Walking through Fire for You 《他从火光中走来》by Er Dong Tu Zi 《耳东兔子》~ Chapter 4

Lin Lu Xiao lowers his head and indeed. White t-shirt and black pants. Nan Chu also has her peaked cap. Though the cap covers her face, yet it cannot cover her smile.

That woman is wearing her short pants, it shows her slender and long legs. Lin Lu Xiao looks away.

This little woman indeed is growing up.


The music plays so melodiously.

The man beside Nan Chu is cold, he is expressionless.

Nan Chu starts to examine him without the slightest scruple.

His hair is short and black, he always has a crew cut.

This man always shows his coldness and rigidness. No one knows how would he act when he falls in love with a woman.

“Why are you keep on looking at me?”

Lin Lu Xiao looks straight and asks her unenthusiastically.

“You are handsome ah.”

Nan Chu stares at him, she says carelessly.

“You are crazy.” Lin Lu Xiao snorts.

Nan Chu leans back on her chair and just cares about her own happiness. From time to time, she keeps on looking at him. She suddenly calls him: “Ay.”

Lin Lun Xiao glances at her.

Nan Chu points at the stage and whispers: “What is your relationship with that kid?”

Kid? Lin Lun Xiao raises his eyebrow and says: “He seems to be around your age?”

Nan Chu frowns and says seriously: “He is much older than me.”

Lin Lu Xiao sneers and holds up his bottle. He opens it up. “What are you thinking? ”

Nan Chu looks his Adam’s Apple and pretends to be so amazed: “Isn’t he your son?”

Lin Lu Xiao rolls his eyes: “I think in the past your have a normal way of thinking.”

It’s exactly what she wants.

Nan Chu takes advantage of the situation for her own benefit. “Then why did you move out?”

Lin Lu Xiao sits back and looks at her.



That time Nan Chu kept on holding on Lin Lun Xiao, he considered over and over and he just brought her home.

He let Nan Chu back home to stay at his house and he returned back to the camp. After half month, the first time he was on holiday, he went home. Because it’d been some time he forgot the existence of young woman at his house. That time a spy plane 618 was on fire, the firefighters were asked to come over to force a plan to land. The local armed polices, firefighters, ambulances, and etc. came over to help the situation.

The time everything was settled, he came home in the midnight. He was so dirty that time, his body was full of ashes and dusts.

When he was at home, he just directly went straight to the bathroom. The time he was done, he just wraps himself with a towel. He used another towel to dry his hair. He sat down on the bed. The time his bottom hit the bed, he realized something is wrong.

There’s something soft inside the blanket.

He turned his head and looks at it. There’s a pair of hands holding a blanket. He could see her hair and innocent eyes are looking at him.

The time he realized, it’s too late.

The young girl just said sweetly: “You are sitting on my foot.”

Though she was still young, yet she is a young woman too.

Lin Lu Xiao is a normal man. The time he realized that his mind is going offside, he immediately stood up from the bed. Maybe because his action was too impatient and rushed. His towel was opened and fell to the bed.

He was just wearing his thin dark color briefs.

Nan Chu blinked and blinked. She wanted to look closer.

Her blanket was lifted and her whole face was covered with the blanket. It’s dark.

Lin Lu Xiao just took out a t-shirt and shorts out from the wardrobe. His back was facing her and he just put on his clothes. He said: “If you are not going to sleep, then just give me back the bed.”

She waited till the door is closed, then Nan Chu just closed her eyes.

She had been staying over there for a month.

Until Nan Chu met Lin Lu Xiao’s current girlfriend.

That time Lin Lu Xiao just got a day off, he was going back home from the camp. Someone knocked on the door.

Nan Chu opened up the door while holding a pack of potato chips.

The woman in front of the door was a bit startled and then she smiled. She said softly: “Is Lin Lu Xiao home?”

Nan Chu stuffed her mouth with the potato chips and nodded. Suddenly Lin Lu Xiao came out of the bathroom. That woman’s face changed. Nan Chu is a sensitive kid, she is good at observing details. She immediately explained: “I’m his distantly related Mei Mei (Younger sister), I stay here temporarily.”

That time Nan Chu was still young.

That woman seemed to know that Lin Lu Xiao isn’t a rogue, he wouldn’t be in relationship with high school student.

The woman just stayed quiet and examined Nan Chu.

They had dinner and the atmosphere turned better.

Before the woman left, she talked with Nan Chu. “Next time, Jie Jie will take you out to stroll around.”

Nan Chu just nodded obediently.

That night too, Nan Chu got a call from Nan Yue Ru’s assistant. The assistant told her that her mother will be back from abroad tomorrow.

Nan Chu just packed all of her things. She moved out from Lin Lu Xiao’s house. Lin Lu Xiao drove the car to the nearest hotel from the airport. So it’ll be convenient for Nan Yue Ru to pick her up.

Lin Lu Xiao was very quiet, indeed he wasn’t a talkative man. He always shows his feeling clearly.

Perhaps that night he wasn’t in a great mood.

Before Nan Chu got off the car, Nan Chu passed him a thick envelope with paper money on it. She said: “I’ve said it before, this is the monthly rent.”

