lin Lu Xiao raised his eyebrow and leaned back on the sofa, he said lazily: “Perhaps it comes from the sky?”

“Thank you.” Nan Chu said.

He didn’t show any expression, he just hinted her to eat quickly. He took the remote control and started to find something to watch. Nan Chu put the noodle on the coffee table and sat down on the floor to eat.

Lin Lu Xiao glanced at her and took the pillow. He threw it to her: “Don’t sit down on the ground without anything.”

Nan Chu: “…..”

She clearly wore a trousers.

He always be frank and be so gentleman. Nan Chu was happy and comfortable that tiem.

Lin Lu Xiao didn’t find anything to watch, he asked Nan Chu: “What do you want to watch?”

Nan Chu lifted up her head and looked at the TV. It’s foreign movie << Decameron>>, she sucked the noodle and said: “Just this one, I never watch this.”

Lin Lu Xiao raised his eyebrow: “Are you sure?”

Nan Chu sucked on a noddle and chewed it. She nodded: “You have watched it?”

Lin Lu Xiao shook his head and smoked again. “Not yet, let’s watch.”

This movie was adapted by Hong Kong. A lot of things are edited out.

Nan Chu pretended to be focus on her noodle but she secretly peeked at Lin Lu Xiao.

He was leaning on the sofa happily and relaxedly.

Man and boy are really different.

Nan Chu thought about male students in her school, she always feels that they are so vulgar. But Lin Lu Xiao is not.

They didn’t finish the movie that time.

Half way of the movie, Lin Lu Xiao threw away the smoke and stood up.

Nan Chu held the bowl of noodle and sat down ont he ground. She looked at the TV. There’s a subtitle: “Though we are drinking wine, yet we are not deeply immersed in it. Though we are immersed in desire, but we should stop while you’re ahead.”


The car stops on a small neighborhood. Nan Chu is pulled back from her thought. Lin Lu Xiao opens the door and gets off the car. She looks around and is surprised to notice that it is closed to her set.

No wonder Lin Qi would let him send the ticket.

Nan Chu lowers down the window and looks at Lin Lu. She says to Lin Qi. ‘Wait for a while, I want to smoke for a while.” Lin Qi looks at her and he wants to get angry. But looking at how Nan Chu is calm, he says nothing.

She just smokes a cigarette.

Nan Chu just watches Lin Lu Xiao gets to his building then an apartment in the fourth floor light up.

She just throws her cigarette away and says to Lin Qi. “Let’s go.”

After a month, Nan Chu is done with her filming.

Originally she had several crying scenes, but the director just waves his hand and says: “Just stop.”

Anyway he has no confidence to keep on filming. These actresses are acting their crying scenes like a crying wolf.

According to the original plan, Nan Chu will have a month of holiday. But who knows that Chen Guang Zong asks her to accept a clothing advertisement. It’s a clothing brand from Italy. It’s too rushed. She needs to get on the plane tomorrow night.

Nan Chu counts the days. Tomorrow will be the 9th.

Xi Gu packs up Nan Chu’s suitcase. Nan Chu just ends her call and starts to do her makeup. She opens her wardrobe and uses thirty minutes to choose her clothes. She is wearing black low-cut long dress. She stands in front of the mirror and applies red lipstick.

Xi Gu just realizes something is wrong and asks her: “You are going out?”

Nan Chu pursues her lips: “Em.”

“Zong Ge let me to watch over you. You cannot go anywhere.”

Nan Chu doesn’t even look back, she just brushes her eyebrows and looks at the mirror. ‘If he lets you to go die, will you do it too?”


Nan Chu finishes her makeup. Her dress shows her figure well. It has been a long time since she looked at the mirror.

Before she goes, she pinches Xi Gu’s face and says: “I’ll leave first. Be good. Don’t make trouble for me, got it?”

Xi Gu asks her: “Where are you going?”

Nan Chu just leaves with her mini handbag.


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