For the Rest of My Life (有生之年) by Twentine ~ Chapter 15


“It’s done.”

“I’m not full yet.”

“Though you are not full yet, but it’s done.”


He Li Zhen looks at Wan Kun and feels that it’s useless to say anything more, she just stops and puts down her chopsticks. She says: “Then later on when you are home, eat more.”

Wan Kun nods: “Okay.” He puts down his chopsticks and watches He Li Zhen eats.

He Li Zhen feels uncomfortable and says: “Go home.”

In an instant , Wan Kun’s expression changes, then he nods: “Okay.”

He stands up and takes his bag, He Li Zhen says to her: “Take the remaining medicine.”

Wan Kun says nothing but he doesn’t take it. He just takes his bag and leaves. He doesn’t even say anything. He just slams the door.


She doesn’t know whether it’s a psychological effect or not, He Li Zhen just feels that it’s quite shocking.

He Li Zhen looks at the door for a while then she puts down the chopsticks.

What does she want?

He slammed the door? Is he playing bad temper in front of her?

She had been running around strenuously, she even lent her money for him. She helped him. She cooked for him. How could he show his bad temper to a responsible teacher like her?

He Li Zhen just sighs, she feels she is full of sullen feeling.

The next day when she goes to the school, she is surprised to find Wan Kun and Wu Yue Ming are attending class. They are getting inside the classroom with her.

Wan Kun looks at her eyes, their eyes meet each other but he acts like he doesn’t look at her. He just goes to his seat.

He Li Zhen feels that this is getting hilarious. She gets inside the classroom and walks toward the podium. She starts to check the attendance. When she is done, she says: “Yesterday I was unwell so I didn’t come to teach you. Today I will teach two periods to compensate yesterday.”

“Lao Shi, what is your sickness?” Wu Yue Ming just asks without standing up. Wan Kun is crossing his arms and watching her.

In an instant He Li Zhen knows that Wu Yue Ming is looking for trouble and it’s Wan Kun’s intention.

He Li Zhen looks at Wu Yue Ming. “Thank you for your caring. Lao Shi is very thankful for it. But now it’s the time to learn, Please mind yourself.”

“Yes.” Wu Yue Ming says.

The atmosphere in the classroom turns a bit weird. Some students look like they want to laugh but they hold it.

He Li Zhen doesn’t want to mind it, she takes her test paper: “This one is the test paper for two days ago. Please do try to do this as these are common questions appearing on the college entrance examination. Let’s try to do the first question, who will—-“


He Li Zhen has no chance to finish her sentences, and there’s a big bang sound. All the students look over. A male student falls down from his seat.

He Li Zhen looks over and helps him out. “Are you okay?”

That male student Zhou Xiao Dan, he rubs his bottom and stands up. He glances at Wu Yue Ming, who is sitting beside him. He acts like he wants to say something. Wu Yue Ming chews his gum and looks at him. Zhou Xiao Dan lowers his head and says: “It’s okay.”

He Li Zhen is not stupid, she turns her head and looks at Wu Yue Ming. Wu Yue Ming immediately turns his attitude like he is an obedient student. “Lao Shi (Teacher)? What is it?”

He Li Zhen looks at Wan Kun, who is sitting beside at the back of Wu Yue Ming. Wan Kun is leaning on his seat and extends his long legs. He looks like he is indifferent. He looks at her on the eyes like he is trying to provoke her.

He Li Zhen swallows her saliva, she says to Wu Yue Ming: “Spit out your gum! Do you know that we are on the class?”

Wu Yue Ming pouts and does it. Then he just swallows the gum. Then he opens up his mouth and sways his tongue. He says: “Lao Shi, you are wrong. I don’t eat gum.”

He Li Zhen really wants to pull out his tongue and tear it apart. She suppresses her anger and glares at him. She then stands up and returns to the platform. She looks at the test paper and starts to teach again.

“Who will read the first part loudly?”

Wu Wei, who is sitting down in front, raises his hand.

He Li Zhen smiles and says: “Wu Wei, read it.”

“Lao Shi, I also want to read.”

He Li Zhen lifts up her head when she hears the voice.

She looks at Wan Kun and everyone else also looks at Wan Kun.

—— “Lao Shi, I also want to read.”

Wu Wei has already stood up. Looking at this situation, he looks back at loss.

He Li Zhen knows that Wan Kun wants to make trouble, she doesn’t give him any chance. She just says coldly: “You will read the next one.”

Wan Kun puts down his hand and glances at Wu Wei. Wu Wei’s whole body is trembling. He lowers his head till his face almost touches the paper.

“Wu Wei, read it.”

The first part is about old verse from Li Yu <<Xiang Jian Huan: The Happiness of Meeting Each other>>.

Wu Wei says “Ah”. He is very nervous.

“Wu, Wu Yan Du Shang Qing Lou, Yue, Yue Ru Gou.” (There is nothing to say about the sole brothel, the moon is like a hook.”

He Li Zhen: “…….”

The students are silent for two seconds and then they laugh loudly. Wan Kun and Wu Yue Ming take the lead, they are laughing so hard.

Wu Wei doesn’t know what makes everyone laughs, he thinks about and blushes. His face is so red like a tomato. He really wants to find a hole to bury himself in. He Li Zhen cannot bear it anymore. She turns her body and slaps the board twice.