Lin Lu Xiao just took out his cigarette and smokes. He narrowed his eyes and smoked it. He didn’t take the money.

Then Nan Chu just put the money on the seat and she turned her body to get off the car.

Nan Chu stood outside and waved her hand: “Lin Dui Zhang, this period of time, thank you!”

She said it and just left.

Nan Chu’s leaving is very blunt.

It’s too blunt till Lin Lu Xiao just smoke two cigarettes. When he was done, he just took the money and got off the car. He threw the money away to the trash bin.

He took two steps back. Next he stopped, he scratched his head and came back. He took the money and threw it back to his car. Then he drove away.

That night he was really unhappy.

He didn’t expect that he has feeling toward that young woman.


The melodious music is filled the hall, Lin Qi closes her eyes and she is immersed to the music.

Nan Chu looks at the man beside her and whispers to his ear: “Afterwards I went back to the team to find you.”

Lin Lu Xiao raises eyebrows.

“Lookout post people said that you move to the other city.”

He just says “Em” lightly.

Nan Chu bends her head: “So now are you returning or you are just visiting home?

“I will look at the arrangement from the superior.”

“Oh.” Nan Chu nods and points forward: “Let’s listen to the music.”

Later no one starts to talk again.

Till the music stops.

Everyone starts to exit the hall. In that big hall, there are only two of them left.

Lin Qi is chatting with others for a while, then she gets off from the stage.

She is quite surprised to see both of them sitting together. “Why are you guys sitting together?”

Nan Chu says: “I was late so I just sat on the empty seat.”

Lin Qi nods. She is so cute and naive. She points at the indifferent Lin Lu Xiao. “This is my Ge (older brother).” Then she points at Nan Chu: “This beautiful Jie Jie is model, Nan Chu.”

Nan Chu pretends to be surprised like she just realizes something, she looks at Lin Lu Xiao: “Excuse me for my lack of manners.”

Lin Lu Xiao isn’t grateful to her, he just rolls his eyes.

Lin Qi indeed is a naive one, she doesn’t see any clue. She helps her Ge Ge to smooth things over: “My Ge always like this, he has a bad temper. Don’t mind her.”

Nan Chu laughs lightly: “How could I——“

“Let’s go, Wan Jie (Sister Wan) should be here too.”

Lin Qi says it and then walks out.

They both go downstair. Lin Qi and Nan Chu walk at the front, Lin Lu Xiao just follow behind them.

The time they exit the theater, there’s a white Audi parked nearby.

Lin Qi has good eyes, she is the first who recognizes the car and the woman in front of the car. She explains to Nan Chu. “That woman is Xia Wan, she is a doctor.”

If she is Lin Lu Xiao’s girlfriend, Lin Qi should introduce her as —— My Sao Zi (Older brother’s wife).

It means they are just friends.

Nan Chu looks at the woman with yellow dress. She is thin and quite beautiful. She is coming over and Nan Chu could hear the high heels steps just like that night.

Xia Wan is carrying a box. Her hair is blowed by the wind. She says: “I just ran over to take the cake, If not, I might be able to listen to your last——“

Then Xia Wan stops, she notices Nan Chu is nearby.

Lin Qi takes the box of cake and says to Xia Wan: “This is my friend that I know when I was in Milan. Her name is Nan Chu.”

Xia Wan looks at her and smiles kindly: “I know you, you look more beautiful than when you are on the television. You also have a great body.”

That woman seems to have a lot of polite remarks.

Nan Chu is about to say thank you, you are also very pretty.

But she is just dragged by Lin Qi. “Don’t keep on thanking her. I’m so hungry right now!”

Lin Qi is not tall but she is quite strong. She just drags till Nan Chu staggers.

Lin Qi and Nan Chu walk in front while Lin Lu Xiao and Wan Xia walk at their back.

Wan Xia walks beside Lin Lu Xiao: “Today you are getting off early?”

“I am on holiday.”

Lin Qi notices that Nan Chu is a bit slow. She says: “You have long legs, how could you walk so slow?”

Nan Chu ignores her and just walks slowly.

Wan Xia talks again: “In our department there’s a doctor. Today she was hit by a family member of a patient. That time I was so shock.”

Wan Xia is like a yellow oriole bird. She always has a lot of words to say.

But that man seems to not get the point.

For example——

Wan Xia says: “Today the time I took the medicine and I watched the news. Do you want to hear it?”

Lin Lu Xiao: “What news is it?”

Xia Wan: “It’s just a woman who is lost when she was running at night. In the future I will not dare to run at night again. If not next time the time I want to run at night, I will find you and run with you together?”

Lin Lu Xiao: “I never run at night.”

Xia Wan: “Tonight it’s too cold oh.”


No response.

Xia Wan says once more: “How could it be so cold tonight?”

Lin Lu Xiao: “It’s not.”


Lin Qi looks at Nan Chu: “Why are you so happy right now? You are so weird?”

“Am I?”

“I even could see your molar teeth!”

“I feel that today you are a bit handsome today!”

“You are crazy.”


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