Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 31

For several seconds, Lu Xing Yan is absent-minded.

Chen Xing Ruo’s breath feels warm and soft near his hear. After she moves, he still feels something itchy on his ear.

He straightens his back and looks at Chen Xing Ruo. He finds it’s hard to believe: “How did you know that I’m here?”

Chen Xing Ruo looks at him for a while and then suddenly holds up her phone and sways it.

Then she comes forward and changes the phones on her hand with the phone on his.

They both have the same type phone and both of them don’t use any case. Perhaps they mistook the phone during the cleaning.

“The time I looked back when I was out of the school gate, I seemed to see you but that time I thought I was dreaming. Then afterward I noticed that I take the wrong phone. After all according the frequency of how you play phone, you should notice it after I went away.”

That time she felt she took the wrong phone, she was sure that Lu Xing Yan is nearby.

She planned to stand near the wall and waited for Lu Xing Yan to come over. She wanted to scare him. But it doesn’t go as she planned.

“…….” Lu Xing Yan is silent, “Why don’t you change your name to Xing Ruo Fu Er Mo Si (Xing Ruo Holmes)?”

He says it without really thinking.

Then he just realizes that calling her “Xing Ruo” without the Chen makes it sound so intimate.

After a second, he looks away.

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t care about it. She doesn’t look at him, she is looking at her phone. She remembers that Lu Xing Yan acted that he is calling someone.

Chen Xing Ruo smiles and says to him. “Your acting is quite good.”

Lu Xing Yan just responds what she is talking about then she explains: “Actually it’s also easy for me to handle them. The important is you. You and other female students love to add trouble. If she attacks you, your legs will go weak and you’ll start crying.”

Chen Xing Ruo lifts up her head and looks at him, it’s rare for her to not talk back at him.

After a while, then she suddenly says: “Thank you.”


Lu Xing Yan cannot control himself, he examines her for several time.

On normal day, Chen Xing Ruo never looks and acts politely at him. He isn’t used to her polite attitude.

He strokes his back of neck and says calmly: “It’s just easy matter. Moreover, if you are hit, how would I put my face too?”

Chen Xing Ruo looks at her with new eyes: “You aren’t learning well at other class, but you are learning <<Tong Zhuo de Zi Wo Xiu Yang (How to treat your seat-mate)>>.”


“Isn’t that taught by Chen Lao Shi (Ms Chen)?”

He says it and strokes Chen Xing Ruo’s head.

Chen Xing Ruo tries to avoid him: “Are you rubbing ashes on my hair? Don’t you understand how to respect someone?”

“I even haven’t disliked your oily hair, how could you dislike my hand to be dirty?”

“I wash my hair everyday, don’t make a rumor.”

“Tomorrow I’ll go to the school to submit an article for our school forum. Chen Xing Ruo of Grade 11.1, who is the goddess who played violin during the school’s anniversary celebration, just washes her hair once every three days and takes shower once every five days.”

“The leader of the bully, Lu Xing Yan of Grade 11.1, is casting greedy eyes on Chen Xing Ruo’s peerless beauty. This Friday after school he is stalking her.”

“Who is stalking you?”

“You should know it clearly.”

“Ay, I’m maintaining my distance. Don’t make a rumor.”


The time Lu Xing Yan and Chen Xing Ruo get on the car and leave, there’re lots of people aroudn the school.

A lot of people are still packing up before they are coming back home.

Di Jia Jing and Shi Qin just go to eat dinner first before packing up.

When they are done, they go downstair together and go to take the subway.

Di Jia Jing suddenly thinks of something. “Oh right Qin Qin, I want to Gu Wan Jie (Gu Wan street) to buy a Chinese brush. My Di Di (younger brother) at school has a calligraphy lesson. I told him I’ll buy a Chinese brush for him.”

Then she continues: “Qin Qin, if you are in hurry to go home, just go first. I can go by myself.”

Shi Qin shakes her head: “I’m not, let’s go.”

They both just get into the street and notices Yang Fang is wandering around, she seems to at loss what to do.

Shi Qin pokes Di Jia Jing: “Isn’t that one Yang Fang of grade 11.2? In the past didn’t she gossip about you , then about Xing Ruo? She is too gossipy.”

“What happened to her, she seems to be crying…”

Di Jia Jing looks over then says: “Forget it, it’s not our business.”

Shi Qin agrees.

They just walk away.

On Saturday night.

Lu Xing Yan stays at his bedroom and plays game for the whole day. It’s Chen Xing Ruo who knocks the door to press him. He just stands up and takes a shower.

He just dries his hair and opens up his wardrobe. He takes his clothes.

At first he planned to just wear his baseball t-shirt, but he remembers that previously Chen Xing Ruo is wearing cream color sweatshirt, she seems to be so tidy.

He pauses for a while, then he just takes his black coat and cream color sweatshirt.

The dinner venue is a bit far from Luo Xing Hu. Both of them just choose to take the subway.

This time it’s the peak hour, it’s quite good to choose to take the subway so Lu Xing Yan just compromises.