“Don’t laugh—-!”

Everyone tries to endure the laughter but finally everyone just laughs loudly.

He Li Zhen points at the door, she doesn’t even blink and looks at Wan Kun.

“Go out!”

Wan Kun looks at her with his cold eyes.

Everyone just realizes that He Li Zhen is very angry so everyone just shuts up and just watches the crowd.

He Li Zhen’s voice is not loud, but her tone is firm.

“Go out!”

Wan Kun just kicks the table, the student, who is sitting in front of him, almost falls down. Wan Kun stands up and just holds up his backpack and says nothing. He just goes out of the room.

He Li Zhen looks at Wu Yue Ming.

“You too.”

Wu Yue Ming shrugs her shoulder and follows Wan Kun out.

The class turns silent.

Both of them leave and then there are two other male students standing up and going out too.

He Li Zhen’s face turns, she looks around.

“Is there anyone else?” She says, “Is there anyone else that want to go out? Leave now!”

After few seconds, there are several people going out too. He Li Zhen sees there are seven or eight empty seats. Her face turns cold, she picks up her book and says to Wu Wei: “Continue reading it.”

After the lesson, He Li Zhen returns to her office room. She immediately goes to Hu Fei’s table. Hu Fei is checking the test. “What is it He La Shi? Why are you looking ferocious?”

“Hu Lao Shi (Teacher Hu), I have something to tell you.”

He Li Zhen’s expression is very serious, it’s too serious that it surprises Hu Fei.

“Ahyoo, what is it, is it serious?”

Liu Ying and Peng Qian also raise up their head. Liu Yi looks at her considerately: “What happened, He Lao Shi?”

He Li Zhen takes a deep breath and retells what happened today during the class to Hu Fei.

Hu Fei throws his pen after hearing that and stands up: “They are getting even shameless now!’ He looks around and seems to be looking at something. Peng Qian suddenly says: “They are at the sport field!”

Hu Fei immediately goes toward the window, He Li Zhen also goes over.

On the sport field, all the students that went out of the classroom are there. Wu Yue Ming is playing ball with several other male students. Wan Kun is smoking nearby. Two female students are cheering for the basketball game.

“Just ignore them, I’ll go find Yan Lao Shi (Teacher Yan)!”

Hu Fei is so angry. Peng Qian pats He Li Zhen’ shoulder and says: “It’s okay, don’t be sad. You shouldn’t haggle with them.”

He Li Zhen lowers her head and suddenly Wan Kun looks at her direction. He Li Zhen thinks that he is looking at the teacher’s office. But it is too bright now. There’s nothing to see now.

She is wondering what she is looking at.

Wan Kun seems to look at the office room for a long time and lowers his head slowly.

These students are taken away after twenty minutes.

Pen Qian says to He Li Zhen: “Yan Lao Shi and Hu Lao Shi are scolding them near the counseling room. Do you want to go and see?”

He Li Zhen: “No.”

Peng Qian: “Then I’ll go have my lunch first, do you want to join me?”

He Li Zhen says: “I don’t want to eat today, you go first.”

“Then I’ll leave first.”

He Li Zhen has no class at the afternoon, she stays inside her office room. When it’s 02:00 p.m, she goes to the mail room. When she passes the counseling room, she notices that Yan Lao Shi and Hu Lao Shi are still there. He Li Zhen goes over and stops. She tries to watch or aw hile.

All the students are gone, except Wu Yue Ming and Wan Kun.

It’s not the first time for He Li Zhen to see Yan Rui Ping. He is very tall and looks very scary. He is scolding Wan Kun and Wu Yue Ming.

“You don’t want to be controlled —-?! Then don’t come to school!” Yan Rui Ping roars at them.

“You bullied your friend! You bullied your Lao Shi! What else can you do?” Yan Rui PIng scolds them. “She is a new teacher! She is a female teacher! How could you act this way?”

The time He Li Zhen hears that, she shrinks back.

Yan Rui Ping continues: “How long do you want to stay at this school, ah—-? I think you don’t need to study. Is there any book in your backpack?” Yan Rui Ping says it and then takes Wan Kun’s bag. He opens it up.

In Wan Kun’s bag, there is a black coat and two pens, and also a notebook.

He Li Zhen recognizes that book to be the diary.

Yan Rui Ping wants to pick it up, but Wan Kun is faster than him. He curls it up.

Yan Rui Ping is angry. “It’s just a notebook! You just have a notebook here ——? He is even furious and takes a mop and hits Wan Kun with it.

“Will you bully Lao Shi again?”

Wan Kun says nothing, he acts like he is being ticklish. Yan Rui Ping is very furious and wants to hit him more.

He Li Zhen watches how Wan Kun almost be hit on her back and she suddenly yells.

“Yan Lao Shi—-!”

All of them turn around, Yan Rui Ping sees He Li Zhen and says: “He Lao Shi, come here, let them say sorry to you!”

He Li Zhen feels that they think that she is just passing by.

He Li Zhen comes over, Wan Kun looks at her but He Li Zhen acts like she doesn’t notice anything.

“Yan Lao Shi, it’s been a while for you to get angry.” He Li Zhen says.

“It’s okay. He Lao Shi, come over. Let them say sorry to you.” Yan Rui Ping lets Wan Kun and Wu Yue Ming sits up straight. Wan Kun is taller than Yan Rui Ping.


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