It’s just hard and impossible for them to find seat to sit down, he didn’t expect at this this time, the subway is too packed.

He is in a bad mood.

But looking at how Chen Xing Ruo is also suffering for this choice, she also stands up. He stands up in front of her to prevent her to be squeezed by these people.

But less than two minutes, suddenly a male student stands up and pats Chen Xing Ruo’s shoulder: “… Friend,… sit down, sit down.”

That male student blushes and stammers. He even doesn’t dare to look at Chen Xing Ruo on the eyes.

Chen Xing Ruo declines: “Thank you, no need.”

“It’s okay. I’ll be off soon… Hurry up, sit down, you are a female…..”

The females around him start to lift up their head to look at him.

Lu Xing Yan is thinking, this male student is something. He doesn’t even dare to look at Chen Xing Ruo on the eyes, how could he act so gentlemanly?

The male student feels that his words sound inappropriate, then she notices that Lu Xing Yan’s gaze is so hostile.

Looking at Chen Xing Ruo and Lu Xing Yan’s color of clothes. The male student just understands something. He just walks away.

Chen Xing Ruo: “……..”

There’s no one around with special needs so she sits down.

Lu Xing Yan just stands up in front of her.

He puts his hand inside his pocket and holds the pole with his other hand. He still has a heart to tease her: “The old, weak, sick, disable, pregnant, which one are you that you need someone to let you sit down.”

After he says it, suddenly the train stops. Lu Xing Yan doesn’t notice it, he staggers.

Chen Xing Ruo extends her hand to hold him. She is calm: “No need to care which one I am, I think you are too stable.”


“You’re making a rumor again.”

“Last time you made the rumor that I didn’t have a pain on my waist. Don’t make a rumor about my health. How could you not know that I have a great waist?”

Lu Xing Yan loves to have his good image. He really cares about his body.

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t say anything, she doesn’t know how could she know.

Moreover, she really doesn’t know.

The time she is thinking, middle-aged couple is watching them. They seem want to say: “The young people, how could they chat about this matter on the train. It’s too shameful.”

Lu Xing Yan just understands their gaze and just says to Chen Xing Ruo: “… I don’t mean it that way. I mean you know there’s no problem with my waist… No, forget it. Anyway you will know in the future.”

Chen Xing Ruo: “…..”

What do I do wrong?

I don’t want to know.

They both stay silent on the way.

The time they arrive at the restaurant, Chen Xing Ruo gets inside first, while Lu Xing Yan smokes for a while outside before he gets in.

This restaurant is chosen by Xu Cheng Zhou and friends.

This group of men is tasteful but for food, they could descend their taste.

The time Chen Xing Ruo gets in, she just notices that this restaurant is so crowded though it’s a bit mediocre from outside.

A lot of people are waiting for the table while sitting on the chair.

The atmosphere is a bit better from the previous restaurant Lu Xing Yan took her.

They are lucky because Xu Cheng Zhou and friends are early. Di Jia Jing, Shi Qin, Li Ting are around but there’s no He Si Yue. Chen Xing Ruo asks about it and Shi Qin answers that she is buying the drinks.

She nods and sits down.

Lu Xing Yan just comes inside after smoking.

He greets his friends.

Li Cheng Fan starts to get mischiveous, he teases Chen Xing Ruo. “Ruo Jie, how could you only care for the class leader and not your seat- mate?”

Chen Xing Ruo and Lu Xing Yan’s eyes are meeting each other. She starts to shift the conversation.

“Everyone is here, let’s order. What do you want to eat?”

Chen Zhu waves her menu. “Me, Me Me ! I’ve eaten here. Let me order the specials here. There are few dishes you should try. It’s too delicious.”

Everyone is okay with it.

After Chen Zhu finishes her order. She lets anyone to add the order.

Li Cheng Fan and Zhao Lang Ming look at the menu together. Zhao Lan Ming starts to order too. “This one, this one is great too. I like this crab, let’s order it.”

Li Cheng Fan: “You have nothing you don’t like. What kind of Tian Huang Gui Wei you have that you want to that much.”

At first everyone is just chatting with each other, but hearing Li Cheng Fan’s words, everyone starts laughing.

Lu Xing Yan is playing with his phone, he smiles and kicks Li Cheng Fan’s stool “D*mm*t, in the future don’t tell anyone that you know me. You are too uneducated. How could you say Tian Huang Gui Wei, that wei should be read as Zhou Zhou, it’s in four tones, Ge Ge.”

“What zhou, isn’t that called Tian Huang Gui Wei? isn’t it describes of a very precious stomach?”

Li Cheng Fan is stupefied.

Everyone is laughing loudly.

Lu XIng Yan feels a bit superior than him, he educates him. “Shut up, in the future it’s best to not use any idiom. You are going to “Cha Du” (poison us).”

Chen Xing Ruo is someone knowledgable, it’s not rare to hear them out.

She drinks her hot water while corrects him. “It should be “Tu Du (torment), not “Cha Du”. It should be in second tone, Tu Tu. Ge Ge.”


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